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Day Two of our Black Friday Deals reminds us what the holiday are all about — creating amazing memories with our friends and family. Preserve all your holiday photos and stay organized throughout the year with the 1,600-Photo Organizer Case. This durable case includes 16 acid-free photo cases that each hold up to one hundred 4″ x 6″ photos. The case has a sturdy handle for carrying and snap closures to keep photos secure. Make sure you’re dressed for holiday photos and the winter ahead with markdowns on apparel and more at Lakeside. And keep reading to learn holiday facts about Santa, stockings and the odd ugly sweater tradition.

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DAY TWO Holiday Fun Fact:

Christmas stockings are one of the oldest Christmas traditions, dating back to one of the most popular origin stories of Santa Claus almost 2,000 years ago. The story revolves around the Greek Bishop, Saint Nicholas. Even though the events in the story can’t be proven, it also offers insight into our tradition of gift giving during the holidays. Get the details and learn more about Santa hats, ugly sweaters and more in the article below.


Fun Holiday Fashion from Sweaters to Santa Hats
It doesn’t quite hold a candle to the costume craziness of Halloween, but the holidays do play host to a wide variety of unusual fashion trends. From the classic Santa hat to the strange tradition of ugly sweaters, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that the holiday season is the best time of year to play dress up. Get to know a little more about some of the Christmas attire you can’t help but wear with this fun holiday fashion overview.

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Fall Fashion Made Easy: How to Get the Look for Less

Fall-FashionAutumn’s crisp weather is a welcome change from summer’s heat, and fall fashion is equally refreshing after months of shorts and light T-shirts. Luxury is in style this season, but you don’t have to spend much; by borrowing these designer tips, you can get the look for less and still have cash left over for holiday shopping. Here’s what the runways had to offer and how you can stay in step with style without the couture cost.

Let your layers show
Layering helps you stay toasty on cool days and lets you take off a layer or two if the day should turn unseasonably warm, so it’s perfect for fall dressing. Designers are making inner layers that are intended to peek out at collars and cuffs, so feel free to wear a short knit top over a colorful tank. With visible layering, you want to show off pretty pieces instead of plain white T-shirts or thermal shirts — a look only worked in the days of grunge-inspired fashion. Instead, pick something colorful and fun such as these dotted  thermal lounge sets as your innermost layer

Hats are hot
It doesn’t matter whether you favor a chic cloche, a knit cap or a trim fedora, hats are back in a big way, possibly because of popular period dramas such as “Mad Men” and “Downton Abbey.” A trendy topper is also a great way to stay warm on blustery fall and winter days; most of your body heat is lost from your head and your feet, so wearing a hat will help you stay cozy throughout the season.

Don’t be afraid of color
Nature’s palette for fall is bold, and you should follow suit by wearing something lively. Color even works for the office if it’s in limited doses. A solid red pantsuit might be too much for the office, but a charcoal gray suit with a pop of apple red from a turtleneck looks gorgeous. Any bright, vibrant color is fall-friendly this season, but some of the hottest hues include fuchsia, plum, pumpkin orange and rich emerald green.

Fall in love with the 1980s all over again
Every era has its iconic fashion trends that come back, and this season, the new wave and new romantic looks of the 1980s have had a major influence on designers. Not everything from the decade is back, though, so choose carefully; while cowl necks, high-waisted jeans and oversized sweaters in soft pastels a la “Flashdance” are making a triumphant return, fingerless lace gloves in neon colors are still fashion outsiders. One look that exemplifies the trend of ’80s inspiration without being too literal is this cowl neck dress in a luxuriously soft cable knit.

Texture is strong for fall
Thicker, warmer fabrics have been in style every fall for decades, and this season is no exception. What’s new this year is the sophistication and polish of these textures. Velvet and velour wraps have an opulent quality that a chunky knit or thermal weave lacks. Satin and faux fur textures are also popular for fall.

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Top 5 Fashionable Teen Gifts for 2013

teen-giftsTeen trends can change from week to week, making it a challenge to find something that they’re sure to love. With appearance being very important to them, and their wanting to look their best, the following affordable fashion gifts are sure to “wow.”

1. Jewelry
A special keepsake such as jewelry makes the ideal gift for a teen. In addition to it being a special memento that they’re sure to remember for the rest of their life, they’ll adore the sparkly bling. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and earrings are all surefire gifts, and an online jeweler will have a wide selection of affordable options. An online jeweler is a great way to stay within your budget because they can offer affordable rates due to no overhead expense that a regular jeweler would have, thus creating opportunities for special online deals for consumers. Whether you choose cheap diamond rings, stone rings or a simple gold setting, you’ll want to keep your teen’s personality and tastes in mind when selecting your gift.

