Halloween: Inspiration for Last-Minute Costumes

reaper-swingerHalloween is here again — some people spend an entire year coming up with spectacular ideas for costumes and others spend exactly five minutes coming up with something mediocre. If you’re in the five-minute camp, here are a few last-minute costume themes to inspire you.

Puns Puns are super cheap and easy to put together, you just have to come up with something clever to base it on. Do you have a phrase your friends know you by? Or if there is a funny term that makes no sense to you, make sense of it with your costume! Throw a medal around your neck or carry a trophy and a loaf of bread to be a “breadwinner.” If you have some extra grey paint chips leftover from your last home improvement project, tape them on your shirt and call yourself 50 Shades of Grey.

rubiks-cubeThe ‘80s It’s easy to come up with something fun to dress up as from the ‘80s. Think about movie characters you liked or pop stars. Have a leather jacket, sunglasses and a guitar? Think George Michael’s Faith. Have a box big enough to wear? Paint colorful squares on it, and you’re a Rubik’s Cube. How about Daniel from The Karate Kid — all you need is a karategi. Or if you have a stethoscope and a doctor’s white coat, you can be Doogie Howser, M.D. Have colorful clothes and maybe a tutu that you will never wear in public? Wear them with your hair teased and colored pink and you can be Cyndi Lauper. There are hundreds of ‘80s costume ideas waiting to be thought up.

minecraft-costumeCartoons It’s not as hard as you think to put together a costume to replicate cartoon characters. Just think of the color scheme and build on that with your own clothes. If you want to me a Minion, all you need is a yellow shirt, overalls (or jeans with blue suspenders) and swimming goggles and you’re ready to go. Have a Minecraft obsession? To be Minecraft Steve, all you need is a blue t-shirt, jeans and a pixelated sword which you can fashion out cardboard. If you want to put work into it, make a pixelated head out of a cardboard box.

jellybeansCandy Candy is super easy to pull off as a costume at the last minute. Just think about colors, shapes and packaging. If you want to be jelly beans, get a big clear plastic bag — big enough to wear over your torso (poke two holes to put your legs through) and fill it with small, colorful balloons. Orange pants, yellow shirt and white hat transforms you into a piece of candy corn. Have a pastel tutu and leotard? Throw it on and call yourself cotton candy.

You don’t have to be a seamstress or an expert crafter to be able to throw together a clever costume. With little help from The Lakeside Collection, a great costume is just an idea away!

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