National Have Fun at Work Day: Ideas for Having Fun at Work

Fun-At-Work-DayWe spend a lot of our time at work — 40 hours is about 23% of our entire week — if we get the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night, we’re only left with 72 hours to allocate for chores, commuting and our families. At the end of the week, we don’t have a lot of time for fun, so we have to shoehorn it into our schedules. With so much of that time being thrown at our jobs, someone thought we should set aside a day for a little whimsy at work. So, for January 28 — National Have Fun at Work Day — we put together a few ideas for having fun at work.

Joke’s On You Have everyone on your team write down their favorite jokes on post-it notes (as many as they can). Pick a blank wall in the break room or common space to post them for everyone to read in their down time or when they need a pick-me-up. If you want to make it interesting, have your co-workers guess who contributed which joke, or bring other departments in to contribute jokes and vote on your favorites.

Taste Test Get the bakers and cooks in your office to bring in their favorite dishes to be judged! The cooks get to compete for a prize (fun!) and tasters get to eat (more fun!).

Have-fun-at-work#Selfie We get a lot of face time with our co-workers — maybe more than our own families! We do projects with them, eat with them, why not create millennial art with them? Have everyone on your team take pictures of themselves (selfies), print them out and make a selfie wall. Let everyone get really creative to make self-portraits that are unique. Though it takes a little bit of thought, it’s a break in the day to have fun and make work not feel like work.

Dance Party Just about everyone has a lull in the afternoon when it’s really difficult to be productive. Instead of forcing yourself to get things done, take a break with your co-workers to get silly with a dance party! Move the chairs in the conference room and turn up a high energy songs to put everyone in a good mood — think 80s, Michael Jackson, Pharrell Williams — there are hundreds of feel good songs to make your dance party — and work — lots of fun.

Have-fun-at-work-dayDecorate Your Cube Contest When you’re spending 40 hours a week sitting in one spot, it should be a spot to remember. Challenge your co-workers to a cube decorating contest and see who can come up with the most elaborate and crazy themes to make Have Fun at Work Day and every day a little more interesting.

Surprise! If your office is low-key, keep your fun low-key by surprising a favorite co-worker with something special. It can be something nice like a candy bar from the vending machine, or, if it’s the right kind of co-worker, just get silly! Wallpaper her cube with post-it notes.

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