Budget Decor Hacks: Make Your Space Look Elegant For Less

An elegant home can give off a welcoming, calming, and fresh feeling. Luckily, you don’t always have to spend a fortune to make your space look upscale. You can easily incorporate small elements throughout your home to give off the illusion of an expensive space. Whether you want a full home makeover or a simple and quick upgrade, there are many steps you can take to stay within your budget. Here are some budget decor hacks on how to make your space look elegant for less.

Add Pillows & Cozy Elements To Make Your Space Look Elegant For Cheap

Make Your Space Look Elegant For Less - add throw pillows to your bed and couch

A big part of creating an elegant decor style is having a surplus amount of coziness and comfort. Adding some simple cozy elements to each room can help you upgrade your space without spending too much money. Find areas of your home that could use a touch of comfort and bring in accents accordingly.

Throw pillows and blankets are the easiest go-to cozy accents to add to your home. Displaying a lot of throw pillows on your couch and bed is a great way to make your home look more upscale. Pillows can transform a simple couch into a luxurious seating area with a simple trick of the eye. Throw blankets can also add to this upscale look by bringing in some extra warmth and softness. Additionally, you can also bring in other fabrics to amplify the coziness even more. This can include rugs, curtains, and even fabric wall hangings.

Elegant Home Decor Fabrics To Use

  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Voile
  • Cashmere
  • Faux fur
  • Lace
  • Velvet

Create Simple Decorative Accent Displays For An Easy Luxe Look

Make Your Space Look Elegant For Less - decorative accent display

Sometimes you only need a small touch to get the elegant look in your home, especially when you’re on a budget. The simple addition of decorative accents can amplify any room in your house, as long as you put some thought and strategy into the layout. Creating smart decorative displays can help you transform your home into a luxury space.

Tabletop accents are a great way to make your space come alive and amplify your decor style. For an elegant look, consider all silver accents or all gold. You’ll also generally want to bring in some metallic decorations for an upscale appearance. You can bring in some small pops of color, but generally the elegant style is made up of neutrals. There are endless possibilities for decorative accents – if you aren’t sure where to begin, check out some ideas below to get started.

Elegant Decorative Accent Ideas

  • Candles: These are always a perfect go-to accent for any room. Use white pillar candles in a variety of sizes to create a display on any table or on the mantel.
  • Vases: You can use vases in a variety of ways for your elegant decor spread. Use a clear glass vase to display fresh flowers, a metallic vase as a table centerpiece, or even an extra large vase to display on the floor in the corner of a room.
  • Statues: Artsy statues make great accent pieces for an elegant style room.
  • Framed Wall Art: Adding a frame to any artwork can instantly make it look more luxurious and elegant. Consider gold frames for an even fancier look.
  • Mirrors: Making a room look bigger is another way to add some affordable elegance. Mirrors can give the illusion of a bigger space – use wall mirrors, mirrored trays, and other mirrored tabletop accents.

Use White Towels To Give Your Space An Upgraded Look

Make Your Space Look Elegant For Less - use white towels

Most spas and hotels have white towels for a luxurious look. The color white tends to give off elegant vibes because of it’s simplicity along with its calming effect. Whether you currently have mix of towels in your bathroom or if you just need an upgrade, using white towels is a great way to make your home elegant on a budget.

Bring in a full set of white bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths to display in your bathroom. Make sure to display them nicely on your towel racks to elevate their appearance even more. Seek out some towel folding technique to find new ways to show off your towels. A simple change in your towel folding technique can make all the difference in the overall style of your bathroom. For instance, you can showcase your white towels in a similar style to a hotel room bathroom for a true upscale look.

If you don’t want to use white towels, you can also give the elegant appearance with any plush towels in neutral colors. When paired with other nice decorative accents in the room such as white pillar candles, a mirrored tray, an elegant bath rug, and fresh flowers these plush towels will make the room feel complete.

Display Long Curtains For The Illusion Of Higher Ceilings

Ceiling to floor window curtains

When you think of an elegant space, you probably picture high ceilings and very spacious rooms. Luckily, you don’t actually need to have a tall room to give off the feeling of a large elegant space. You can easily create the illusion of tall ceilings with some simple tips and tricks to give your home an elegant touch without going over your budget.

The best way to create this illusion is to use long curtains, especially in your living room. Check out some simple steps below on how to display curtains to give the illusion of tall ceilings and the appearance of an elegant space.

How To Display Curtains To Give The Illusion Of Tall Ceilings

  • Hang curtains starting from the ceiling. Ignoring the top of your windows and going higher up instead will instantly create a taller looking space.
  • Make sure to use curtains that hang all the way down to the floor. Floor length curtains not only look more upscale than shorter ones, but they also add to the illusion of extra room height.
  • Use solid colored blackout curtains to continue to look of a spacious and elegant room. These types of curtains will help you cover up your windows at night to further provide the illusion of tall ceilings.

Update Your Lighting To Make Your Space Look Elegant

Chandelier in elegant bedroom

Lastly, another way to make your space look elegant for less is to make some upgrades to your lighting. Lighting is a huge part of any room because it sets the tone and overall mood of a space. Some simple changes to the lighting in your home can make a big difference and can help you transform your home into a luxurious style for cheap.

Lighting Update Ideas For An Elegant Home

  • Upgrade your ceiling light fixtures in your bedroom, kitchen, and other areas. Chandeliers are always a great choice for a luxe look; however, any modern lighting fixtures will work for your elegant space.
  • Swap out your lampshades for a cheap upgrade. Instead of buying brand new lamps, simply get new lampshades to reflect a more elegant appearance.
  • Add wall sconces to your bathroom. Some simple lighted sconces on each side of your bathroom mirror can give the room an instant upgrade.
  • Use LED candles for some decorative lighting in your living room. White pillar candles work best for the elegant look.
  • Install a lighted mirror in your bathroom. This can give off a similar appearance to a fancy hotel bathroom.

Ready to start decorating your elegant space? Check out our selection of Home Decor to get started! Find decorative accents, window curtains, rugs, home collections, and much more to transform your space for less.

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