Incorporating Emerald into Your Fall Décor

Emerald-green-decorAs we wrote earlier this year, emerald is Pantone’s color for 2013. Autumn is the perfect season to celebrate this richer, more intense green hue. All shades of green impart a tranquil atmosphere, but emerald’s rich depth also gives it elegance. As a beautiful counterpoint to fall’s brilliant palette or as a stand-alone color, emerald adds sparkle to your decor. Give your home some gorgeous fall finery when you follow these suggestions for infusing your home with emerald’s serene beauty.

Combine emerald green with natural motifs. Green’s soothing nature becomes even more relaxing when mixed with natural textures and patterns. Fabrics printed or embroidered with ivy leaves are a beautiful way to bring green into a room. Wooden furniture with a natural grain looks especially lovely with emerald accents. Bundles of dried grasses in a vivid green vase are a stunning change from fresh floral arrangements and will last all season.

Emerald is a gem as well as a color, and jewel-like glass accents lend themselves wonderfully well to the regal hue. Deep green glass vases bring the color of the year into your home stylishly. Combining cool green glass with light makes it even more dramatic, so make room for accents such as this glass pendant light and illuminate an area. Flameless LED lights and artfully sculpted metal add visual interest, but the real focus here is color. One lamp makes a quietly elegant statement, but a grouping of them can become a focal point for the whole room.

Shades of green combine a cool color and a warm one, so they’re naturally versatile. Surrounded by warm tones, they act as a calm counterpoint; with cooler blues and purples, emerald greens glow with warmth. That flexibility means you can add emerald accents to any room in your home. Darker green hues make pastels feel more grounded, especially when you use the color in rugs and floor runners. Throws and pillows in muted emerald tones play well with neutrals in living rooms and dens. Choose fabrics that feel as luxurious as the rich color looks for seasonal style.

For a major commitment to emerald green, try painting your walls with it. It’s a potent color, but blonde wood or crisp white trim keeps it from overwhelming a space. In a small room, try painting a single wall in emerald and the others in lighter shades of green to create an instant focal point. With rich, vibrant colors, precision in painting is a must; any stray drops or minor mistakes will be instantly noticeable. One way to get a perfect paint job is with the Shur-Line pump and paint system . You won’t need tape when you have the right equipment to paint up to edges and corners flawlessly.

Green can work in any room. In a den or living room, deep greens feel cozy and welcoming; in a bedroom, they become serene. Even a bath gets a lift from emerald accents, so try swapping your usual accessories for green glass or ceramic. As fall becomes winter, green looks just as fashionable throughout your home, especially when paired with red for seasonal cheer.

Versatile and inviting, emerald green is Pantone’s color of the year for good reason. With a few decorator touches, you can also make it your best color for fall.

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Interesting Picks for July

As July comes to a close and we move toward back-to-school season, we thought it would be fun to look at your pins and find out what you loved most about July. If Pinterest is any indication, you spent your July relaxing outdoors, beautifying your home and indulging your senses with wonderful scents. That sounds like a terrific idea to us, so in celebration of your favorites from July, let’s take a look at the month’s most interesting picks and pins. If you’re not yet ready to let go of summer, let these picks inspire you to make August special!


Candle-warmerAnything that delights the senses is perfect for summertime’s laid-back feel. Settling into a hammock while drinking something frosty and enjoying the warm breezes is a great way to spend a summer weekend, and one way to bring that lazy summer afternoon feeling indoors is with fragrance. Home fragrance has become a booming business, so it’s no surprise that items such as our Candle Warmers sets are big Pinterest hits. Candle Warmers’ two-piece stoneware melters use light to heat scented wax tablets and send summer-fresh fragrances throughout your home. They’re also great for making the most of scented candles. Unlike candles, these warmers are flameless, so they work well in homes with kids or curious pets. The most popular scents for summer are ocean-fresh aromas, delectable gourmand, or citrus scents and clean linen fragrances.



With the heat wave that struck the eastern seaboard in July, the usual ponds and creeks where birds stopped for a drink dried up, leaving them reliant on neighborhood bird baths for a cooling drink. You responded by pinning decorative and creative bird baths to encourage others to take care of their feathered friends. One that got a lot of notice was this  that added a decorative touch to the yard while allowing birds to seek relief from the heat. Flamingos are a classic kitsch lawn ornament, but this version is downright elegant in clear pink glass and metal accents. From hummingbird feeders filled with nectar to squirrel-proof seed feeders, bird feeding stations were popular too. Whether you like to watch native songbirds and hummingbirds from the window or on your deck or patio, supplying them with feeders and baths will encourage them to make your backyard a stopover during migrations.


