How To Decorate A Kids’ Bedroom: Creating A Happy And Fun Environment

As your kid gets older, he or she develops a distinctive style that is shown through personality, hobbies, and interests. A bedroom is the best place to reflect those qualities through customization.

The bedroom is a kid’s one true private space, so it’s important for it to be a happy and fun environment to sleep and play in. From furniture, to storage, to accents, to cozy items, a lot can go into making a kid’s bedroom unique and special.

Whether you want to redesign a room or start from scratch, these tips will help you get started on decorating a kids’ bedroom.

Note: this decorating guide is best suited for kids 4 to 8 years old.

Let Your Kid Choose A Bedroom Theme And Fulfill It With Accents

A special theme can transform your kid’s bedroom into a happy and fun environment. Whether your kid enjoys a certain animal, character, or symbol, have them choose a theme that can easily be found.

When decorating a kids’ bedroom with a theme, you don’t want to go overboard. Kids tend to go through phases with their interests, so you don’t want their room to be permanently tied to a theme. A few large decorations accompanied by simpler and smaller accents can allow you to showcase the theme in a natural way.

Some popular themes that kids enjoy include dinosaurs, mermaids, stars and outer space, Disney characters, superheroes, and unicorn themed decor. These themes can be established through wall art, accent pillows, bedding and blankets, and tabletop decorations.

Unicorn, Mermaid, Rainbow, and Moon Light Up Wall Art
Dinosaur Throw Blanket
Unicorn Accent Pillow

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Pick Out Funky Accent Furniture To Make Your Kid’s Room Feel Special

When decorating a kids’ bedroom, it’s important to incorporate interesting pieces of furniture to highlight his or her individuality and style.

If you don’t want to consistently update your kid’s furniture to match his or her age, it’s best to maintain a neutral theme for the larger pieces of furniture, such as dressers, bookcases, and desks. This way, you can use funky accent furniture that is small enough to be easily removed and replaced later down the line.

The best way to include this sense of wonder and fun is through soft textured and brightly patterned chairs, uniquely shaped side tables, and other small pieces of furniture that highlight a quirky theme.

Kids Elephant Chair
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White Fur Covered Ottoman

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Encourage Your Kid To Stay Organized With Cute And Playful Storage Bins

It can be a challenge to make sure your kid keeps his or her room consistently clean and maintained. But a fun setting can motivate them to stay organized.

Encourage your kid to stay organized with cute character laundry hampers, magical themed storage baskets, brightly colored toy bags and boxes, and subtle decorative pieces such as storage ottomans.

To more easily find storage containers, wait until a main theme is established for the room. Then you can seamlessly match storage bins with other decorations in the bedroom. That way, they will blend in and coordinate with your kid’s favorite things.

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Help Your Kid Feel Comfortable With Fun Pillows And Blankets

It’s important for a kid to feel comfortable in his or her bedroom because it is meant to be a safe space that they can relax and play in.

You can help your kid feel cozy and secure by placing a wide collection of various sized pillows on the bed, accompanied by his or her favorite stuffed animals. Including large, soft blankets can also provide some extra warmth and comfort.

Combine comfort with individual style by getting fun-shaped pillows or ones that are brightly patterned. You can also find character themed blankets and sheets, along with other types of bedding that go with the established theme.

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Super Mario Odyssey Throw Blanket
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Light Up Your Kid’s Room With Unique Nightlights

Since many kids are afraid of the dark, it’s best to include a nightlight when decorating a kids’ bedroom to make sure that he or she sleeps peacefully.

Instead of using a simple nightlight, make the room feel more magical by setting up fun and colorful lighting and lamps. This can come in the form of exciting wall and ceiling projection lights, small twinkle lamps, string lights, and more traditionally sized nightlights.

It’s important to keep your kid’s sleep habits in mind when selecting nighttime lighting. While some kids may be able to sleep with moving lights streaming across the wall, others may require a more subtle light. Either way, you can still make sure the lighting is fun and different.

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String Light Cloches
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Hang Up Frames And Shelves That You And Your Kid Can Personalize

Personalization is a key element of decorating a kids’ bedroom. A kids’ room should be a healthy balance of fresh and familiar so they can get excited about something new while enjoying something they already know and love.

Picture frames are a perfect way to set up personalized elements throughout the room. They can be filled with photos of family members, friends, and pets, or can even be filled with your kid’s latest artwork. You can also include various shelving units as a way for your kid to show off his or her sports trophies, dolls and actions figures, or other collectible items.

Depending on how old your kid is, you can either help him or her with personalized items or you can let the creativity run free and see what he or she comes up with.

Artwork Wall Frames
Sports Trophy Shelf
Photo Frame Wall Collage

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Incorporate Your Kid’s Stuffed Animals And Trinkets Throughout The Room

Turning toys into temporary decorations is a smart way to fill the space without making it feel too crowded with extra items.

A great way to do this is to creatively place stuffed animals on desks, tables, and shelves, set up dollhouses or pre-built Lego sets, and display collectibles on shelves.

Keep in mind that if your kid is very young and plays with any of these items, you may have to help him or her remember where everything goes. You can turn it into a fun cleanup game by giving each item a name and asking where its “home” is.

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Bonus Tips On Decorating A Kids’ Bedroom

  • While you want to make your kid’s room a fun place, always keep in mind that it will continuously change as the years go on. In this case, it’s best to avoid doing anything too permanent or getting something that is too difficult to move out.
  • Always opt for a solid wall color as opposed to one with a design. It’s better to use wall stickers or peel and stick wallpaper that can eventually be removed with ease.
  • If you have two kids sharing a bedroom and they have opposite interests, consider doing a more neutral theme for the whole room. You can then personalize it by letting each kid choose different bedding, along with accent pieces to sit on side tables and desks. You can also choose to split the room in half by theme if that is the look you desire.
  • If your kid seems to quickly lose interest when it comes to themes and characters, solely focus on a color scheme instead when picking out decorations.

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