7 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas To Make On A Budget

The best Christmas gifts are the ones that are thoughtful and meaningful. During the holiday season, give someone a handmade gift that they’ll love and appreciate. People enjoy homemade gifts because they can tell how much care and thought you put into it. DIY gifts are also a great choice if you’re on a limited holiday spending budget; you can make something wonderful even with a small budget. If you need some holiday inspiration, check out these 7 DIY Christmas gift ideas to make on a budget.

1. Put Together A DIY Gift Basket Of Christmas Treats

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas - Gift Basket

Gift baskets are a great idea for creating a DIY Christmas gift. There are so many different things you can create within a gift basket; the possibilities are endless. One of the best DIY gift baskets to give someone for Christmas is one filled with homemade treats and baked goods. Everyone loves a sweet treat during the holidays, so give them

Create a theme within your DIY treat basket to make it look extra festive. For instance, you can bake a bunch of Santa and elf cookies for a fun look. You can also create a chocolate filled basket with chocolate cookies, homemade truffles, and chocolate cake. There are so many different types of treats and sweets that you can bake for a beautiful gift basket. Use a Christmas themed basket and tie it all together with red and green ribbons for an extra cheerful appearance.

Other DIY Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

  • Make some DIY bath bombs for a spa themed basket.
  • Put together a gift basket filled with homemade appetizers and other food gifts (this is a great hostess gift).
  • Craft some ornaments and Christmas themed decor for a gift basket.
  • Fill a gift basket with drawings, letters, and other sentimental handmade gifts.
  • Create a “dollar store” gift basket filled with fun trinkets to match your budget (this is a great gift for kids).
  • Build a basket filled with photo gifts, such as a handmade scrapbook or collage.

2. Give A DIY Spa Gift With Handmade Soaps & More

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas - Spa Gift

This DIY Christmas gift idea is perfect for anyone who needs to relax or de-stress. Handmade spa items can make wonderful gifts, especially when presented in a gift basket or box. Make a variety of beauty and spa items to give someone a full festive gift, or DIY a special beauty item to place in someone’s stocking. Either way, they’ll appreciate this handmade gift.

DIY Spa Gift Ideas

There are so many different types of spa and beauty items that you can make at home. Surprisingly, these spa items are fairly easy to make and they can look incredibly beautiful when presented as gifts. You can find many DIY guides online for creating any type of beauty item that you want. Make something nice for someone this Christmas that they’ll appreciate. Check out some ideas below for homemade beauty gifts to make for Christmas gifts this holiday season.

  • Bar soaps
  • Body scrub
  • Lotions
  • Bath bombs
  • Beauty face masks
  • Lip balms

3. Knit A Sweater Or Scarf For A DIY Christmas Gift

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas - Knitted Sweater

There’s nothing more perfect for the chilly winter season than a cozy handmade sweater or scarf. This DIY Christmas gift idea is a special and thoughtful one that anyone will enjoy. Whether you’re a pro at knitting or are a beginner crafter, you can easily make some simple and beautiful gifts to give people this Christmas.

Christmas Gifts To Knit

There are so many different thing you can knit and create to give as Christmas gifts. You can knit a cozy winter clothing item, or you can even make something small such as a fabric coaster. No matter what you want to make, you can easily find instructions and tips online to create a wonderful holiday gift. Check out some ideas below for inspiration on what knitted gifts to make.

  • Sweater
  • Scarf
  • Knitted drink coasters
  • Winter hat
  • Blanket or pillow
  • Knitted wine bottle cover (to give with bottle of wine)
  • Slippers or socks

4. Give Someone A DIY Ornament For Christmas

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas - DIY Ornament

Another charming DIY Christmas gift to make and give this holiday season is a homemade ornament. Ornaments always make lovely gifts for anyone because it’s something they can cherish and hold on to for other Christmases to come. A DIY ornament is a great way to show just how much thought and care you put into their gift.

Make an ornament based on the recipient’s interests, hobbies, and favorite themes. For instance, if they like dogs, make them an ornament personalized with their dog’s name or picture on it. Find unique ways to make the ornament special for them to make the gift feel even more meaningful. There are so many different types of DIY ornaments that you can make. Check out some ideas below for inspiration.

DIY Christmas Ornament Gift Ideas

  • Paint a glass ornament
  • Make some Christmas character salt dough ornaments
  • Put together a glass snow globe ornament
  • Craft a cross stitch ornament
  • Use clay and paint to make a themed ornament
  • Craft a glitter or rhinestone ornament
  • Make a colorful wood sign ornament and personalize it with the recipient’s name

5. Make Some DIY Candles To Give As Christmas Gifts

Make Your Own Candle Gift

Candles always make nice Christmas gifts, especially if you’re shopping for someone you don’t know very well. A candle is always a safe choice that everyone will love. If you’re on a budget, creating a DIY candle is a nice way to save money and to put some extra thought and care into their gift. Give them a mix of DIY candles in a gift box for the ultimate holiday gift.

Best Scents To Use For DIY Candle Christmas Gifts

When choosing a scent for your DIY candle gift, you should take multiple things into consideration. First, think about cheerful holiday scents that match the Christmas season – this is a great go-to if you’re unsure of their favorite scent. Secondly, you should also think about scents that are calming and relaxing. These scents make for thoughtful gifts. Lastly, you should of course go for their favorite scent if you happen to know it. Check out some popular scent ideas below to get started.

  • Peppermint
  • Cinnamon
  • Pine
  • Citrus
  • Lavender
  • Vanilla
  • Coconut

6. Give Some Handmade Jewelry To Someone Special On Your Christmas List

Homemade Jewelry Gift

Jewelry is another thoughtful Christmas gift idea that any special person on your shopping list will love. However, jewelry can be quite expensive if you’re on a budget. Instead, craft your own jewelry to give as gifts. DIY jewelry can make for a unique and meaningful gift because you can easily make something to match their style.

Homemade Jewelry Gift Ideas

Even if you’re a beginner crafter, you can easily create a piece of jewelry that they’ll absolutely love. Keep their personal style in mind or give them something personalized that they’ll cherish. If you need some inspiration, check out some homemade jewelry gift ideas below to give this holiday season.

  • Make a birthstone necklace or bracelet
  • Use colorful beads to create jewelry
  • Craft a set of wire rings
  • Create some themed pins for the recipient to wear
  • Use resin to make earrings, a necklace, or bracelet
  • Make a homemade jewelry organizer
  • Create beautiful clay earrings

7. Give Someone A DIY Wreath Or Handmade Christmas Accent As A Gift

Handmade Christmas Wreath Gift

Lastly, another DIY Christmas gift to make this holiday season is a wreath or homemade holiday decoration. Christmas themed accents and Christmas wreaths can make beautiful gifts because it’s something they can display in their home for the rest of the holiday or winter season. They’ll appreciate receiving such a thoughtful and unique gift for Christmas.

Whether you’re a crafty person or just a beginner, you can create a nice wreath or Christmas accent that they’ll love. This can make a great gift for new homeowners, a hostess, or anyone else on your Christmas list this holiday season. Check out some DIY Christmas accent gift ideas below for inspiration.

DIY Christmas Accent Gift Ideas

  • Wreath or garland
  • Plaid pillows or stockings
  • Christmas lanterns
  • DIY Christmas picture frame
  • Holiday corkboard drink coasters
  • DIY Christmas tree centerpiece
  • Cross stitch Christmas wall hanging
  • Christmas themed flower vase

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