7 Easy Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Your master bedroom should be more than a place that you just sleep in. It should be a welcoming environment that is as beautifully decorated as the rest of your house. It’s nice to have a bedroom that is a wonderful mix of comfortable, decorative, and creative. Here are 7 easy master bedroom decorating ideas that you can incorporate into your own room.

1. Choose A Master Bedroom Decorating Style

Coastal Themed Bedroom

Choosing a bedroom decorating style can help you set the stage for decorations, colors, furniture, and other accents. A decorative style in your bedroom can also help create a more consistent and pleasing aesthetic throughout the room. If you’re not sure what type of style to choose, here are a few ideas for you to choose from.

3 Popular Home Decor Styles

Coastal Style

The coastal decor style is perfect for those who love the beach and tropical themes. It brings the beach aesthetic to any room no matter where you live. Coastal decor will turn your master bedroom into a bright and relaxing place.

This style brings in nautical and ocean symbols such as anchors, mermaids, and seashells. It typically incorporates beach inspired colors such as tropical blue and shades of tan. Coastal style is also emphasized with specific materials like wicker baskets and shiplap.

Country Style

Country style is a charming decorating style that makes a place feel welcoming and homey. Using this decorating style in your master bedroom can instill a calm and warm environment.

This style typically includes rustic decor made of materials like distressed wood and galvanized metal. It also includes heart and star icons and warm colors like red and brown. Checkered patterns and charming sentiments are also seen within this decorating style.

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Lodge Style

The lodge decor style brings the great outdoors inside with camping, hunting, and lodge themes. You can transform any type of house into this style, even if you don’t live in a wood cabin.

Lodge decor includes woodland animal symbols, dark wood materials, plaid patterns, and natural or warm colors such as brown, beige, and red. These colors and symbols are best represented with bedding, rugs, and wall decor.

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2. Get Creative With The Headboard In Your Master Bedroom

Colorful Bedroom With Headboard Shelf

A simple headboard change can make a huge difference to your master bedroom style. While some bed frames come with a headboard already attached to it, adding your own unique headboard can make your bed look more decorative.

Get creative by crafting a custom headboard that coordinates with the rest of your room decor. Making your own headboard doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some ideas to try.

DIY Headboard Ideas

  • Create a faux headboard by painting a colored rectangle behind your bed.
  • Use foam faux tiles and mounting tape to create a collage of squares behind your bed. You can paint them whatever color you want!
  • Hang a long curtain rod above your bed and paint it the same color as your walls and then hang a decorative blanket from it.
  • Hang up a sturdy rectangle of plywood behind your bed – you can paint it any color and also attach wooden shelves to it as makeshift bedside tables.
  • Use a large square of unique wallpaper above the bed and frame it to make it stand out even more.

3. Add Comfort To Your Master Bedroom With A Lot Of Pillows

Bed With Colorful Throw Pillows

Small details and additions can make a master bedroom feel comfortable and homey. Pillows and blankets bring a lot to the decorative aspect of a room. Even though you might not sleep with a huge amount of pillows on your bed, having them displayed during the day is a simple yet nice decorating idea.

Add a large collection of decorative throw pillows onto the bed to create a cozy and welcoming environment. Match the color scheme of the room or add in pops of contrasting colors to make them stand out more. You can also play around with different fabrics and materials and have a good mix of them on the bed.

Top it all off with a decorative quilt or a warm blanket nicely folded near the foot of the bed.

4. Decorate A Unique Accent Wall In Your Master Bedroom

Marble Wall In Bedroom

The walls of your room can make or break the environment. Plain white walls can make the room feel empty, while dark walls can make the room feel smaller.

An accent wall is perfect for a simple master bedroom that needs to be jazzed up a little. The wall behind your bed is the best to use for an accent wall because it can complement a bedspread nicely.

There are many different ways to decorate an accent wall. You can paint it a different color from the rest of your walls, hang up unique wallpaper, install marble wall tiles, or even decorate the whole wall with a collage of wall art and frames. Whichever way you decide to decorate, make sure it stands out from the rest of your walls.

5. Add A Cozy Seating Area In Your Master Bedroom

Seating Area In Bedroom

If you have a large master bedroom with some open areas, don’t let that extra space go to waste! Adding in some more furniture may seem like it would make the room cluttered, but if done correctly, it can be an aesthetically pleasing addition.

Create a cozy seating area to add a little something extra to your bedroom. Add in a couple of decorative, comfortable chairs with some fluffy pillows and a coordinating side table. You can also use a storage bench or even a small couch if you have the room for it.

This seating area is perfect for reading near a fireplace, watching TV during the daytime, or simply relaxing while drinking tea.

6. Think Outside The Box With Your Master Bedroom Nightstands

Marble Bedside Table

Nightstands can bring a lot to your room. They can complement your bedspread nicely and also give you a place to put your nighttime essentials. These small pieces of furniture also bring the room together in a subtle yet noticeable way. Swap your traditional nightstands for more unique ones to make your bedroom more decorative and interesting.

Unique Nightstand Ideas

  • Stack up vintage suitcases as a makeshift nightstand. This works especially well if you already have a vintage theme in your room.
  • Hang up floating shelves next to your bed as an alternative to a bedside table. You can still keep your bedside essentials within reach.
  • Place a decorative ladder next to your bed and use the shelves for your essentials. You can also put small accents on the shelves for an extra decorative element.
  • Use a side table that is made for a living room. These types of side tables usually come in more interesting designs than traditional bedside tables.
Wood Top Storage Side Table
Mandala Side Table
Distressed Wood Twisted Side Table

7. Leave Your Walls White & Paint The Ceiling Of Your Master Bedroom

Decorative Ceiling

The ceiling is often left alone in a bedroom aside from lights and the occasional chandelier. But adding color or a design to the ceiling can completely transform the room and make it look more open.

Leave your walls white and paint the ceiling to create an interesting and unique master bedroom. You can either paint the ceiling a bright color, have a decorative design painted on it, or use wallpaper.

If you paint your ceiling, complement the color with matching accents throughout your room such as throw pillows, lamps, flowers, and more.

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Another way to get your master bedroom looking great is to keep it clean and tidy! These 7 Easy Ways To Declutter Your Bedroom will help you keep your space in tip-top shape.

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