Explore the Outdoors: Survival Tips, Trail Advice & More

Outdoor adventures don’t stop as soon as summer starts winding down. On the contrary, for many campers, hikers and hunters, the fall season provides some of the best weather to explore the outdoors. Whether you want to pack up for a day on the trails or jump in a ghillie suit, check out these survival tips and trail advice.


Wilderness Survival Tips: How to Find Fresh Drinking Water
Getting lost in the woods can happen to anybody, and even though it  probably isn’t as terrifying as it would be to get lost in the desert, it can still be fairly difficult to find fresh drinking water if you don’t know where to look. Check out these basic survival tips to help you track down fresh drinking water in the outdoors.


The Almost Hidden History of Camouflage
The pursuit of invisibility has led to to incredible advancements in practical disguises such as camouflage. In a few short decades, camo has infiltrated everything from fishing and hunting to the world of high fashion. Discover the hidden history of how camouflage got started and where it might go in this brief camo exposé.


Mountain Biking Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make
Mountain biking is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. It requires skill and coordination to handle a mountain bike on narrow paths and uneven terrain, and much practice to make sure the bike is performing well. Learn more about mountain biking mistakes you can avoid before peddling into the great outdoors.


Great On-the-Go Snacks to Pack for Your Hiking Trip
Whether it’s a short afternoon jaunt or a 500-mile adventure, planning is the key to making any hiking trip a success, especially when it comes to the food you bring along. Don’t risk leaving for your next big outdoor adventure unprepared. Take a look at some of these perfect on-the-go snacks to pack for your hiking trip.

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