7 Outdoor Furniture Ideas For 2024

In order to create a comfortable outdoor space for the spring and summer, you have to include some relaxing furniture to amplify your outdoor experience. Outdoor furniture can come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and varieties. It’s important to find pieces that fit nicely into your space and match the style you want to achieve. If you’re looking for some new furniture for your porch, patio, or yard, Lakeside has you covered! From seating and tables to comfortable accents and more, here are 7 outdoor furniture ideas for 2021.

1. Use Hanging Chairs To Save Room In Small Outdoor Spaces

If you have a small porch or patio, it can sometimes be a challenge to create the perfect seating area due to limited space. However, with a little creativity, you can easily set up a comfy and enjoyable space!

Hanging chairs are great for small porches and patios because they give the illusion of more space while still allowing you to feel comfortable. There are many different types of hanging chairs and hanging seats. Here are some ideas for your space:

  • Hanging macramé chair
  • Hammock chair
  • Hanging porch swing
  • Rope/wicker hanging chair

Hanging chairs and seating can either be hung from a hook on a sturdy porch structure or can be hung from simple stands. Find a way to display it on your small porch or patio to use your space wisely. Typically, hanging it in the corner is a good way to keep your area feeling open and breezy.

Hammock Chair with Fringe Trim and Metal Hammock Stand

2. Add A Touch Of Charm With Mosaic Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to creating a beautiful outdoor relaxation area, you have to mix comfort and style. No matter what decor style you want to achieve, you can easily incorporate it with the help of decorative furniture.

Mosaic furniture can give any outdoor space a fresh, charming, and brand new look for the spring and summer seasons. If you’re looking to bring some decorative furniture into your space, consider mosaic!

The wonderful thing about mosaic furniture is that is comes in so many different colors and styles. Choose bright colors to add some vibrancy into your space, or select more neutral colors to blend into your current decor theme.

Add an elegant mosaic dining set to your patio or a small colorful mosaic side table to your porch. Take it a step further by adding some mosaic decorations to your outdoor space such as a mosaic yard stake, windchimes, or wall hangings.

Metal Mosaic Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture Ideas - Metal Mosaic Outdoor Furniture

3. Create A Relaxing Outdoor Space With Umbrellas & Awnings

If you’re looking for outdoor furniture ideas that amplify your relaxation and comfort, bringing out an umbrella or awning can be the perfect addition for you!

Umbrellas and awnings will not only protect you from the strong heat of the sun, but they can also give you a versatile, private, and decorative seating area in your outdoor space. You’ll want to spend all your time outside!

There are many different types of outdoor furniture that can give you sun protection and a sense of privacy in the comfort of your own yard. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Awning gazebo
  • Outdoor curtains
  • Table umbrella
  • Pop-up canopy
  • Pergola

Sunshade Awning Gazebo

4. Hang Curtains Outside For A Private & Peaceful Dining Area

Bringing indoor elements into your outdoor space is a huge trend that is relevant for spring and summer. Curtains are one of those elements that can transform your outdoor seating area and make your outdoor furniture even more enjoyable.

Outdoor curtains can do a lot for your outdoor dining table. They can block out the harsh sun, provide a sense of privacy from neighbors, keep bugs away, and overall make your space feel quiet, serene, and relaxing.

You can hang curtains in a variety of ways depending on the layout of your space. Here are two easy options for hanging outdoor curtains in your backyard space:

  • Use curtain rods on a solid patio structure
  • Secure curtains to a free-standing structure with anchors and steel wires

Outdoor Cabana Stripe or Solid Curtain

5. Use Colorful Cushions On Wicker Chairs To Combine Style With Comfort

When it comes to outdoor furniture ideas, there’s nothing quite like the classic wicker chair with cushions. Comfy and reliable, these chairs can look nice and stylish in any outdoor space.

Wicker chairs or a wicker bench can look nice displayed on your porch or patio with a small decorative side table. Whether you want a natural look with a brown wicker chair, a fresh look with a white wicker chair, or a sleek look with a black wicker chair, you can make it fit into your space.

Use cushions and throw pillows to add even more color and variety to your outdoor area. Add patterned cushions for a pop of unique style, or solid colors to match other decorations on your porch or patio.

Alternatively, you can also use stylish cushions to add extra comfort to almost any piece of furniture include metal seats, wooden benches, and hanging chairs. Adding that extra layer of coziness can make a huge different to your outdoor furniture.

2-Pc. Outdoor Seat Cushion Sets

2-Pc. Outdoor Seat Cushion Sets

6. Deck Your Outdoor Table Out With Themed Dining Accessories

Whether you do a lot of entertaining with backyard barbecues or if you just like to enjoy eating outside during the spring and summer, you can amplify your dining experience with your outdoor furniture layout.

Making your outdoor dining table look stylish and fresh can ultimately make your outdoor experience better. Use themed placemats, table runners, festive drinkware and dishes, and other items to brighten up your space.

Here are some theme ideas to decorate your outdoor dining table in the spring and summer:

  • Watermelons
  • Lemons
  • Butterflies
  • Florals
  • Bees

Summertime Serving Collection

7. Accent Your Outdoor Furniture With Decorative Patio Rugs

To create the ultimate space, it’s important to add as many comfortable elements as possible alongside your outdoor furniture. The more coziness you create, the more homey and relaxing it’ll feel.

An easy way to add some extra comfort to your outdoor furniture is to set up decorative rugs. Both stylish and comfy, outdoor rugs can be the perfect finishing touch to your patio or porch.

No matter what size your space is or what layout you want to achieve, you can easily add a rug to any outdoor area. Here are some ideas for add rugs to your outdoor space:

  • Add a large area rug under your outdoor dining table
  • Place a rug in front of a seating area with wicker chairs and a side table
  • Use a small outdoor rug outside your sliding patio door
  • Add a rug on your porch underneath a bench

Indoor/Outdoor Border Runner Rugs

Now that you’ve gathered some outdoor furniture ideas for 2021, check out our Garden & Outdoors section to get started on your space! Find stylish outdoor furniture, garden decorations, solar lighting, planters, and much more to make your outdoor space feel complete.

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