Celebrating Summer: Date Night Movies in the Park

One of the best ways to pass a summer evening is by watching a movie outside. It’s even better if you have a date to enjoy it with you! But not every movie is date-worthy. It has to have a certain balance of romance and adventure to make it on the big screen outdoors. We put together a list of movies with all the right elements to make them perfect for a date night outside.


Casablanca Casablanca is part romance, part history, part comedy, part suspense — the formula is that of the perfect date movie because even if you’re not curious about how Rick and Ilsa met or how their affair ends, there are other sub-plots and ideas to keep you interested in the story. For those of us who didn’t live through World War II, it offers a unique narrative on what war was like (it was actually released while the war was still going on) and the fear and anxiety that civilians suffered with subtle comedic elegance. In short, Casablanca has something for everyone.


Meet the Parents For the ladies, Meet the Parents hands you love, marriage and romance. For the fellas, Meet the Parents gives you Robert De Niro. De Niro (Jack Byrnes) is at his tough guy, gruff best as he makes his future son-in-law sweat on their first meeting and no one rolls with his punches better than Ben Stiller (Greg Focker). While the pair duke it out metaphorically, the happy ending prevails to give you the perfect closure for a perfect summer night.


Footloose Teenage rebellion for the guys, a school dance for the girls and watching it all unfold under the stars is a win for everyone! Kevin Bacon as Ren MacCormack rocks out with his fancy footwork that can make even the most awkward and tough guys want to jump up and dance. The storyline is just interesting enough to keep you busy between dance scenes and the end is worth the wait — but bittersweet as that means it’s time to pack up your picnic and head home.


Grease There’s no getting around it — Grease was made for girls. Bobby socks and poodle skirts are something every girl wishes was the style when she was in high school and when dances were for actual couples dancing. Of course there are some elements the guys might find interesting and entertaining — being a greaser, working on cars interrupted occasionally by  a song and dance number and fighting over a girl. It doesn’t require a tolerant date, but perhaps a date with an open mind — because once he survives “Summer Nights” he’ll stay for the whole movie.


Fever Pitch For a Farrelly Brothers movie, Fever Pitch is tame. For a romantic comedy, Fever Pitch is easy on the romance. For a baseball movie, Fever Pitch is gentle. All together, it’s a pretty well-balanced movie which makes it perfect for watching with a date outdoors on a warm summer evening.

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