Olympic-Inspired Crafts, Games & Home Decor Tips

The Summer Olympics only happen once every four years. It’s an exciting time for Americans to cheer on all kinds of aspiring athletes. Celebrate the American way with Olympic-inspired crafts, games and decor tips.


Design Tips to Make Your Living Room Scream USA!
There’s no better time to add some star-spangled style to your living space. For two weeks every four years, the Summer Games inspire excitement and national pride that can disappear as soon as the competition ends. Maintain your love of country even after the medals are won by giving your home an American look.


Creative Olympic Crafts for Kids
Even with the summer Olympics right around the corner, most of the younger children in your family are probably more interested in their own games than the events in Rio. If you can”t spark their interest in the Olympics by turning on the TV, you can get them excited about the events with these fun home crafts.


Ideas to Make Backyard Sports Safer for Kids
If you’re like most parents, you’re interested in anything that gets your kids off the couch. Playing sports in the backyard might be just the ticket. Backyard sports are a pressure-free way for kids to practice their skills without a coach glaring over their shoulders. Make your backyard a safe place to practice with these tips.


Animal Olympics: Fun Games to Play with Your Dog
Watching the Olympics inspires many of us to get outside. Playing sports with the family is great, as long as you don’t forget to include your canine friend. If your dog is sitting on the sidelines and begging to be a part of the action, use a few of these dog-friendly ideas to put together an animal Olympics in your backyard.

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