Last Minute Tips for Planning a Family Reunion

family-reunionHosting a family reunion is a festive way of getting everyone together without the stress of the holidays. But, just like the holidays, everything needs to be planned thoroughly. Here’s a last minute checklist to make sure you don’t leave anything out.

Back-up Plans For every activity and meal, think about anything that could go wrong and have a back-up plan. For instance, if it’s pouring on a day you have your big picnic, have a place to go with your food and drinks where you can enjoy your family’s company indoors. Make sure you have plenty of easy games for everyone to play for any lulls in the events to pass time.

Confirmation Confirm the number of guests who will be attending each event. Make sure you have a correct headcount for everything that requires food, favors and supplies. For the events at different venues, catering or any equipment rental, be sure to line up your numbers and head count with the vendors to make sure everyone is taken care of.casserole-carrier

Compartmentalize Supplies Break up all the supplies (decorations, plates, cups, name tags, party favors, craft supplies) for each event into separate containers. Designate someone responsible for each day’s festivities to take charge of the goods for that day.

Transportation Go over everything and everyone who needs to be picked up and driven to each event. This means food, ice, karaoke machines, chairs that are not provided at each venue, and the like. This is probably the most difficult and time-consuming part of party set up– having it well-organized can take a lot of stress out of putting each party together.

Go Over Duties For each person assigned to manage each event, go over the plan, times, locations, and duties to make sure it goes smoothly. Make sure they understand the schedule and supplies needed. This helps close any gaps in organization for

Photo Finish Though most people carry a smartphone to take pictures, be sure to have either a professional photographer to document your reunion or buy disposable cameras for people to pick up and snap a shot at any given moment. At the end of the event you’ll have something to upload to your family website before people add their own pictures from the event.

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