5 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

You have less than two weeks to get your plans set for St. Patrick’s Day! It’s only here for one day, so let’s make it count. While the adults are easy to please — slap a shamrock on them, serve them green beer, and dish up corned beef and cabbage — kids need some special attention. We’ve been putting together a list of crafts to keep them busy and happy. Here are 5 St. Patrick’s Day crafts we think your kids will like.Pot-of-gold

Pot of Gold You can’t celebrate the Luck of the Irish without a pot of gold! This one is adorable, reusable and easy to make (we love easy!). All it takes is painting a terracotta pot painted black, rainbow-colored pipe cleaners and chocolate disguised as gold. When St. Patrick’s day is over, you can plant a few flowers to sprout for Easter.

Leprechaun-traps2Leprechaun Traps Leprechaun traps may be an all-day project, but they’ll be worth it! Mrs. Byrd left no stone unturned when she came up with these ideas — not only did she make traps, but she also made shamrock ladders (which could be extended to make shamrock bunting) — and almost all of her crafts are made with repurposed items from around the house! So cute and so environmentally-friendly!

leprechaun-footprintsLeprechaun Footprints Leprechaun footprints are a hoot for little kids! If you’re strategic about the placement of them, you might be able trick your little ones into believing a leprechaun is on the loose and he’s lost his shoe! Or you can let them in on the fun and let them make their own. All you need is a hand, green finger paint and paper.

Pot-of-ShamrocksPot of Shamrocks We already have a pot-o-gold, but we couldn’t resist these pots of shamrocks! This one is fun because your kids can actually grow little clover plants. Chica and Jo used them as place cards by cutting out shamrocks from green construction paper and gluing them to toothpicks, but they can be made without a specific purpose other than growing shamrocks!


bag-o-luckBag o’ Luck Couldn’t everyone use a bag o’ luck? Pink Pistachio makes it look so easy but it’s a project you can spread over a couple of days — collect the perfect stones, paint them gold, add sparkly shamrocks, and put them all in a muslin bag with shamrock prints you made with apples! It’s a simple idea with a lot of components, but it makes adorable favors for our favorite Irish holiday!

We’re excited about St. Patrick’s Day — The Lakeside Collection has loads of products and ideas to get you excited about it, too! But this is just March — we take every holiday seriously! Keep checking back for more inspiration for every season.

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