7 Easy Winter Porch Decorating Ideas

You can easily make your porch look nice in the wintertime, no matter how cold and snowy it gets. Find unique ways to warm up your space in style this winter season with Lakeside’s selection of outdoor decor and more. Whether you fill your porch with beautiful lights, add a cozy seating area, or decorate with some cute characters, you can create a wonderful winter porch that you’ll enjoy. If you need some inspiration, here are 7 easy winter porch decorating ideas to make your space feel extra magical and cheerful.

1. Add Some Cozy Throw Pillows To Your Winter Porch

A big part of making your winter porch feel homey and comfortable is adding some cozy elements. You want your winter porch to look cozy and warm all season long in order to fully enjoy your space.

Adding throw pillows to your porch seating area is one of the best ways to keep your space looking warm and welcoming during the chilly months. Use throw pillows with winter themes and characters to make the porch look extra stylish.

Other Seating Area Items To Add To Your Winter Porch

In addition to throw pillows, there are many other ways to make your winter porch seating feel comfortable and look stylish throughout the chilly season. Check out some other ideas below.

  • Throw blanket
  • Cozy seat cushions
  • Decorative side table
  • Storage bench
Lighted Seasonal Accent Pillows

Lighted Seasonal Accent Pillows

2. Decorate Your Winter Porch With Magical Lights

Another great way to liven up your porch for the winter season is to add beautiful string lights and lighted decor to your space. Lighted decorations can make your porch feel extra warm and magical.

String lights are a great go-to decorating idea for your winter porch because they’re incredibly versatile. Wrap them around your porch railings or hang them across the front of your porch.

Lighted Decor Ideas For Your Winter Porch

There are so many different ways to light up your porch for the winter season. Check out some solar and outdoor lighting ideas below for some magical inspiration.

  • Icicle string lights
  • Lighted door wreath
  • Light up throw pillows
  • LED doormat
  • Solar lighted statue
  • Lighted porch pathway yard stakes
8-Function Giant Icicle Light Sets

8-Function Giant Icicle Light Sets

3. Give Your Winter Porch Some Personality With A Character Accent

If you’re looking to make your porch charming and fun for the winter season, consider decorations with characters. Character decorations can instantly liven up your porch during this chilly time of year.

You can find so many different types of character decorations to add to your porch. Whether you showcase a friendly statue, a themed doormat, or a character door hanging, you can easily transform your space.

Character Accent Ideas For Your Winter Porch

There are so many different character that will look fun and friendly displayed on your porch. Check out some ideas below.

  • Snowman statue
  • Interchangeable gnome figure (with seasonal themes)
  • Polar bear themed decor
  • Deer accents
  • White owl decorations
  • Red cardinal figurines
Snowman with Solar Lantern

Snowman with Solar Lantern

4. Cozy Up Your Winter Porch With A Themed Doormat

A doormat is such an important centerpiece on your porch; choose a themed one to make your space look extra inviting for the winter season. Doormats also add a touch of coziness and warmth despite the chilly weather outside.

Find a snowman themed doormat for a friendly look, some snowflakes for a cute winter theme, or even a charming winter sentiment. You can then nicely match the rest of your porch decor to your doormat.

Cozy Winter Porch Decor Ideas

In addition to doormats, there are many other things you can add to your porch to make it feel warm, cozy, and welcoming. Check out some other cozy winter porch decor ideas below.

  • Fabric door wreath
  • Cheerful winter welcome sign
  • Fabric winter sentiment sign
  • Solar lanterns
  • Porch stair treads
Holiday Doormats

Holiday Doormats

5. Add A Charming Touch To Your Winter Porch With A Personalized Decoration

Personalized decorations can make your space feel like it’s truly your own. Add some personalized decorations to some of these other winter porch decorating ideas to make it look more special and inviting.

There are so many ways you can personalize a decoration for your home. Add your family name, your family monogram, a special message, or even each family member’s first name. No matter how you personalized it, you can make your space look unique.

Personalized Outdoor Decor Ideas

There are so many different personalized porch decorations you can add to your space. Check out some ideas below for ways to transform your porch.

  • Winter garden flag with family name
  • Personalized doormat with family monogram
  • Welcome door sign with family name
  • Personalized throw pillows with each family member’s name
  • Family monogram yard stakes
Personalized Winter Holiday Garden Flags

Personalized Winter Holiday Garden Flags

6. Include Snowman Decor On Your Winter Porch For A Cheerful Touch

Snowmen are the main characters of the winter season – why not showcase them on your porch! Decorate with snowman decor to make your porch look extra charming for the winter.

Feel free to create a full snowman theme in your outdoor space, or simply decorate with one snowman accent to stand out on your porch. Either way, you can create a space filled with personality.

Snowman Porch Decor Ideas

No matter what type of snowman theme you go for, there are so many different types of snowman decorations you can use on your porch. Check out some ideas below.

  • Snowman snow gauge
  • Decorative snowman stake lights
  • Snowman throw pillows
  • Doormat with snowman theme
  • Welcome sign with snowman design
  • Snowman statue
Snowman Snow Gauge

Snowman Snow Gauge

7. Use Artificial Plants & Flowers To Liven Up Your Winter Porch

Plants and flowers aren’t limited to the warm weather season! Decorate with artificial flowers and plants on your porch this winter to make your outdoor space look beautiful and fresh.

Whether you add some faux flowers or display an artificial tree, make sure to use a decorative planter to dress up your space even more. Use a winter themed planter or a lighted planter for a magical look.

Winter Porch Plant Decor Ideas

There are so many ways to incorporate artificial plants and flowers on your porch this winter. Check out some ideas below for inspiration.

  • Mini artificial Christmas tree
  • Faux poinsettia plants
  • Greenery wreath
  • Artificial white roses
  • Decorative lighted branches

Christmas Tree in Lighted Pot

Christmas Tree in Lighted Pot

Enjoy these easy winter porch decorating ideas? Find even more inspiration for the porch and more by checking out our entire Outdoor Decor section!

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