Activity Books That Will Keep Kids Entertained for Hours

Kids have short attention spans and it’s sometimes hard for them to focus on one thing at a time. Keeping them busy and entertained in a productive way can be a challenge, but a little creativity goes a long way.

Books can open up a whole new world to kids, a world that they never knew existed. The great thing about kids activity books is that they are entertaining, interactive, educational, and creative all in one. With so many different types of activity books out there, kids can be occupied for hours at a time while simultaneously learning something valuable.

Coloring & Crafting Books

Kids activity books with coloring and crafting can help them use their imagination, and in some cases, can teach them how to follow directions. With so many fun colors and drawings to choose from, the possibilities for activities are endless.

Colored pencil and crayons are less messy for younger kids than markers and can help them learn how to color inside the lines with more precision. Coloring and crafting books are also great for traveling and can keep kids focused and busy during road trips, airplane rides, and train rides.

Scratch & Draw Activity Books

Horses and unicorns coloring book

Unleash your child’s inner sense of magic and wonder with scratch and draw activity books.

Your child will be amazed as he or she flips through and reads the story book while scratching the pages to reveal a rainbow of colors.

Low-Mess Crafts for Kids

Low-Mess Crafts For Kids Book

This crafting book is a fun and easy way for you to do hands-on activities with your kids.

With over 70 arts and crafts projects, the activities in this book give you low-mess craft ideas that require the use of simple materials.

Toy Story 4 Drawing Pad

Toy Story 4 Book

The Toy Story 4 drawing pad activity book lets kids doodle as they read a familiar story line.

The drawing pad is magnetic, allowing kids to easily erase their drawings and start from scratch. It’s a fun and mess free experience!

Educational & Puzzle Books

Educational and puzzle-based books can help kids learn in a fun and engaging way. The variety of activities in these books keeps kids focused, interested, and entertained for long periods of time.

Word games can help to improve a child’s vocabulary and allow them to work on their spelling skills. Spot the difference games encourage children to be patient and detail-orientated. Mazes and other puzzles help kids use strategy and thinking skills to complete a mystery.

Giant Educational Workbooks

Giant Preschool Workbook

These workbooks let your child learn in a fun way through interactive pages, friendly characters, and rewards stickers for accomplishments.

These giant educational workbooks come in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade levels.

Set of 5 Activity Books for Kids

Kids Activity Books

This set of kids activity books will keep them busy and productive as they work through pages and pages of fun and entertainment!

The set includes a picture hunt, search & find books, spot the difference, and an ultimate activities book.

Berenstain Bears Activity Book

The Berenstain Bears Giant Coloring and Activity Book

Your child will get excited about the familiar family of bears as they work through this coloring and activity book that will keep them busy.

This book includes coloring, mazes, word games, find the difference, dot-to-dot games and more!

Activity Books for Older Kids

While a lot of kids activity books are more simple and are geared towards younger children who are learning basic skills, there are other books out there for older kids who need more of a challenge.

Science books and other subject-based books are a great way for older kids to learn new information on topics they are interested in. Advanced puzzle books are another good challenge that allow older kids to work through strategies. Coloring books are still fun for older kids, especially if they are based around themes and characters that they’re interested in.

Mason Jar Science Activity Book

Mason Jar Science Book

Make learning even more fun with this incredible kids activity book of science experiments and projects that are small but educational.

This book contains 40 hands-on activities including creating miniature clouds, tiny tornadoes, a lava lamp, a balloon barometer, and more!

Brain Games® Hangman Puzzles

Hangman Puzzles Book

Your kid can play the traditional hangman game in a new and different way with this book of hangman puzzles.

They get to use their own brain power and skills to find the answers to each puzzle. Clues and hints will help them along the way.

Brain Games® Sticker By Number Books

Sticker By Number Cat And Butterfly Book

Similar to a color by number book, this sticker book combines creativity and the art of following direction – requiring patience and thought.

With so many images to fill in with stickers, your kid will be entertained for hours and they’ll get excited about their artsy creations.

Looking for even more ways to keep your kids busy and entertained? Check out our Toys & Games section for puzzles, games, educational toys, and more!

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