10 Easy Ways To Transition Your Home Decor From Summer To Fall

The shift from perennials to pumpkins may feel unnatural; however, there are many easy ways to transition your home decor from summer to fall.

Instead of jumping right in and turning your house into a pumpkin wonderland, it’s easier to slowly make changes throughout your home and build up until you reach peak fall time.

Here are ten simple ways to jump-start your decoration transformation.

1. Place Your Summer Items In Storage

It’s time to say goodbye to summer.

If you have any summer specific items and decorations set up around your house, begin collecting those and store them away for next year.

If you are unsure of what to put away, start by eliminating anything that has bright colors in order to clear your space and your mind for fall color scheme ideas.

Taking away your summer decorations will leave you with a blank canvas to make your transition easier, and it will give you a better vision of how you want your space to look.

2. Add Fall-Scented Candles To Set A Warm Tone

Nothing says fall more than a warm, comfy environment that smells like pumpkins, apples, nutmeg, and other spices .

Add candles throughout your home and light them at night. Find creative ways to display them to give them a more decorative feel.

The soft, flickering flames will create a gentle and calm atmosphere as the wind blows through the trees outside. It will also give you additional feelings of warmth as you cozy up under a blanket.

You can get candles in any scent, but fall-scented candles will truly transition you to this next season.

3. Exchange Summer Curtains And Pillows For Fall Colors

Switching out the fabrics in your home is a great start for when transitioning your home from summer to fall. Fabrics can set the stage for the rest of your home, so you want to make sure the colors line up with your fall vision.

Start by swapping out the pillows on your couch and place ones with warmer colors such as reds, oranges, dark yellows, and browns, or even ones with fall patterns.

You can also consider getting ones with removable pillow cases, so the transition will be easier and you will take up less storage space.

The same concept can be used for your window curtains, except make sure to choose a simple neutral fall color that can easily blend well with other decorations that you add later on.

4. Give Your Bedroom A Cozy Fall Feel

As previously mentioned, fabrics are a solid way to start building up fall colors around your house.

Your bedroom is another place where these fall-colored fabrics can be included. You want your bedroom to be a calm, relaxing environment where you can fall asleep in an instant. Warm-toned bedding can help with that.

Change your bedding to reflect fall colors and patterns. If your bedroom already has a pre-established color scheme due to your wall color or pieces of furniture, lean more towards neutral fall bedding such as brown and beige.

For an easier way to upgrade your bedroom, simply keep your current bedding, or opt for a white comforter, and add a couple of decorative pillows.

5. Style Your Dining Table In Fall Fashion

As you’re starting to make fall recipes like soup and chili, you’ll want your table spread to match the comfort level of your food.

Set up your kitchen or dining room table in full harvest style with pumpkin dishes, a festive tablecloth or table runner, fabric napkins, a fancy centerpiece, and other relevant decorations.

You can always add or remove certain pieces from your table depending upon how large your meal is and how many people you have seated for dinner.

You can decide if you want your table to look elegant or cute, depending on your personal taste.

6. Replace Summer Flowers With Fall Flowers

If you enjoy having fresh flowers around your house, start making the switch from bright summer flowers to deeper rich-colored flowers.

Play around with different fall flower arrangements, along with unique vases, to get the look and theme that you desire.

For those who want more permanent flower decorations, add in some large fake plants and fake flower arrangements. These do not have to look gaudy or unnatural.

There are many ways to make fake flowers look real, including making sure you pick flowers that are in season and arranging them in the same way that you would with real flowers.

7. Add Soft And Cozy Blankets Around Your House

Soft textures will make you feel cozy in the fall and blankets are an easy way to activate that comfortable feeling.

Wool, fleece, flannel, and knit blankets will provide you with the perfect amount of warmth for the cool temperatures in the fall time.

Feel free to add blankets in various areas of your house. Lay a soft throw over your couch, add an extra blanket to your bed, and fold up another blanket to place on other seating areas in your home.

As a bonus, you can find blankets with fall themed patterns to be a little extra festive.

8. Use Nature As Your Decoration Inspiration

Fall decorating doesn’t always have to cost money. You can gather decor just by taking a walk outside.

Pine cones and branches can be a solid staple of fall decorations. Place them in a festive bowl or unique basket, or display them strategically on your shelves.

If you are the crafty type, you can create your own personalized decorations with leaves that you can collect in your own backyard.

If you want to spend a little money on nature inspired fall decorations, search for fall foliage artwork to hang on your walls.

9. Swap Your Towels For A Quick Fall Update

A quick way to transition your home decorations from summer to fall is to update your towels.

Swap out your kitchen towels for fall colors and patterns. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may want to put decorative towels on display and choose a more simple, fall colored towel for drying.

Change up your bathroom hand towels. If you want a more festive look, choose towels with fun quotes and imagery. To keep it classy, go for a simpler pattern.

As a bonus in your bathroom, you can try to match everything else to your hand towels by replacing the shower curtain and bath towels as well.

10. Gradually Set Up Pumpkin Decorations

Pumpkins are a popular symbol of fall and should definitely be included in your decoration plans this season. However, for a smooth transition from summer to fall, use pumpkins sparingly and put them out gradually.

If you’re weary of adding in too much orange too soon, start adding in pumpkins by using colors you already have in your house. Instead of using the traditional colored pumpkins, unique colored ones can give you a more cohesive room style.

Another option is to start with smaller, subtle pumpkin decorations and add larger ones once fall settles in more.

If you like the idea of pumpkins but want a more elegant/classy look, glass pumpkin decorations can be a good option.

Bonus Tips

Transitioning your home decor from summer to fall doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful.

Making subtle changes throughout the end of the summer will allow you to have a full and festive harvest layout by mid-fall. Here are some key tips to keep in mind as you begin your fall transformation journey:

  • Start out by focusing on one room. If you try to decorate your whole house at one time, it may get overwhelming.
  • It’s okay to stray a little from fall colors if they don’t match and blend well in the room.
  • You may be able to keep some of your summer decorations out if you can shift them into a fall style – this just requires creativity!
  • In addition to pumpkins, you can also decorate with other artificial fall vegetable such as gourds and squash. This helps you have more of a variety.
  • Always put your own personal flair into decorating. You should enjoy and appreciate your decorations, so it’s always best to make sure it reflects your style.

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