Christmas Gifts 2020: Secret Santa Ideas For Coworkers

When it comes to secret Santa in the workplace, you’ll either pick someone you know pretty well or you’ll pick an acquaintance. No matter who you choose, you don’t have to spend a fortune to give someone a nice holiday gift. You can easily find the perfect Christmas present for anyone thanks to Lakeside’s large selection of affordable gifts! Here are secret Santa ideas for coworkers that they’ll love receiving for Christmas 2020.

Food Gifts That Anyone Will Love This Christmas

secret santa ideas for coworkers - Bread-Dipping Seasonings and Dishes
secret santa ideas for coworkers - 24-Pc. Old Fashioned Candy Sticks in Tin
secret santa ideas for coworkers - Vintage-Inspired Holiday Chocolate Gift Boxes

Food gifts are a great go-to when it comes to secret Santa ideas for coworkers. This works especially nicely if you don’t know the recipient very well; candy and food sets are universally enjoyed!

Christmas and holiday themed candies and treats are the easiest choice for food gifts. These can be a nice mix of festive and thoughtful, while pertaining to almost anyone’s interests. Whether it’s an assortment of chocolates in a Christmas box, a nicely wrapped tin canister of candy canes, or holiday icon cookies, they’ll appreciate the fun gift.

In addition to candies and treats, you can also give them savory food gifts for Christmas. Many times, you can find prepackaged gift sets of savory foods that make wonderful holiday gifts for anyone. You can also put together your own (learn how to make a Christmas gift basket). Here are some savory food gift ideas for inspiration:

  • Olive oil set with homemade bread
  • Italian gift basket with pasta and jars of sauce
  • Popcorn themed basket with kernels and variety of popcorn seasonings
  • Hot sauce variety gift set
  • Savory gourmet dip mixes with a festive serving bowl
  • Gourmet cheese and crackers gift basket

Mugs & Tumblers Your Coworkers Will Appreciate

secret santa ideas for coworkers - 20-Oz. Sentiment Belly Mugs
secret santa ideas for coworkers - Personalized Stainless Steel Tumblers
secret santa ideas for coworkers - Vintage Holiday Mugs

Mugs and tumblers are useful secret Santa ideas for coworkers because these are items they can use on a daily basis in the office. They can use these for coffee or tea, and they can even use a tumbler as their daily water bottle. Everyone is sure to get a lot of use out of these items.

If you know your coworker pretty well, give them a mug or tumbler that matches their interests or hobbies. This can range from a themed mug that relates to their favorite TV show or a mug shaped like their favorite animal. For coworkers who are more of acquaintances, consider giving them a mug or tumbler with their name or monogram on it as a thoughtful touch.

While a tumbler or mug can make nice gifts on their own, you can make them feel even more put together by filling them up with other small gifts and treats. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • Place a bunch of coffee sampler bags, tea bags, or hot cocoa mixes inside of a mug
  • Fill a tumbler up with chocolates and candies
  • Add some nice pens and office supplies into a water bottle
  • Place some chocolate mixing spoons and peppermint sticks into a mug
  • Put a gift card inside of a mug or tumbler

Office Supplies & Items Your Coworker Can Use At Their Desk

Chic File Organizers
Go Fan™ Cordless Rechargeable Fan
World's Smallest Novelty Blower

Office supplies can be some of the most simple secret Santa ideas for coworkers you don’t know that well. Whether it’s a desk organizer, tabletop decoration, or computer accessory, these gifts are useful and practical for anyone in your office.

Take note of what your coworker may need for their desk or the types of items they like to keep on their desk. If you aren’t sure of specific things they might like, try to stay more general. However, if you know their interests, you can choose a theme that they’re into.

Office Gift Ideas For Coworkers

  • Organizers: portable file organizers, letter trays, themed pencil cups, or other desktop storage solutions
  • Electronics & Gadgets: desktop fans and heaters, charging station, laptop and computer accessories, or wireless headphones
  • Office Supplies: themed notebooks and planners, a nice set of pens, and a colorful or themed set of supplies (i.e. tape dispenser, stapler, and sticky notes)
  • Desk Decorations: fun accents, stress balls, desktop calendars, faux plants or flowers, or mini desk games

Candles & Essential Oils That Everyone Will Enjoy This Christmas

18-Oz. Timberwick™ Holiday Jar Candles
Fireplace Tart Warmer or Tarts
Holiday Diffusers with Fragrance Oils

If you’re looking for even more general gifts to give to your coworker for Christmas, candles, essential oils, and other scented items can be great choices. While you may not know what their favorite scent is, holiday scents and generally popular scents are always a nice go-to!

Holiday scents can include things such as peppermint, cinnamon, pine, gingerbread, chai, and anything warm and cozy. If you want to give them something with a popular scent to play it safe, opt for lavender, vanilla, citrus, or any floral scents.

Here are some candle and scented gift ideas you can give to your coworkers:

  • Christmas themed jar candles
  • Holiday scented tarts with a tart warmer
  • Festive themed essential oil diffuser with set of oils
  • Scented candles with decorative candle holders
  • Set of decorative LED candles

Looking for more secret Santa ideas for coworkers? Visit our Holiday Headquarters to find affordable gifts for everyone on your list, plus Christmas decoration inspiration and much more!

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