How To Organize A Home Office For Better Productivity

Your home office should be a place where you can get tasks done efficiently but it should also be an environment that fits your style and aesthetic. Having a functional and decorative desk and office space can make you feel more motivated and inspired to get your work done. Here are some steps you can take to organize your home office for better productivity.

Reduce Clutter On Your Desk For A Stress-Free Space

Starting off with a clean and tidy desk will set the stage for a stress-free work environment and help you organize your home office. Having too many things on your desk can cause too many distractions during the day. An organized desk with minimal items on top of it will help you to increase productivity and focus.

Organize Your Home Office - Clean Tidy Desk

Keep Office Supplies In Drawers

Most of the clutter that piles up on a desk is pens and pencils, paper clips, push pins, and other office supplies. Clearing these items can give you a fresh desk space to help you focus better all day long.

Reduce this clutter by keeping most of your office supplies in drawers. Make sure to use drawer organizers to keep everything sectioned off neatly inside of the drawers. If your desk doesn’t have built in drawers, rolling drawers are a great addition.

Use A Decorative Tray For Small Items

If you need to keep some office supplies out, keep them all contained in one corner of your desk. This will save you room for some minimal decorations and give you a more open space.

Using a decorative tray can help you keep things organized and contained, giving you a clutter free desk. Fill the tray with items such as a stapler, a notepad, sticky notes, and other daily necessities.

Organize Your Wires & Cables

A desk can easily become cluttered with cables from your computer, wires from your office phone or cell phone charger, and cords from desk lamps. Getting these wires sorted out can give your desk an instant transformation.

Organize all your cables by using a power strip or bind them all together behind or under your desk with Velcro. You can even completely eliminate cords by going wireless, if possible.

Bonus: Another way to make your home office stress-free is to create some comfort. Check out how to make your home office feel more cozy.

Sort Your Papers & Documents Efficiently So They Don’t Pile Up

It’s easy to feel scatterbrained when papers pile up on your desk and you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for. Having a file system is a crucial part in keeping your home office organized and tidy. There are many different ways to sort your paperwork to keep your desk free from stacks of papers. Find out which method works best for you personally and try to keep it up on a daily or weekly basis.

Organize Your Home Office - Color Coded Folders

Divide Your Papers Into Categories

Papers can easily pile up on your desk throughout the week, and you don’t want to risk losing important documents in the midst of scrap notes. Instilling a paper organization system to maintain on a daily basis will assure that you don’t keep useless papers sitting around.

Use baskets or trays to divide your papers into a toss/shred pile and a keep/archive pile. At the end of each week, run all your throwaway papers through the shredder or toss them in the recycling bin. Archive necessary documents in file folders and keep important papers out until they are no longer needed.

Hang A Magazine Rack With Color Coded Folders Inside

To maintain a modern and interesting space, opt for hanging up a magazine rack on the wall to organize your papers and files in. Magazine racks can vary in color and style, so find one that sticks out to you.

After choosing your magazine rack, put an assortment of colored folders inside and label each one accordingly. These colorful folders will not only add some brightness to your office, but they will also help you quickly identify the papers you are looking for.

Use An Old Fashioned File Cabinet

If you have an abundance of paperwork for your job, you may want to go down the classic route and get a file cabinet. The deep drawers will allow you to have a huge amount of storage space to organize and sort your papers in.

While the traditional file cabinet isn’t exactly a sight for sore eyes, there are unique and decorative ones that you can incorporate into your space. Additionally, you can even transform and decorate one yourself if you are into crafting and DIY.

Use Wall Space For All Of Your Office Storage

You should take advantage of all the vertical space in your home office especially if you have a smaller desk area or no desk drawers. The blank wall behind your desk is the perfect canvas to fill with all your essentials and will help you organize your home office in a decorative way. Using your wall space will help keep your desk area clean and it’ll create a more focused environment.

Organize Your Home Office - Home Office Desk Shelving Unit

Install Cubbies Or A Shelving Unit Across The Wall

If you have the space for it, installing an entire wall unit can be incredibly useful and it can also transform the room into a fresh space. It can also make the room look slightly bigger because you are keeping most of your items confined to that one wall.

There are so many possibilities of wall units including square cubbies, cabinets, shelves, or a combination of all three. Always make sure that your desk can fit somewhere in the middle of it (or get one with a built-in desk) so you have easy access to grab what you need off the shelves.

Place Floating Shelves Above Your Desk

Floating shelves can be a better option if you don’t have sufficient wall space or don’t want to go through the hassle of putting in a huge unit. Individual shelves use vertical space efficiently while still being useful for storing supplies.

Get creative with the way you hang floating shelves. You can either hang several of them in a straight line vertically or horizontally, or you can stagger them to give them a more artsy feel.

Hang A Pegboard On The Wall Behind Your Computer

Pegboards are a great way to save space in your home office. You can hang decorative containers from the board and fill them with your office supplies. This is a nice alternative if you don’t have any desk drawers.

You can also hang a cork board from the wall instead to lay out important papers and ideas. This is especially helpful for those who are visual thinkers or those who have very visual jobs, such as designers.

Create A Productive & Inspirational Environment With Decor

Your home office would not be complete without decorations that speak to your style and personality. You won’t feel inspired or motivated if you are sitting in a room with blank walls and bland office equipment. Make the office your own with wall decor, tabletop accents, funky furniture, and much more!

Organize Your Home Office - Vintage Desk Decor

Implement A Bright Color Scheme To Stimulate Your Mind

Colors can affect the brain in a variety of ways. You’d feel isolated sitting in a blank white room and you’d feel suffocated in a room with all black walls. Adding bright colors to your home office can spark creativity and productivity.

You can choose to paint the walls with a fresh color, or you can simply incorporate your favorite colors with the use of decorations. Stick to a color scheme that enlightens you and gives you a positive experience throughout the day.

Decorate With Inspirational Quotes

We all need a little inspirational reminder sometimes. Decorating with your favorite inspirational quotes can create a more productive environment because it can help change your mindset when you become stressed out.

Hang a couple of framed quotes on the wall or use a standing frame on your desk. You can also use a letter board so you can change the quote on a daily or weekly basis. Find the words that inspire you the most.

Make Sure Your Office Has Sufficient Lighting

Lighting is very important in a home office because you are spending so much of your time in a confined space. You’ll feel more tired throughout the week if your office isn’t bright enough.

Whether you have ceiling lights or not, add in several standing lamps and desk lamps to make the room noticeably brighter. You can also position your desk near a window to expose yourself to more natural light.

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