Back-to-School Tips from Studying to Sports

If your kids aren’t already waiting at bus stops and stressing over early homework assignments then the time is very near when they will be. Transitioning back to studying, sports and school activities can be tough after a long, relaxing summer. From first graders to college kids, it can take a few weeks to settle into the reality of the new semester. As parents, it always helps to have a few new tricks up your sleeve to make sure kids are adapting to school and its responsibilities. Get started with these back-to-school tips from studying to sports.


Back to School: Tips for Getting the Most Out of Reading
For the last few months, the kids have been reading young-adult novels and flipping through picture books, but school is back in session and their reading experience is about to change. Kids look at school books a little differently than the ones they read for pleasure. Here are some tips to make sure they’re reading right.


Dorm Decor: Lighting Tips for Better Study Sessions
Sometimes the library is packed with students, the weather isn’t ideal for working outside, or you just don’t feel like making the trip to your favorite study spot. In many cases, the dorm room is the premier place for getting your schoolwork done. Optimize your space with these dorm lighting tips for better study sessions.


Back to School: Choosing the Right Sports for Your Kids
Participating in a sport is great for team building, staying active, and teaching resilience, and this interest should be encouraged. It can be a challenge figuring out the best sport for your child, and the first sports they pick may not be winners. Here are some ideas to help children explore the variety of sports out there.

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