4th of July: Fireworks Safety Tips

fireworksThis weekend we celebrate our nation’s birth with all the pomp and circumstance our Founding Fathers imagined we would. They specifically called for fireworks to mark the annual party, but with all the fireworks comes a lot of potential for problems. Here are 5 fireworks safety tips for your 4th of July celebration.

Designated Lighter The authorities encourage people out for a night on the town to have a designated driver who doesn’t drink for the night and can safely get revelers home, but this applies to fireworks as well. When you’re lighting explosives, your mind should be clear and attentive — those handling fireworks need to be in total control to reduce injury risks with an already dangerous activity. If drinking is an important part of your celebration, leave the fireworks to the professionals or crack open a cold one after the fireworks display.fireworks

Pause Between Displays When you’re playing with fire, you don’t have to get burned if you’re careful. Make sure each explosive gets your full attention. Read the directions carefully before any fuses are lit and light them one at a time. Fireworks are designed to get your attention, but if you have too many going off at one time, it increases your risk of danger.

Dispose of Explosives Carefully Once you’re done making the sky sparkle, soak your spent explosives in water before putting them in the garbage. Even if your fireworks look like ash, there may be some lingering coals waiting to start a big fire. Reduce the risk of fire by getting the explosives wet and placing them in a metal receptacle away from any buildings or homes so you can sleep easy.

Caution with Kids Never let young children handle any fireworks — even sparklers. Sparklers don’t explode, but they get dangerously hot; they can reach temperatures of up to 2,000℉ — that’s considerably hotter than the hot 95℉ air temperature we expect on a sunny July day. If older children want to set off fireworks, make sure they have adult supervision and all directions are followed precisely.fireworks

Open Air Keep your fireworks in plain sight — don’t carry them in your pockets or in packages in which you can’t see them. They are explosives and therefore very volatile. They can go off at any moment, you’ll be better prepared to handle the potential risks if you can see the fireworks.
The Lakeside Collection has ideas and products to make the most of every holiday. Have a fun and safe 4th of July and check back with us to make your next big event memorable!

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