National Burger Month: Craziest Burger Toppings

lak-burgersIt’s National Burger Month — which makes sense since we’ll be grilling up our favorite meats this Memorial Day weekend. Though burgers are never boring, there are always ways to make them more interesting. In honor of National Burger Month and Memorial Day cookouts, we’ve put together a list of burgers from around the country with the craziest toppings.

Minnesota Minneapolis is home to Eli’s Donut Burgers. It’s the best of the best in sweet and savory dishes! But it’s certainly not on the menu for anyone trying to stick to a diet this summer. Eli has been peddling these crimes against nature in a food truck for the last few summers — but it’s unclear if these devilish burgers will be hitting the streets again. Consider yourself lucky if you can get your mouth around one!


Image Source: Facebook/Rockit Burger Bar

Illinois Chicago is proving itself to be a culinary powerhouse — and the burger is a platform to showcase food creativity. If you happen to be headed to a Cubs game, you might want to fuel up for the game with a Mac Attack at Rockit Bar and Grill across from Wrigley Field. If you haven’t guessed what that is, it’s a burger between two “buns” formed from deep-fried macaroni and cheese. To conquer this one, you need to leave your house hungry.

Kentucky At Doc Crow’s in Louisville, they want you to love your meat. They want you to love it so much, they put together the carnivore’s dream burger: pulled pork, sliced brisket on top of a half-pound of steak burger. But the mayhem doesn’t end with the meat — a fried green tomato, onion rings and a fried egg pushes this burger over the cliff of crazy.

Massachusetts Boston Burger Company adopted a Memphis favorite as one of the most outrageous burgers north of the Mason-Dixon line. It’s called The King, and it’s named for Elvis Presley so if your imagination serves you well, you know it includes bacon, fried banana slices (with a coating of cinnamon and sugar) and, instead of ketchup and mustard, the bun is slathered with peanut butter. If adventure is in your blood, this burger will certainly take you on a trip.burgers

Florida In a place where the sun shines every day, ice cream is part of the everyday diet, so it makes sense that they’d top their burgers with it, right? You can find this fun food at the Florida State Fair, but if you can’t make it to the fair, McGuire’s Irish Pub in Pensacola serves its hot fudge sundae on top ¾ lb of Black Angus beef.

There is no rule on what you can and can’t put on a burger — whether you want a traditional burger or you want to outdo your neighbor at your Memorial Day cookout, there’s nothing that doesn’t go well with an all -beef patty!

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