7 Decorative Planters That Will Complement Any Home Or Garden Theme

Potted plants and flowers can be a unique addition to your outdoor space and garden. They are also useful for indoor plants to bring beautiful greenery into your home. Here are 7 decorative planters that will complement any home or garden theme.

1. Set of 2 Flamingo Planters

Add a tropical theme to your front porch or backyard garden with these Set of 2 Flamingo Planters!

These planters are a vibrant pink color and come with a coconut fiber basket for your fresh plants and flowers.

Place these on your front porch in coordination with other tropical or flamingo decorations such as throw pillows, a welcome mat, or a wall sign.

You can also put these flamingo planters in the middle of your garden or on your patio to add even more color to your yard!

Set of 2 Flamingo Planters

2. Rooster or Hen Galvanized Wall Planters

Bring your love of gardening indoors by decorating with a Rooster or Hen Galvanized Wall Planter!

The distressed metal finish on these planters and the farmhouse icons are a perfect addition to a decorative country farmhouse theme.

Hang these planters up in your kitchen to coordinate with other galvanized farmhouse decor. Fill them with real or faux flowers to brighten up the look.

You can even bring these planters outside and hang them up on your fence or on the wall of your house in your front yard or backyard!

Rooster or Hen Galvanized Wall Planters

3. Vintage Metal Bike Planters

Add a nostalgic charm to your outdoor space with these adorable Vintage Metal Bike Planters!

The planters feature three baskets to fill with potted plants or flowers. Choose from a pink, blue, or white planter.

Park this bike on a stone pathway to your garden, leave it on the edge of your patio, or place it in your front yard to add more color to any area!

These bike planters look great next to other bicycle themed garden stakes and signs or with other vintage decorations.

Vintage Metal Bike Planters

4. Cement Planters

Add some smaller potted plants to your yard with the help of these square Cement Planters!

Each cement planter features an engraved sentiment. Choose from Bloom, Thrive, Love or all three.

These cement planters look nice on an outdoor side table, on a stone pathway, or on a planter stand on your patio.

These are also a great option for those who have a small outdoor space or those with a simple balcony who want to add flowers and plants to their space!

Cement Planters

5. Sets of 2 Flower Basket Planters

Decorate in spring or summer style with these dainty and beautiful Sets of 2 Flower Basket Planters!

Each of these flower covered baskets are lined with plastic, allowing you to easily fill them with soil and plant directly into it.

Put these decorative planters on top of stands on your front porch or patio along with other vibrant greenery.

You can also hang these basket planters from hooks on your porch, or on yard stake hooks in your garden!

Sets of 2 Flower Basket Planters

6. Ceramic Planter on Wood Stand

Place your favorite green plants or colorful flowers in this Ceramic Planter on Wood Stand!

The ceramic pot comes in a variety of textured colors including blue, gray, pink, and white.

Use these as indoor planters to brighten up your kitchen, add life to you living room, or put them anywhere in your home!

You can even line your patio by decorating with one planter of each color for a bright and festive backyard space.

Ceramic Planter on Wood Stand

7. Enamel Bucket Wall Hanging

This Enamel Bucket Wall Hanging will is a great decorative statement piece for faux flowers and greenery!

The metal buckets feature three faucets on top for fun and charming appearance. These buckets will fit in perfectly with a farmhouse decor theme.

Hang up these buckets in your kitchen, office, living room, or another area of your home and fill them with your favorite colorful faux flowers.

You can even hang them outside on your front porch to match other farmhouse themed decor!

Enamel Bucket Wall Hanging

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