National Cookie Day: Unique Cookie Recipes to Wow Your Holiday Guests

December 4 is National Cookie Day. Since we’re knee-deep in holiday celebrations, we thought we’d celebrate National Cookie Day with holiday flair. We scoured the internet for the most outrageous holiday cookie recipes we won’t mind trying. Here are 5 unique cookie recipes to wow your holiday guests.-cookie-turtle-thumbprint

Out of the Shell Chocolate, caramel and nuts — those are the things that make up a turtle chocolate cluster, but Tastes Better from Scratch took turtles a step further and transformed them into a cookie! It’s full of all the richest ingredients that we both love and hate about the holidays! The recipe is not too complicated, but there are enough steps that you might want to enlist little helpers to get the job done.-cookies-christmas-swirl

Willy Wonka Would Be Proud Check out these gems from I Love My Disorganized Life — they look like they came straight from the candy shop only with a little butter and flour mixed in! As beautiful as these Christmas swirl sugar cookies are, they’re not that hard to make. With a rolling pin and some wax paper, you can make these pinwheels, too!  cookies-holly-ginger

Holly Go Gingerly Though we always have gingerbread cookies around the holidays, they’re not the most festive-looking cookies — but Cooking Classy worked her magic to give them that holiday flair to go with the holiday flavor! These cookies are so cute, you can’t not make them for your holiday shindig.

cookies-meringue-treesOh, Christmas Tree! How is this for cute? Tiny trees you can eat! These are meringues This Silly Girl’s Life shaped into Christmas trees. Though they’re not your traditional cookie, they might be a bit easier on the waste line without all the butter and flour – it’s all just egg whites and sugar and a few other ingredients to make it pretty.

holly-cheesecakeMerry Cheesecake Who needs a whole cheesecake when you can shrink one down to a tiny, bite-sized cookie? It takes all of the mess out of slicing and serving one of our favorite treats! With a mini muffin pan and patience, La Receta de la Felicidad made little pie crust cups to hold the cheesecake for simple serving. To make it festive, she painted tiny holly on the tops of the tiny cakes.

gift-appThe Lakeside Collection has a variety of kitchen gadgets to help you make your holiday cookies memorable this year! From baking sheets to spatulas, we have you covered for all your baking ideas this season. But don’t stop at our baking supplies! Check out our Perfect Present gift app to help you select gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list!

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