Crayola-Garden-Grow-KitAnything related to gardening was another huge draw on Pinterest. The finest restaurants put a premium on freshness, and so do home cooks today. Cans and boxes are fine for quick meals, but few things satisfy the way a fresh garden-to-table salad will. For veteran gardeners, trellises, watering systems and gardening tools were popular pins, but novice gardeners also got into the spirit by pinning  garden grow kits and container gardens. With a kit, gardening is easy enough for children to help. There’s no better way to persuade a child to eat his or her vegetables than to have them help grow them. Kits aren’t just for kids, though; they also give new gardeners a head start on their first gardens.



We look forward to seeing what you’re going to pin for August!

4 Kitchen Themes We Think you’ll Love

Retro-kitchenYour kitchen has to be practical, but who says it can’t also be pretty? You already spend time in your kitchen, so pick a decorating theme that you love, and enjoy your meal preps more. Here are four themes we love and some ideas to start you thinking about your own signature theme:

Tuscan Wine Country

The rolling hills of Tuscany are home to some of the world’s best wines and cheeses. The region’s natural beauty is just as inspiring as its delicious cuisine, and Tuscan style makes the most of that beauty with simple, elegant decor elements. Add a little touch of Tuscany to your home with art and accessories that echo the region’s rich hues and local delicacies. Use warm colors such as ivory, terra cotta and walnut as the foundation for your Tuscan kitchen theme. Wine bottles are a perfect decorating accent whether they’re full or empty, so make them a part of your theme on tabletops or in prominently displayed wine holders. Even the corks can be a part of your Tuscan motif when you store them in a wine cork holder. When the metal holder’s full, remove the corks and turn them into a bulletin board, or start on a new decorative letter.

Retro Kitchen Chic

Everything retro is popular again, and that includes kitchen decor. No matter what era is your favorite, you’ll find decorator touches to complement your theme. We love the clean-lined look of the early 1960s with its emphasis on space-age design, and these stainless steel mixing bowls combine modern convenience with retro sleekness. Look for advertisements from your favorite era and use them for inspiration when picking your color palette. The pinks and greens of the 1950’s or harvest gold and avocado of the 1970’s instantly give your kitchen a retro makeover on a budget.

Farm Fresh Kitchen Decor

Just about everything in your kitchen originally came from a farm, so a farm motif is a great fit for kitchen style. If you’re going for a full transformation with new cabinets and counters, use natural finishes trimmed with clean, crisp white for a farmhouse feel. To bring a few farm-friendly accents into your kitchen, look for simple decorative design elements such as stamps, stencils and cut-outs. Coasters and towels trimmed with silhouettes of cows, chickens and pigs add a country accent to any kitchen. Country themes can be whimsical – these colorful  striped towels are a great basic example – or find decorative pieces that look as though they came straight from the farmhouse. Weathered wood furniture with plain white ceramic knobs will give your kitchen timeless country appeal.

The Chef’s Professional Kitchen

Even home cooks are moving toward restaurant-quality dishes, and that has brought sleek, professional style to the forefront in kitchen decor. Stainless steel, wire racks, white tile and straightforward accessories give a home kitchen a professional look. If you want the clean look of a pro’s kitchen, keep details to a minimum and let the natural beauty of food be the primary source of color and texture. A bowl of fresh fruit or a hanging strand of dried red peppers makes a bold visual statement against a neutral background of brushed steel and tile. Wood cabinetry and wall art can add warmth to a kitchen that could otherwise look a little chilly.

Whatever you choose as your kitchen style, you’ll enjoy your time in the kitchen more when surrounded by a look you love!

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10 Ways to Reinvent Your Living Room

Living-roomYour home’s living room sets the stage for decor throughout the house. Use these easy decorator tips to transform your living room into a showpiece you’ll be proud to show to friends and family!

1. Pick colors that work together

A riot of color can work in a kitchen or bathroom, but you’ll spend a lot of time in the living room. You need harmony in your color scheme to make it work. Unless you’re getting all new furniture, choose a color from one of the items in the room and make it your central hue. Look for colors next to it on the color wheel for a quieter color scheme, or you can go bold with accents of complementary colors on the opposite end of the wheel.

2. Don’t be afraid to go bright

While you want a color scheme that works well together, you don’t have to stick to neutrals. Decorators love to use a pop of bright color as an accent, and so should you. Combine subdued neutrals with throw pillows in bright primary colors or add wall art that commands attention with brilliant color.

3. Unify your furniture

Living rooms sometimes inherit furniture and decorative elements from previous design schemes and leave you wondering how to combine a dark plaid sofa with pale floral chairs. Slipcovers are one solution that can completely change the look of your living room.

