Halloween: Kid-Friendly Scary Movies

Part of the fun of Halloween is getting scared — some people like a good fright and enjoy being terrified about the unknown lurking around the corner; others don’t. In that camp, you might find your kids who enjoy things that aren’t scary or ideas that make them just mildly nervous. Either way, you want them to get into the Halloween spirit and the one way you have control over just how scared they get is with a movie. Here are 5 scary movies that are not too scary to watch with the kids

Beetlejuice A dead New England couple, trapped in their farmhouse, trying to navigate their new lives as ghosts get a wake-up for their new eternity: a family moves into their home, disrupting their routines. Too gentle to scare a mouse, they call on an expert to scare the living out of their home. The call to Beetlejuice — a strange and charmingly dynamic ghost — comes at a price. The price is paid in ghoulish adventures, but the gruesome is tempered with a lot of humor to give it a PG rating.

The Addams Family Though The Addams Family is weird and creepy, it’s so over-the-top (without being corny) that it’s more funny than scary. The family is, by nature, into pain and all-things-spooky so it can be a tad grisly for kids under the age of 13, but it’s not too terrifying to give anyone nightmares.

Coraline Coraline is an animated lesson in being careful of what you wish for! It’s about a bored little girl who moves into a new, but creepy house with her less-than-loving parents. But it’s in this house where she finds an escape into a parallel universe. There, everything that was once gray and dull is colorful and lively. Her parents are suddenly attentive and fun — but everything isn’t as it seems. The real adventure starts when Coraline tries to find her way back to reality.

Frankenweenie Losing a pet can be the most devastating experience for a child, but for young Victor, it’s not an experience he’s willing to accept. Rather than putting his dog, Sparky, to rest, Victor decides to bring him back to life in this stop-motion homage to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. It’s a story too sweet to be as frightening as Frankenstein, but it has just the right amount of sinister to get the family into the Halloween spirit.

The Haunted Mansion Like Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion is based on a theme park ride, so it’s designed to gently frighten children, not scare the wits out of them! The story is simple — a family moves into a mansion not knowing a ghost occupies it. That ghost is on a mission to get back his long lost love with the family entangled in the adventure. There are zombies, ghosts and a crystal ball to give it a PG rating and a Halloween thrill.

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