Women’s Fall Fashion Tips: Get The Comfy Cozy Look

Fall fashion draws in warm colors, soft materials, and inviting patterns. While there are many ways to be stylish in fall, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to get a fashionable fall look.

The comfy cozy fall fashion look is an effortlessly chic style that keeps you feeling warm and relaxed. It is easy to adjust this style to be either casual or dressy due to the plethora of clothing combinations that you can wear.

If you’re interested in dressing in the comfy cozy style, this fall fashion guide will give you all the basics you need to get started!

Warm and Comfortable Outerwear

Jackets and outerwear are must-have clothing items for the fall to keep you warm, but stiff coats don’t have to be the only option. There are many types of fall outerwear that will keep you comfy cozy while you keep up with fashion trends.

The first thing to keep in mind when selecting a jacket is the type of material you’ll feel most comfortable in. While there are a lot of different fabrics out there, the coziest fabrics for fall include:

  • Sherpa and faux-fur
  • Fleece
  • Flannel
  • Wool

Additionally, other types of outerwear accessories can be paired with your jacket to look even more fashionable and stay extra warm on chilly days. Soft infinity scarves, knit beanies, and thin gloves look good with almost any type of jacket. You can have fun with the patterns of these accessories as long as they complement the color of the jacket.

Casual Fall Outerwear Tips

  • On a warmer fall day, cardigans, shawls, or wraps can replace jackets.
  • Beanies and knit hats can help you be both fashionable and warm in a casual way.

Dressy Fall Outerwear Tips

  • Silk scarves can look good with both your outfit and your jacket and will keep you comfortable.

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Snug Fall Sweaters and Cardigans

Sweaters are a fall fashion staple and they are one of the main elements of the comfy cozy style. You’ll definitely want to keep a collection of sweaters in your closet to combine with different outfits.

There are so many varieties of sweaters that match well with different pieces of clothing. Here are 10 styles of sweaters that you can incorporate into your comfy cozy fall outfits:

  1. Over-sized sweaters. These sweaters are extra comfortable because of the relaxed, loose fit. They tend to look best with leggings but they also go well with jeans, and sometimes tights, depending on the length.
  2. Knit sweaters. This type of sweater is very common and it is seen with both thin and thick fabrics, making the fashion possibilities endless. The visible stitching can make the simplest sweater look unique.
  3. Turtleneck sweaters. While the traditional turtleneck is pictured as a tight-fitting sleek black top, the turtleneck has now taken on many forms. From loose sweaters with turtlenecks, to thin ribbed sweaters with turtlenecks, this style can either be casual or dressy.
  4. Cotton pullover sweaters. Cotton pullovers are a shirt and sweater hybrid, making it the perfect top to wear on a casual day. They are usually comfortable enough to wear on a warm fall day due to their thinner material.
  5. Sweater dresses. Unlike over-sized sweaters, sweater dresses tend to have more of a shape to them. They can be dressed down by wearing them with sherpa-lined boots and a beanie, or they can be dressed up by wearing them with heeled boots and tights.
  6. Cashmere sweaters. These sweaters are soft and cozy and tend to work well with both casual and dressy outfits. They pair well with infinity scarves or long statement necklaces.
  7. Cardigans. There are so many types of cardigans including thin and flowy, cropped, long cable-knit, button-up, and thick wool. This allows for a lot of flexibility when putting together an outfit. Cardigans are ideal for layering in either a casual or dressy style.
  8. Poncho sweaters. Poncho sweaters are usually made with a wool fabric, making it a warm option for the chilly fall weather. However, its flowy design also makes it very comfortable to wear without feeling overheated.
  9. Printed or patterned sweaters. Sweaters with printed designs give you the opportunity to express your personal style. From symbols and shapes to quotes and phrases, you can show off your personality with different colors and styles.
  10. Tunic sweaters. Tunic sweaters have the similar flow and length of a traditional tunic shirt; however, their thicker material makes it more viable for fall weather. Tunic sweaters can be casual, but they can easily be dressed up.

Casual Fall Sweater Tips

  • Loose-fitting sweaters paired with leggings are the perfect cozy casual look.
  • Patterned cardigan sweaters paired with a plain shirt can be a unique way to let your personality shine.

Dressy Fall Sweater Tips

  • Form-fitting turtleneck sweaters tend to be more dressy and can be paired with skirts or dress pants.
  • Long tunic sweaters can be worn with black leggings and heeled boots for a dressy look.

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Cozy Pants and Leggings

Choosing the right pants is a crucial part of having a cozy style. While sleek and stiff dress pants can look fashionable, they take away from the comfortable aesthetic that you want to attain.

Leggings are great choice for comfy cozy fall fashion because they go well with many types of outfits and they come with various colors and playful patterns that can individualize your look and style. If you like the look of jeans but still want to feel comfy, opt for jeggings, which offer the jean look with a stretchier material.

Here are 3 specific legging outfit ideas that include fall colors:

Outfit 1:

  • Black leggings
  • Over-sized yellow knit sweater
  • Gray infinity scarf
  • Tall black boots with gray knit boot socks

Outfit 2:

  • Gray leggings
  • Long tan cardigan over a loose white t-shirt
  • Short brown boots

Outfit 3:

  • Jeggings (blue jean style)
  • Green cotton pullover sweater with pattern of choice
  • Tall brown boots

Casual Fall Pants Tips

  • You can get away with wearing sweatpants outside of your house if they are straight-legged.
  • Knit leggings are a cute and unique piece to add to your casual fall outfit and can be worn with a hoodie or long shirt.

Dressy Fall Pants Tips

  • Black leggings go with many dressy outfits including long tunic shirts and sweater dresses.
  • Loose flowing pants with a colored pattern can help you be more comfortable while still looking dressy.

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Comfy Fall Boots

Boots are a great way to show off your fashion sense and stay warm in the fall. A fall outfit would not be complete without a pair of stylish boots.

There are so many types of fall boots that you can wear with your outfits, but to achieve the comfy cozy look, the best types of boots to look for include:

  • Combat boots
  • Riding boots
  • Ankle boots
  • Fur-lined boots
  • Knit Boots

Combat boots and riding boots both look good with knit boot socks layered over the top opening of them. This adds even more to the comfy cozy flair and can pull together an outfit of a sweater with leggings.

Casual Fall Footwear Tips

  • Wear fur-lined boots with leggings and a soft sweater to feel extra cozy and warm.
  • Find boots with buckle accents but a simple zipper opening for an easy way to look stylish.

Dressy Fall Footwear Tips

  • Heeled boots can be comfortable if you choose a thick, square heel over a skinny one.
  • Any type of black boot is a good go-to for any neutral colored dressy outfit.

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