Houseplant Appreciation Day: Easy Plants to Refresh Your Home

With the holidays behind us, it’s time to give our homes a reboot. Bringing a few houseplants in can give our homes a little bit of life and breath we need — Houseplant Appreciation Day is also coming up, so we put together a list of 5 easy plants to refresh your home.Chinese-Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen Chinese evergreen is a sturdy and dependable plant that can live for at least ten years and requires minimal care. It thrives in low light and needs well-draining soil. It can survive in most growing conditions, but it likes a warm and humid environment. Not only is it easy to care for, it’s also a beautiful plant with red or gray and green stripes that give it character.Spider-Plant

Spider Plants  Spider Plants have long, grassy leaves that prefer moderate sunlight, cooler temperatures between 55°-65°F and well-drained soil. The soil should dry out between waterings — that means it doesn’t need watering often, but you should be careful not to forget.snake-plant

Mother-In-Law’s Tongue You may also know mother-in-law’s tongue as the snake plant. It has tall, sturdy green leaves so it’s perfect for spots that need a lot of life. Not only is it aesthetically unique, but it also makes a great air filter! It’s most comfortable in a moist, warm atmosphere with low light. It requires minimal watering — the soil should dry out before rehydration.jade-plant

Jade Jade, also known as the money tree or friendship tree, is a succulent, and if you care for it correctly, it can live for decades! Like a lot of succulents, jade thrives in the desert so it doesn’t need much water — in fact, it’s easy to overwater it. However, because it’s a desert plant, that means it also loves a lot sunshine and it survives in an environment with varying temperature.


Image source:Halfrain via Flickr

Cast-Iron Plant The cast-iron plant is a strong plant that can survive under the most neglectful circumstances. It doesn’t need much light, requires little humidity and it thrives in a wide range of temperatures. Its big, floppy leaves take up a lot of real estate, so it might be best to decorate with it the way you might decorate with a potted tree.

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