9 Affordable Easter Basket Stuffers Anyone Will Love

Easter is coming up soon, which means it’s time to plan your Easter baskets! Make the holiday fun for both kids and adults with activities, accessories, decorations, food, treats, and much more. If you want to fill an Easter basket without spending too much money, Lakeside has everything you need to have a celebration on a budget. Whether you’re looking for some finishing touches for your Easter baskets or if you’re looking for a starting point, here are 9 affordable Easter basket stuffers anyone will love to receive this spring.

Easter Basket Stuffers For Kids

Easter baskets are especially fun for kids; fill their baskets with things that they’ll love! Instead of just candy, you can easily give them activities, toys, and other exciting items that won’t break the bank. You can create a specific theme for the kids’ Easter baskets or you can give them a mix of everything. Start off with a personalized Easter basket with their name on it, or put their gifts in another cute basket that they can use in their bedroom.

There are so many different affordable Easter basket stuffers for kids; sometimes you just have to be creative and think about the smaller things that they’ll enjoy! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to fill up an Easter basket that kids of any age will love. Check out our top three picks for Lakeside’s Easter basket stuffers for kids below.

Hatch and Grow Kit in a Tin

Affordable Easter Basket Stuffers - Hatch and Grow Kit in a Tin

Match the theme of Easter perfectly with these Hatch and Grow eggs that are exciting to play with!

Place these eggs in water to see them magically “hatch” and reveal a fun little creature. The kids will love the hidden toy inside of the egg.

Choose from the Dino Eggs or Unicorn Eggs. These can be added to the Easter basket with other dinosaur or unicorn themed toys!

2021 Guinness World Records

Affordable Easter Basket Stuffers - 2021 Guinness World Records Book

The 2021 Guinness World Records Book is the perfect basket stuffer for older kids who enjoy reading!

Filled with facts, figured, and stories of the latest record breakers in the world, this book is a real page turner. It even has an Augmented Reality feature!

This book is a great addition to an Easter basket with other books or other fact and science themed kids items.

Crayola™ Lip Balm Set

Affordable Easter Basket Stuffers - Crayola™ Lip Balm Set

Add some extra cheerful colors to their Easter basket with this Crayola Lip Balm Set!

The set comes with four different lip balms in different colors and flavors including strawberry, cotton candy, apple, and blueberry.

Place this in their Easter basket with other kids makeup and fashion items such as nail polish, a cute t-shirt, and a jewelry making kit.

Easter Basket Stuffers For Adults

Easter baskets don’t just have to be for kids – adults love getting baskets too! While adults love candy just as much as kids do, you can also get a little more creative with their Easter basket stuffers. Small accessories, decorations, useful items, and thoughtful trinkets are all great ideas that any adult will appreciate. Making sure everyone has a basket will give you an extra fun way to celebrate Easter together as a family.

Luckily you don’t have to spend too much to put together a nice Easter basket for an adult. Whether you want to create a specific Easter themed basket or fill it up with other items they can use in their daily life, we’ve got you covered. These are a few of our picks for Easter basket stuffers for adults from Lakeside’s gift section.

Inspirational Zipper ID Wallets

Affordable Easter Basket Stuffers - Women's Inspirational Zipper ID Wallets

A mix of useful and motivational, these Inspirational Zipper ID Wallets are sure to be a hit!

These cute zipper wallets each feature an inspirational sentiment with a beautiful floral design. Any woman will love using this on a daily basis.

Put one of these wallets in a fashion themed basket with other similar items such as a small purse, accessories, and a jewelry holder.

NFL Bottle Banks

Affordable Easter Basket Stuffers - NFL Bottle Banks

Football fans will be excited to get one of these NFL Bottle Banks inside of their Easter basket!

The bottles are perfect for holding their extra change or even for saving up for a future NFL game. Pick their favorite team to get them excited about their gift.

Create a whole football themed Easter basket with a bottle bank and other small NFL items like socks, a hat, a book, and more!

Easter Tapestry Throw Blanket

Affordable Easter Basket Stuffers - Easter Tapestry Throw Blanket

Brighten their day with this adorable Easter Tapestry Throw Blanket in their basket!

The blanket features a cute bunny behind with the words “happy Easter” complete with colorful eggs. They can display this on the couch or bed for extra coziness.

Combine this blanket with other spring decor in the basket like a small flower vase, spring themed tabletop accents, and garden decorations!

Easter Basket Stuffers: Food & Treats

Candy and treats are a staple of Easter basket whether you’re a kid or an adult! But why limit it to just candy and sweets? Including other fun food gifts inside of their baskets to make it even more exciting and unexpected. This is a great idea for people of all ages; however, adults will especially enjoy it! Whether it’s a sampler set of sauces, a set of coffee or tea, or a food mix kit, they’ll love getting a unique gift.

Fill an Easter basket with food items doesn’t need to be costly. Small sampler sets and other simple items can be both affordable and satisfactory. Here is our selection of top three Lakeside food products to use for affordable Easter basket stuffers.

4-Pc. Food Truck Hot Sauce Gift Set

4-Pc. Food Truck Hot Sauce Gift Sets

Spice lovers will be thrilled to get a 4-Pc. Food Truck Hot Sauce Gift Set in their Easter basket!

The set includes Smoky Bourbon Pepper, Mexican Style, Lava Flow Red Hot Sauce, and Fiery Diablo. They’ll enjoy the variety and will be excited to give them a try!

Create a spice themed Easter basket with these hot sauces, some spicy candies, spicy cooking rubs, and some hot salsa and chips.

Jelly Belly® Assorted Flavor Easter Gift Boxes

Jelly Belly® Assorted Flavor Easter Gift Boxes

These Jelly Belly Assorted Flavor Easter Gift Boxes are a popular Easter treat that anyone will love!

Choose from a 10-flavor box or a 20-flavor box, both packed with fruity, sweet, refreshing, and unique flavors. They come in a cute gift box ready to give to anyone.

Put these in an Easter basket filled with other sweets such as marshmallows, a chocolate Easter bunny, along with a sweet and savory popcorn mix.

Gourmet Dip Gift Sets or Set of 3 Savory Dips

Gourmet Dip Gift Sets or Set of 3 Savory Dips

Anyone who loves cooking will love getting a Gourmet Dip Gift Set in their Easter basket!

The gift sets include a dip mix, a whisk, and a bowl to conveniently use together. Choose from the Spinach Dip Mix, Vegetable Dip Mix, or the Artichoke Parmesan Mix.

Place this gift set in a basket with relevant food items such as chips and crackers, along with other food mixes or even with some cocktail mixes!

Looking for even more affordable Easter basket stuffers? Shop our selection of Easter Decor & More to find basket stuffers for everyone, along with Easter and spring decorations for your home and garden!

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