5 Good Plants for Droughts

russian-sageFor anyone with a yard, a drought can be a bummer. For anyone with a garden, a drought can be devastating. There is no way around a water shortage, but for gardeners, keeping up with the hobby is manageable. With the right plants, you can have your thriving garden without the worry of drought-shaming from neighbors. Here are 5 good plants for droughts.

Russian Sage Russian sage is a beautiful wispy plant with tiny purple flowers to give your drought-tolerant garden a little color from spring all the way through fall. It prefers well-drained soil with full sun. Initially, they’ll need water to get growing, but once the roots have claimed their soil they do very well in hot, dry conditions.

Blackeyed-susanBlack-eyed Susan Black-eyed Susans are yellow wildflowers that are native to North America. Not only do they practically care for themselves, but as a decorative plant, they’re ideal as they bloom from June to October. Even though they are drought tolerant, black-eyed Susans do need fertile soil and prefer full sun, but partial sun is OK, too.

YarrowYarrow Yarrow is a very low-maintenance plant with blooms that come in yellow, red, white, and pink. They can grow to be quite tall — up to four feet — but its delicate flowers make it approachable. In addition to its drought tolerance, easy care and subtle beauty, it also has medicinal value. It can be used in tea to soothe allergies and congestion as well as used externally to reduce skin irritation and rashes.

lambs-earLamb’s Ear Lamb’s ear is a native plant to Iran and Turkey, which means lamb’s ear not only tolerates a hot dry climate, it thrives in it. It’s named for its fuzzy leaves but it flowers in late spring and early summer in shades of pink or white. It needs very well-drained soil — too much moisture may create a problem as they can be invasive like mint. But it’s easy to grow and transplants well.

voodoo-stonecropVoodoo Stonecrop Voodoo Stonecrop makes an elegant red ground cover. It’s a succulent and blooms mid-summer so it needs full sun. It doesn’t like cold weather, so it needs to be protected from frost, but it is generally a low-maintenance plant. It’s good for both a garden accent or as an element in a container garden.

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