4. Add texture

A room in neutral colors needs something to create contrast, and texture is the answer. If you have plenty of sleek wooden furniture, pair them with fabrics that have a rich texture. Also, add depth to smooth leather or vinyl with these faux fur throws.

5. Keep furniture in scale

That oversized sofa may be wonderfully comfortable, but does it leave room for a matching ottoman and bulky side tables if you have a small living room? Try switching furniture around to give large pieces center stage and put smaller items around it as supporting players.

6. Move away from walls

When all the furniture in a room is pushed against the walls, it makes the room feel hollow and empty. Instead, group sofas and chairs into pairs and trios. Think of them as guests at a party and let them mingle instead of being wallflowers.

7. Add a touch of luxury

Your living room should feel like a place you want to live, so make it cozy with soft textures. Start from the ground up with a themed rug collection that ties the room together while encouraging barefoot walks on soft nylon instead of a cold floor.

8. Create collections

When you group similar items together, they have a greater decorative impact than an item by itself. For example, this collage frame turns individual pictures into a stunning statement.

9. Use storage wisely

No room feels restful when you’re surrounded with clutter, so find ways to store everything from kids’ toys to DVDs for a more pulled-together living room.

10. Take it to the next level

When everything in the room is at one height, the overall effect is dull even if individual pieces are beautiful. Look for ways to vary heights and create contrast. Putting a towering floor lamp near a low divan adds visual interest. This decorative cabinets illustrates how a little variety adds interest.Give your living room the attention it deserves with a quick makeover. You’ll be amazed at how little effort it takes to reinvent your living room!


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5 Storage Ideas You Didn’t Think About

storage-ideasWhether you have a compact apartment or a sprawling house with a spacious yard, you probably still wish you had more room for easily accessible storage. Almost everyone has that one junk drawer or packed closet that defies your organization attempts, but you can tame the clutter when you get creative with other places that haven’t yet been filled. You might have more room than you think when you make the most of these overlooked storage spaces.

1. Keep Looking Up – Most storage solutions have their feet firmly planted on your floor. Bookcases, bureaus and chests are always a valid option for carving out more storage, but going vertical opens a whole new dimension for attractive storage. Shelves can line walls almost to the ceiling. Put items you rarely use such as your Thanksgiving turkey platter on display on upper shelves and save lower ones for items you use daily. Another possibility: tall, narrow storage cabinets that make the most of a room’s upper reaches. By removing or reducing the footprint with vertical storage, you gain more floor space.

2. Open Doors to New Storage Space – Kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms are notorious for not having enough room, but they all have at least a door or two on which to hang storage equipment. A spice rack inside a cabinet door lets you keep favorite flavors within easy reach while making room on shelves. Because the rack won’t let smaller bottles hide behind larger ones, your herbs and spices also stay organized. The same principle also works in bathroom and bedroom closets with over-the-door systems such as the Closet Mates Connectable Storage center. Keep jewelry, shoes, handbags and other accessories visible so you’ll wear them more often by storing items in mesh or clear plastic.

3. Go Diagonal – How do you fit a 20-inch utensil into a drawer that’s only 12 inches deep and 10 inches wide? If you remember your geometry classes, the answer will come easily to you. By dividing the drawer diagonally, you create a storage solution that’s as elegant as it practical. Instead of keeping small and large items in a tangle in your kitchen drawers, arrange diagonal dividers and use the smaller compartments for items that otherwise get lost in the shuffle. Never dig through a pile of wooden spoons and tongs to get to your measuring spoons again!

4. Use Wall Space – If you’re willing to tackle a minor construction project, you may be able to find space for irregularly shaped or small items between the studs in your walls. Unless your home has thick walls or an unusual layout, you won’t have room for deep bookshelves, but you can probably fit a medicine cabinet, built-in spice rack or wine storage in a wall. Removing plaster board, installing shelving and framing the new custom storage area isn’t a job for novice do-it-yourselfers, but with the proper home improvement tools, it’s a one-afternoon job.

5. Take It With You – Sometimes, you have plenty of space, but it isn’t convenient to use. A multi-purpose room should have options beyond over-stuffed cabinets and closets. With rolling storage systems, you can put spaces to different uses. Store your sewing equipment in a rolling cabinet and bring it out only when you’re working. Keep a computer or television on the cart for easy removal when it’s time for the kids to do their homework.