2. Handbag
Trendy handbags are another great gift idea for a teen. Whether you select a solid color bag with studs, a leopard print with unique chain, or a designer purse, she’ll love it because she can wear it with everything. No longer do you have to match your purse to your shoes. Today’s styles can be worn with everything and a flashy handbag can be a fun form of expression for them.

3. Designer Case for Phone or Tablet
Teens are never without their phone, eReader or tablet. Finding a decked out designer case to fit their electrical gadgets can complete their look, while protecting their valuables. The cases come in an assortment of colors and have studs, jewels and other unique ornamentation attached to them. Designer cases are also the rage and, depending on their favorites, you’re sure to find something that will make them squeal upon opening. You can even get it engraved with their name or special inscription.

4. Headphones
Listening to music or watching a movie on their laptop is a favorite amongst teens. However, today’s headphones have technology in mind and can often look out of place when worn. Headphone sets with a bit of bling make your music listening experience a dream instead of a fashion nightmare. There are a number of designer sets out there, but you can find more affordable options that look just as stylish.

5. Scarves
Accessorizing is important to your teen and a scarf can make a great gift idea. Scarves can complement any outfit and finish off your look whether you’re wearing shorts and a tank top or capris and a sweater. They also come in a wide selection of fabrics, colors, designs and styles. Teens also find a variety of uses for the wrap scarves, such as in their hair, around their neck, on their hip and looped through their jeans.

Teen girls are constantly up-to-date with the hottest trends and if you ask them what they want, they’re sure to tell you. Gift giving can be made easy by enlisting the help of an online jeweler and traversing fashion magazines for the latest styles.

Mother to 3 teens, Lisa Coleman writes to give some stylish but affordable ideas for gifts that any female teen would be sure to love. Super Jeweler is an affordable online jewelry store that offers a large variety of blingy items, from cheap diamond rings to a simple pair of earrings for the simplistic fashioned teen.

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Pick your Style Statement!

Oyster-and-pearlsNo matter what occasion it is, pearls will make you the talk of the party. It’s symbolic beauty and elegance is breath taking and empowers you to walk confidently.

Style is your statement or definition to define yourself. It is very important to wear or carry something to suit your whole personality or something you could carry well. It is helpful designers these days are educating what really goes awesome with their entire look and also help upgrade their aesthetics for further grooming. From clothing to jewelry, every single spec adds life to your look.

Pearls and Jewelry
Jewelry is one of the most eye-catching accessories among all. It enhances the entire glance of the charisma that you deliver. Pearls and jewelry walk hand in hand. Adornments with pearls give a very sophisticated and cherishing look to its design and help earn appreciation. Out of all kinds of jewelry, pearls stands high. It is astonishingly classy and gives a very elite look. A nice trendy accent with a Pearl Necklace Pendant is enough to catch the eyes of those around you. It is not only glamorous to carry simple and subtle pearls but it helps you gorgeously amazing. There are different styles in pearl necklaces like Bib Necklace, Rope, Collar, Matinee, Princess, Opera and Chokar etc. Each style is designed to bring versatility to necklace range. No matter what design you wear, pearls in them are enough to make others fall in love with it. Thus, it draws back attention to itself no matter what!!

Pearls are nature’s best gift for its women. It is a symbol of purity, grace and dignity present in different colors and sizes. With the growing demand of pearl jewelry, designers or pearl dealers have started harvesting them with great care and in depth knowledge, therefore known as ‘Organic Gems’. Artificially harvested gems are comparatively cheaper than those naturally found in ocean bed. HURRAY!! You don’t need to look desperate any more. Pearls like Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian Pearls are now available is very reasonable price range, color and sizes. Wear what you dreamt of and be the way you love.

Buying pearls is not an easy job. You need to have true knowledge and insight while actually going for pearls or else someone can take good use of your innocence. It’s best to approach for some of the trusted names for pearl jewelry. There are some renowned stores dealing in pearls since decades and delivers you the best of pearl jewelry at your door step. All you need to check their online gallery to pick the best of style, design and size when you are going to buy pearls.

Pearls are associated with motion, fluid or water energy. It is believed Pearls are best for those who are inclined towards water element. It goes well with young women or ladies who love to socialize regardless of what time they are hanging out. The best part about pearl accessories is that it has a pleasant room to accommodate any event type or hangouts. It’s simple but enriching, in short it’s the best among all jewelry lines.

Christy Reddy is an online blogger and passionate writer, she loves to discover more ways to describe her thoughts. She love to write on different industries topics especially for fashion industry.

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