How To Make Your Home Warm & Cozy In The Cooler Months

As the temperature outside drops, you want to make adjustments to your home to stay warm and comfortable inside. From quick tips to warm yourself up to easy tricks that help you save money on your utility bill, here is how to make your home warm and cozy in the cooler months.

Bring Out The Warm Blankets & Bedding When The Temperature Starts To Drop

How To Keep Your Home Warm & Cozy - Add Extra Blankets To Your Bed

As soon as the cold weather starts to hit, change your bedding to prepare yourself for the winter. Warm blankets and thicker bedding will help you stay warm all season long!

Swap out your comforter for a thicker and warmer one and replace your sheets with flannel or heavier cotton sheets. Make sure to add some extra blankets as well to stay calm on colder nights. Find throw blankets made of faux fur and wool for the ultimate warmth and coziness.

In addition to getting your bed set up for the colder months, also make sure to add pillows and throw blankets to almost every room in your house for a quick and convenient way to get warm whenever you need to. Add extra throws to your couch, drape a blanket over a kitchen chair, or keep a basket of blankets in various areas of your home.

Swap Your Current Window Coverings For Energy Efficient Thermal Curtains

How To Keep Your Home Warm & Cozy - Use Thermal Window Curtains

If you want to save money on your utility bill in the fall and winter, it can be well worth it to invest in some energy efficient thermal window curtains.

Not only do these type of curtains block out bright light, but they also block the cold air from seeping into your home, thanks to their insulated design. Luckily these types of curtains come in all types of colors and designs to fit in nicely with your current home decor.

You can hang up thermal window curtains on all your windows; however, if you want to keep it more simple, stick to your biggest windows. Hang them up on your sliding patio door, on any large windows, and in your bedroom to keep your sleeping space warm.

Make Some Quick & Easy Fixes Around Your Home To Get It Ready For Winter

How To Keep Your Home Warm & Cozy - Change Your Furnace Filter More Often

Another great way to save money while staying warm and cozy in the cooler months is to do some simple fixes and changes around your home. These fixes are easy for anyone to do and can make a huge difference in your home as fall and winter arrive.

  • Keep the cold air outside with door draft stoppers. Using a door draft stopper or door snake can help you seal the bottom crack below your door, keeping the cold air away. Place these on all of your doors that lead outside to keep your house warmer.
  • Change your ceiling fans to turn clockwise. It may seem counterintuitive to use your fan when it’s cold outside; however, using it clockwise can help pull the cold air up towards the ceiling. This will then push the warmer air down into the room.
  • Change your furnace filter more often than normal. Typically, you should change your filter every few months, but in the winter you should change in monthly. This is because you’re completely relying on your heat during the cold months so you want to take precautions to keep your system working properly.

Fill Your Home With Candles For A Warm & Relaxing Space During The Cold Weather Months

Add More Candles To Your Home

To save money on your heating bill, you have to find some alternative ways to quickly warm up a room. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can easily add some warmth to any room by using a variety of candles.

Light some candles around the room while you’re sitting down and relaxing. Pick some that are scented for an added touch of comfort. Candles such as cinnamon, lavender, amber, cedarwood, and vanilla can give you that extra warm feeling while giving your home a pleasant scent. You can also used lighted decorations to complement the warm mood!

Of course, be sure to take some safety measures when lighting multiple candles in your home. Make sure to not leave candles lit if you’re not in the room and don’t leave them lit overnight.

Warm Yourself Up With Layers Before Turning Up The Heat To Save Money

Wrap Yourself In Blankets To Save On Heating Costs

While you may be tempted to continuously turn up the heat when you get cold in your house, you may want to take some extra steps before doing so. This will help you save money on your heating bill throughout the season.

When you start to feel cold in your house, warm up your body first before trying to warm up the whole house. Layer up with a sweater or sweatshirt, wear fuzzy slippers, and wrap yourself in a blanket. Warming yourself up first will allow you to keep your heat on a lower temperature until it’s absolutely necessary to turn it up.

You can also keep your heat on a lower temperature overnight because you can stay warm while sleeping with extra blankets and layers. Be smart about using your heat and spend money wisely on your utilities during the fall and winter months.

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