Plaid Home Decor For Every Room Of Your House

Plaid patterns radiate warmth and comfort and are typically seen in the fall and winter months. When many people think of plaid, their mind immediately goes to traditional flannel shirts and hats. But bringing that plaid pattern into your home can transform it into a calm and inviting environment.

You can choose to decorate your home in plaid patterns all year round, but it depends on the colors you choose, along with the specific decorations you display in your home. If you opt for a more discrete plaid look, you can easily combine it with other patterns and themes.

Plaid home decor can be incorporated into every room of your house. Through subtle accents, warm fabrics, natural colors, and a mix of symbols, you can develop a tasteful plaid theme throughout your house.

Use Plaid Bedding and Blankets for a Warm Bedroom

Your bedroom is a space that should be warm and cozy, especially in the colder months. Plaid patterns combined with thick and soft fabrics can add both comfort and style to your bedroom. Plaid bedding typically works best for a cabin themed bedroom due to its warm and natural aesthetic. With blankets, comforters, sheets, and pillows, you can easily incorporate plaid home decor into your bedroom.

Buffalo Plaid Sheet/Comforter Set

Buffalo plaid comforters sheets and pillows

These buffalo plaid sheets, comforter, and decorative pillows can make your bedroom feel like a cozy cabin in the woods.

This bedding matches well with wooden accents and wall art to give you a relaxing lodge theme.

Kodiak Sheet/Comforter Set

Brown plaid comforter with bear and tree pattern

This neutral colored bedding has patches of plaid patterns mixed with bear symbols to give you the ultimate lodge-inspired setting.

The rustic brown coloring of this bedspread will coordinate well with any wooden or woodland animal decor.

Tree Farm Comforter Set

Red country plaid comforter with christmas trees and trucks

The tree farm comforter set is a festive way to incorporate plaid home decor into your bedroom. Its bright colors will bring happiness and cheer to your room.

The trees and trucks tie in perfectly with the red plaid pattern to give you a country Christmas theme.

Fleece and Sherpa Lodge Throws

Plaid fleece and sherpa blanket with moose pattern

These big fleece and Sherpa throws will warm you up on chilly nights. Its woodland symbols make it perfect for a lodge themed bedroom.

With slight touches of plaid, this blanket is a subtle way to incorporate the pattern into your bedroom.

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Create a Plaid Accented Bathroom With Curtains To Feel at Home

Plaid patterns can make your bathroom feel more homey and personalized and it can add a unique touch to a plain space. You can use a wide range of plaid home decor to accent your bathroom; however, shower curtains, rugs, window hangings are the most ideal. Plaid works well in your bathroom for the fall and winter holidays, or it can work if you have a country theme.

Hearts and Stars Country Collection

Blue and white country plaid hearts and stars shower curtain

The hearts and stars theme collection features a blue plaid shower curtain, rug, and more to bring country charm to your bathroom.

Instead of the traditional red plaid, this bathroom collection switches up the colors to give you a different vibe and aesthetic.

Plaid Snowman Bathroom Collection

Snowman plaid shower curtain

This snowman bathroom collection will transform your bathroom into a rustic winter wonderland. The warm plaid contrasts well with the cold snowmen.

The snowman collection will make you feel both festive and warm. These decorations also fit in well with a country themed bathroom.

Home For The Holidays Window Valance

Red and green christmas plaid window valance

This red and green plaid window valance will add touches of Christmas colors into your bathroom.

Whether you match this with the rest of the Home for the Holidays collection, or you use it on its own, it will add some country Christmas charm to your bathroom.

Home For The Holidays Shower Curtain

Country christmas plaid shower curtain

This curtain is a part of the Home for the Holidays collection and will set the Christmas scene in your bathroom.

The snowy barn scene surrounded by a red and green plaid border is a unique way to add Christmas colors, country charm, and holiday cheer to your bathroom.

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Set up Plaid Kitchen Towels, Table Linens, and Accents for a Homey Environment

Since the kitchen is where you gather together and eat your meals as a family, it’s important that it feels inviting and homey. Small plaid accents will do the trick and can be combined with your established color scheme. There are plenty of plaid home decor items that you can put in your kitchen including towels, table linens, table decorations, and more.

Hanging Country Kitchen Towels

Hanging country plaid kitchen towels

These plaid kitchen towels will fit in with a country theme as a combination of useful and decorative.

Hang these towels on your oven door for a nice plaid accent that will bring country warmth to your kitchen.

Black & White Check Table Linens

Black and white plaid table linens

These plaid and white plaid/check patterned table linens are simple enough to pair with your existing table decor.

The table runner and placemats will add a charming flair to your kitchen table any time of the year.

LED Centerpiece With Plaid Accent Bow

Lighted harvest centerpiece

Bring life to your table with a holiday themed LED centerpiece. From harvest to Christmas to country and farmhouse themes, light up your table in style.

The accent ribbon on each of these centerpieces will give you a small touch of plaid to match with other plaid table decorations.

Insulated Wine Clutch With Bottle Opener

Red plaid wine bag

This insulated wine clutch is meant to travel with you; however, it can also be displayed on your kitchen counters as a plaid home decor item.

When you’re not using this bag to bring wine to a dinner party, set it up as a simple decoration or use it to store all of your wine essentials.

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Add Touches of Plaid Living Room Decor for a Charming and Welcoming Space

Your living room is a place to wind down, relax, and enjoy a quiet night in the warmth of your home. Plaid home decor can can provide that extra warming charm to your living room through accents, wall art, rugs, and more. Create a sense of serenity and calmness in your living room as the weather gets colder.

Country Star Wall Sconce

Country star wall sconce with plaid bow

These wall sconces will add country charm to your living room through the traditional country star symbol.

With a plaid bow tied to the LED light, this red pattern will stand out on your wall.

Quilted Plaid Thermal Pet Beds

Plaid dog and cat beds

While a pet bed isn’t an actual decoration, you want your furry friends to relax in the living room with you.

Your dog or cat can rest in style with these plaid pet beds that will keep them warm and fit in well with the room.

Scented Plaid Breeze Blockers

Plaid window breeze blocker

Breeze blockers are the best way to keep the cold outside air from seeping through the windows in your living room.

These scented blockers will make your living room smell warm and fresh and come in a variety of colored plaid patterns. The scents include cinnamon, pine, pumpkin spice, and vanilla.

Hearts and Stars Accent Rug

Red plaid hearts and stars accent rug

If you have wood floors in your living room, adding in some rugs can give you some extra warmth and comfort as you walk into the room.

This hearts and stars accent rug is fit for a country theme and has small patches of red plaid. The symbols combined with the plaid give your living room some comforting charm.

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