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Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

You finished doing your spring cleaning months ago, but have you really been trying your hardest to maintain the neatness? It’s always easy to allow your home to revert back a total state of disarray, but maintenance doesn’t always have to be such a chore. After all, you’ve worked so hard to organize, tidy up, and get rid of the clutter, you should be able to enjoy it for more than just a month or two! The best maintenance is hassle-free and doesn’t interfere with your daily or weekly cleaning routines.

For instance, if you have pets, you already know how hard it can be to perpetually make sure that your couch and the furniture stay clean! Furniture covers are a great way to keep dander, and pet fur from consuming your time. Their quilted design and plush armrests make them comfortable enough to be the perfect lounging area for your pet. Need to entertain guests? Removal is a breeze. Also, storage is very simple as they fold really well to fit into tight spaces. Since they come in such vibrant colors, we love to use these to spruce up old or dull pieces of furniture. Whatever your needs are, take advantage of these to maximize your spring cleaning efforts!

Paying attention to cleanliness is just the start, though. Even a clean house can look dirty if things are strewn about. Do you own many pairs of shoes? These are almost always the worst offenders to cleanliness.  They have the uncanny ability to make an area appear extremely messy within mere seconds. Cabinet storage is the best way to keep your floor free from any unnecessary clutter. These are available in either 24-pair or 36-pair units to accommodate shoe collections of all sizes! They come equipped with a zippered sheet so you’ll never have to worry about trying to find a lost shoe again. Vertical storage is absolutely the best way to open your floor plan for more space.

After a vigorous cleaning, the last thing you want to see is a dull floor. Unfortunately, hardwood floors quickly lose their luster, especially in high-traffic areas. The result is that people often get fed-up and end up neglecting their floors. Floor runners are the perfect solution for these kinds of problems. Not only do they stay in place, but they protect your floors from unnecessary wear and tear. These runners come in 60”, 90”, and even 120” to meet the particular needs of any floor. Also, select from a myriad of colors to match your décor, and make the most of it!

These are just a few of our favorites from the week to help you maintain a clean and beautiful home. Don’t put up with a month of beauty and neatness, and eleven months of mediocrity. These simple solutions can save you a great deal of time, and most importantly, a great deal of extra work. Explore our collection for new and exciting ways to make your spring cleaning efforts last well into the summer months, and beyond!

Lakeside Selection: Our Choice of Favorite Items for the Week

Summer days feel wonderfully endless, and we’ve been inspired to find new ways to spend those long, lazy afternoons. Why not relax outside and enjoy the extra hours of daylight? A few creature comforts and some entertaining essentials can turn a weekend afternoon into an impromptu party. Here’s what we love this week.

Nothing’s more relaxing than a hammock, and this fun hammock chair lets you have one all to yourself. If you’re lucky enough to have a spreading tree in your yard, turn it into a favorite summer hang-out with a few hammock chairs. The chair also works with hammock stands or doubles as a porch swing. Great for a solitary retreat or as extra seating for get-togethers, swing chairs fit any outdoor living style. Cushioned canvas seats keeps these chairs as comfortable as they are cool.

Make more room around your deck with outdoor patio furniture sets that keep your favorite drink or snack within easy reach. Because they attach securely to a railing on your deck or porch, these tables won’t tip and spill your morning coffee or afternoon iced tea. When they aren’t in use, fold them up and out of your way. Each table holds up to 50 pounds, so go ahead and use them to serve meals or hold heavy bottles.

Beat summer sun with fun style when you add a few charmingly retro tiki umbrellas to your deck. The umbrellas look like natural thatch, but the synthetic straw is weather-resistant and hides a durable polyester fabric umbrella that provides as much shade as a traditional beach umbrella. If you’re planning a pool party, make it a luau when you decorate with tiki style. We love this look with tiki torches and plenty of colorful outdoor dining accessories that fit the Polynesian theme.

Speaking of color, you can get more of it into your outdoor decor with outdoor furniture covers in mouth-watering, summery hues such as watermelon and kiwi. These stretchy terry slipcovers give last year’s poolside furniture an instant update. They aren’t just another pretty detail, either; with pockets for your sunscreen, shades and a good summer read, these covers are practical too. When it’s time to head to the beach for the weekend, whisk the cover off your chaise at home and fold it into a convenient tote that’s perfect for the shore.

One of the best ways to stay cool in the summer is to keep all the things that heat your home outside, and that includes cooking. Grilling foods also gives them amazing flavor, especially when you have the equipment to make the most of your propane or charcoal grill. Grilling essentials turn out flawless fire-roasted peppers, grilled fish, kabobs, and more. Serve your delicious food on outdoor dinnerware sets and let your meals take on the rich flavors of the grill while keeping food where you want it. Move beyond burgers this summer and become a true grill master!