7 Christmas Decorating Ideas For Your Kitchen

Spreading Christmas cheer throughout your home can be made fun and simple with some decorations in every room! Turn your kitchen into a Christmas wonderland with the help of festive decor such as string lights, greenery, holiday sentiment accents, and much more. Here are 7 Christmas decorating ideas for your kitchen.

1. Decorate Your Kitchen Table With Christmas Themed Linens & More

Christmas Kitchen Table Runner

The first step of decorating your kitchen for Christmas is transforming your kitchen table into a full holiday spread. This can be made easy with the help of some linens and some simple tabletop accents!

Start with your table linens. Set up a Christmas themed table runner or tablecloth to keep up all holiday season. This tablecloth or runner can be a solid red or green color, or it can contain Christmas symbols such as Santa, reindeer, elves, or Christmas trees. You can also do the same with place mats set up at each seat; make sure you coordinate the mats with your other linens.

Then, decorate the rest of your table with fun and festive accents. Set up a unique centerpiece by displaying some pine cones or greenery in a decorative bowl, or setting up a shallow wooden box with some string lights inside. You can also add some Christmas candles to the table as well as character figurines and some holiday mugs for display.

2. Display Christmas Themed Dishes On Kitchen Shelves

Christmas Themed Dishes On Shelves

Use your kitchen shelves to your advantage and create a full fledged Christmas display for all to see! Set up your shelves with Christmas themed plates and other dishes to make your space look extra festive and cheerful.

Whether you have floating shelves or a kitchen shelf wall unit, you can showcase holiday plates on stands alongside other decorative dishes such as Christmas themed bowls, trays, and canisters. You can even use some of these as functional pieces while they’re being displayed as decorations.

Feel free to mix in some other decorations on the shelves as well, such as candles, Santa figurines, small Christmas plants and flowers, and any other accents that match the color scheme. Filling your shelves up will create a stunning visual scene.

3. Hang Up Christmas Greenery & Lights In Your Kitchen

Christmas Kitchen Greenery And String Lights

A common element of Christmas decorations is greenery and string lights, inspired by the classic Christmas tree. Incorporate these elements into your kitchen this Christmas season for an authentic holiday look.

Start with some Christmas pine garlands. You can string these across the tops of your cabinets, across your kitchen island, across the walls, or even on the counters. Accent the garlands with some ball ornaments for an extra jolly look. Then, bring in some Christmas wreaths to hang up on the wall or hang up on cabinet door handles.

Finally, bring in the magical string lights! Spread the string lights across your backsplash for a festive display, hang them on the walls for a bright look, or hang them down from the ceiling above your kitchen island for a fun alternative. The more string lights you bring into the room, the more magical of a space you can create.

4. Put Up A Christmas Tree In The Kitchen For A Festive Space

Christmas Tree In Kitchen

Christmas trees can fit into a kitchen nicely and can make the room feel extra special for the holiday season. Bring in a smaller sized tree to decorate your kitchen with Christmas cheer!

Set up your tree near your kitchen table, in the corner, next to the kitchen island, or anywhere to fill in an open space. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may want to use a smaller sized tree and save your big tree for your living room or other are of your home.

Decorate your tree with a theme that matches your other Christmas decor in the kitchen. This can be a classic Christmas theme, a winter wonderland theme, a country Christmas theme, or any other style you desire. A themed tree will make the space feel more organized and aesthetically pleasing; however, if you want it to look more creative, feel free to decorate with a variety of ornaments instead.

5. Set Up A Hot Cocoa Bar In Your Christmas Themed Kitchen

Hot Cocoa Bar In Kitchen

Since you’re decorating your kitchen for Christmas, why not tie together food with decorations? Set up a hot cocoa bar for the Christmas season to make the room fun for you and your family! This can be displayed on any counter in your kitchen, or you can bring in a separate table to set up the bar on.

How To Set Up A Hot Cocoa Bar

  1. Start by choosing containers to hold all the ingredients. Clear glass jar containers will look more elegant and organized; however, Christmas themed canisters will make it look more fun and festive.
  2. Next, fill your containers with all the hot cocoa essentials: cocoa powder, mini marshmallows, peppermint sticks, cookies, mixing straws, and anything else you want to add.
  3. Then, put your favorite Christmas mugs on display by setting them up on a themed mat, or hanging them from hooks on the wall.
  4. Finally, add some extra decorations such as candles, decorative branches, and holiday figurines to complete the look.

6. Use Christmas Themed Kitchen Towels For A Decorative Display

Merry Christmas Kitchen Towel

An easy way to switch up your kitchen for the holiday season is to swap your current hand towels for Christmas themed ones. This will allow for an instant transformation and can help you decide the overall holiday theme of your kitchen.

If you don’t have any other Christmas decorations up yet in your kitchen, starting with the hand towels can help you set up the scene. For instance, if you choose Christmas sentiment towels, you can incorporate other sentiments throughout the kitchen through wall art and more. If you choose solid colored towels, you have more flexibility in decorating the rest of the room.

If you already decorated the rest of your kitchen, then you can easily choose hand towels that coordinate with the rest of the decor. Try to match the towels with any Christmas canisters you have on the counters or other tabletop accents to tie the look together.

7. Display Christmas Sentiment Rugs & Wall Art In The Kitchen

Christmas Rug

Wall art and rugs can make the kitchen feel more complete and fully decorated. Fill your kitchen with theme rugs and wall hanging this Christmas to create a festive display!

Start with your rugs. A simple rug near your sink is a great place to start – use a Christmas sentiment rug here or a Christmas patterned rug depending on the look you’re going for. You can also incorporate a runner in another area of your kitchen if you have a lot of open floor space. These holiday rugs don’t necessarily need to match but they should coordinate when it comes to color scheme.

Then, add some festive wall hangings throughout your kitchen. You can hang these up on any empty wall space that you have or you can set up a gallery wall if you have one empty wall in your kitchen. Hang up wall art that includes characters such as Santa and reindeer, sentiments such as “joy to the world”, or “merry and bright”, and patterns such as buffalo plaid or red and green stripes.

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