6 Ideas for Using a Pegboard

PegboardYou can find peg boards in garages and workshops, but they can do so much more than organize tools in the tool shed. Here are 6 ideas for using a peg board.

Converted Closet With a little bit of paint, and the right containers, this blogger turned a cluttered closet into a crafting station. While she hangs her hammer like it’s a tool shed, this is a way cuter backdrop for her hobby hideaway. The decorative buckets and standard baskets keep crafting supplies visible and available for any crafting crisis or miracle.

Portable Peg Board The author behind this portable pegboard is prepared for presents anytime and anywhere. The peg board is cut into pieces to form a box. On the inside, she keeps paper and gift bags, on the outside, she keeps a clipboard for notes, ribbon, tape, and any other gear to wrap gifts beautifully and thoughtfully even when she doesn’t have the time.

PegboardDiaper Changing Station Even with all the drawers and cubbies to cleverly disguise all the little items required to change a diaper, a changing table alone doesn’t quite make the task efficient – especially when you only have two hands. The author behind this blog keeps the diapers right where you need them – out front – for easy access to complete a difficult duty.

Coffee Mug Collection If you’re in the habit of picking up a coffee mug in every destination you visit, you know the pain of not having enough cabinet space to hold your tankard treasures. With a pegboard, you make use of your vertical space while putting your sipping souvenirs on display.

Clever Kitchen Storage The peg board in the kitchen isn’t limited to coffee cups; it can also be used to hang pots, pans and gadgets. With your tools on the wall, you don’t have to go digging in drawers for your cheese grater when it’s hanging right in front of you.

PegboardPegboard Décor Pegboards aren’t only used for clever convenience, they can also be delightfully decorative. One blogger turned a peg board into a cross stitch rose to dress up her kitchen.

Untouched, peg boards aren’t the most attractive storage solutions. But with the right color and the right accessories, they can de-clutter and decorate just about any space.

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