Ideas for your Labor Day Staycation

staycationWe’re just a few weeks away from Labor Day — with school starting, this may be a good holiday to take it easy and stay home. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Here are 5 ideas to make your Labor Day staycation memorable.

Garden Gala Make the last weekend of summer magical for your kids with a backyard carnival! For their friends who are in town, it gives them one last hurrah before they have to hit the books. Get their parents involved to rent a bouncy house, and put together stations for face painting, crafts or cookie decorating. Setup or cleanup aren’t tough tasks if you keep it simple.

Outdoor Observations Stargazing is dazzling any time of the year, but Labor Day weekend happens to be the weekend of International Observe the Moon Night. Events are set up across the country to stargaze and look at the moon while it’s still warm enough to be outside at night. Though the moon is the focus on Saturday, September 6, Mars and Saturn should be visible, too.

campfire-cookoutA Convenient Campfire Forget camping and forget a barbecue — fuze the two into a campfire cookout! It’s much more fun than a barbecue and much more convenient than actually going camping. Put together a fire pit similar to a campfire and make all the things you would on a camping trip — only when you’re done with your hobo meals, hot dogs and s’mores, retire to your bedroom rather than a tent! You’ll probably still smell like campfire, but it’s worth the temporary odious odors for a good time.

Open-Air Morning Munchies Soon, mornings will be too dark to enjoy outdoors; to make sure you take advantage of them while you can, have a picnic breakfast in the park on this last weekend of summer! It doesn’t have to be elaborate — juice, a thermos of coffee, muffins — just enough to get you out of the house to enjoy the beauty of a summer

Alfresco Flicks Many communities host movies in the park, but not many communities still have a drive-in theater. If you live in one of those fortunate communities, go on an outdoor adventure to see a movie from the comfort of your car with the convenience of theater concession stands! Even if there’s not a drive-in theater in your city or town, there may be one nearby. A little bit of driving takes you to a whole lot of fun!

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