Fall Decorating Ideas: Get Excited for the Harvest Season

With some simple changes in decorative accents and the addition of warm colors, you can easily bring the beauty and magic of fall into your home. Here are some fall decorating ideas to get you excited for the harvest season.

Incorporate Plaid Into Your Fall Decor In Subtle Ways

Fall Decorating Ideas - Decorative Plaid Plush Pumpkins

Plaid is the most classic fall pattern that is always a must when decorating for the season. However, overdoing the plaid will leave you with little opportunity to use other patterns in your decor.

Luckily, you can use plaid in subtle ways and still get the fall look that you want. The best way to do this is to use small decorative accents that contain the plaid pattern. These can range from plaid pumpkins to small throw pillows or even a plaid bowl filled with leaves and apples.

Black and white plaid can make for a more neutral color scheme, which is perfect for a farmhouse fall theme. Orange and red can help you create a warm and classic color scheme throughout your house.

No matter what accents or colors you choose, these small touches of plaid throughout your house will blend in nicely with your other fall decorating ideas.

Decorative Plaid Plush Pumpkins

Transform Your Dining Table With Harvest Themed Dinnerware

Fall Decorating Ideas - Harvest Tabletop Collection

Setting up your dining table for the fall time can help you achieve the welcoming and comforting feeling that this season brings. This idea works especially well if you don’t eat at your dining table on a daily basis.

Start by setting up fall themed table linens. You can use a burlap runner or a patterned tablecloth, in addition to some decorative place mats.

Next, set up some special fall plates at each seat. You can create a beautiful stack by placing a large solid colored plate down followed by a smaller patterned one on top. Accompany it with a color coordinated cloth napkin at each setting.

Finally, make the table feel more complete with a fall centerpiece. For instance, you can put a decorative wooden tray in the center and fill it with ceramic pumpkins or you can use an arrangement of real or faux autumn flowers. Have fun with this step to make the table truly unique!

Harvest Tabletop Collection

Use Fall Themed Bedding For An Instant Seasonal Bedroom Makeover

Fall Decorating Ideas - Plaid Pumpkin Comforter or Sham

If you’re looking to transform your bedroom for the season, your bedding is the perfect place to start. Changing your bedding is a quick and easy way to bring fall into the room.

First you’ll want to find your favorite quilt or comforter or complete bedding set. For the fall time, find bedding that has plaid patterns, fall colors such as red, orange, or green, or ones that have fall symbols like pumpkins and leaves.

Once you have your bedding, accent it with several fall throw pillows and place a folded plush blanket at the end of the bed. The idea is to make it look as comfy and cozy as possible.

You can tie the room together by swapping out your window curtains to match your bedding, incorporating a themed area rug, and putting themed decorative accents on your bedside tables.

Plaid Pumpkin Comforter or Sham

Create A Full Fall Porch Decor Spread To Get In The Autumn Spirit

Fall Decorating Ideas - Leaves Are Falling, Autumn Is Calling Collection

Filling your front porch with fall decor will nicely complete the falling leaves outside and give your home a complete autumn feeling.

There are many ways to decorate your porch for the fall time, and you can get as creative as you want with these simple fall decorating ideas ideas:

  • Hang up a fall themed welcome sign on the wall of your house or door, or use a leaning sign.
  • In one corner, stack up some straw bales with some real or decorative pumpkins on top.
  • Wrap lighted leaf garland around your porch railing.
  • Place a decorative fall tree or plant on each side of your front door.
  • Decorate your porch steps with pumpkins or fall themed buckets and planters.

Leaves Are Falling, Autumn Is Calling Collection

Decorate With Fall Foliage To Bring More Warm Colors Into Your Home

Lighted Faux Harvest Arrangements

Incorporating fall foliage and flowers in different areas of your home is the perfect way to bring in more warm autumn colors!

To achieve this look, you can scatter faux leaves across the table and you can use faux plants and flowers that have fall colors such as red, yellow, orange, and green.

It’s also important to choose planters and vases that fit the fall theme. Opt for rustic wooden box planters, pumpkin or leaf patterned glass vases, or ceramic red and orange containers.

Use flowers and foliage as dining table decorations, centerpieces for your coffee table, porch step decorations, or bathroom counter accents. You can always find a way to include them in every room of your house.

Lighted Faux Harvest Arrangements

Use Interchangeable Decorations To Easily Transition Through The Seasons

4-Pc. Interchangeable Welcome Home Sign

Interchangeable decor is a fun and easy way to transition your home decor through each season! Simply swap out a part of the decoration as fall arrives for an instant change.

Choose some staple interchangeable decorations that you want to always have displayed in your house. This can range from a welcome sign with an interchangeable wreath, a home sentiment with interchangeable themed icons, or even an interchangeable doormat.

You can also find interchangeable decorations that include options for special holidays throughout the year to get even more variety out of it.

If you like to see big changes in your home each season, make sure to only have a few interchangeable decorations on display to leave you some breathing room for new decorations.

4-Pc. Interchangeable Welcome Home Sign

Bring Harvest Scents Into Each Room To Bring Fall To Life

Holiday Diffusers with Fragrance Oils

Aside from the visual elements of these fall decorating ideas, you can also fulfill the fall aesthetic with the use of scents!

Using scented candles, essential oil diffusers, room sprays and more can give you the full effect of a fall themed home.

There are many scents that can work in the fall time, but these are some of the common ones that work for this time of year:

  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Apple/Apple Cider
  • Cedarwood
  • Bonfire
  • Sandalwood
  • Brown Sugar Vanilla

Holiday Diffusers with Fragrance Oils

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