Trick-or-Treat: Halloween Sneak Peek

Halloween kicks off over two full months of holiday fun. The holidays are only stressful if you don’t start preparing early. Take a look at Lakeside’s Halloween sneak peek to get ideas and learn some fun facts.


Transforming Your Front Porch to Frighten Trick-or-Treaters
Halloween can be just as fun for adults. You might not get to trick-or-treat like you used to, but you can still fill an important role in the Halloween world by turning your front porch into a haunting spot to frighten trick-or-treaters. Get into the holiday spirit by transforming your front porch to frighten the neighborhood.


Halloween Costumes that Never Go Out of Style
Costume parties always feature fresh, funny takes on current events, never-before-seen group ensembles and new approaches to classic favorites. It’s fun to think up new ideas, but hard to beat classic characters. Check out this list of spooky costumes that never go out of style and get inspired to update an old favorite.


5 Foods from Around the Globe that Freak Out Most Americans
Every country in the world has local foods that just don’t make sense to tourists. The truth is, more than a few of these taboo foods are nightmares for most Americans who aren’t accustomed to local tastes and customs. Take a trip to every corner of the globe and learn about these five foods that are likely to freak you out.

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