10 Ways to Reinvent Your Living Room

Living-roomYour home’s living room sets the stage for decor throughout the house. Use these easy decorator tips to transform your living room into a showpiece you’ll be proud to show to friends and family!

1. Pick colors that work together

A riot of color can work in a kitchen or bathroom, but you’ll spend a lot of time in the living room. You need harmony in your color scheme to make it work. Unless you’re getting all new furniture, choose a color from one of the items in the room and make it your central hue. Look for colors next to it on the color wheel for a quieter color scheme, or you can go bold with accents of complementary colors on the opposite end of the wheel.

2. Don’t be afraid to go bright

While you want a color scheme that works well together, you don’t have to stick to neutrals. Decorators love to use a pop of bright color as an accent, and so should you. Combine subdued neutrals with throw pillows in bright primary colors or add wall art that commands attention with brilliant color.

3. Unify your furniture

Living rooms sometimes inherit furniture and decorative elements from previous design schemes and leave you wondering how to combine a dark plaid sofa with pale floral chairs. Slipcovers are one solution that can completely change the look of your living room.

4. Add texture

A room in neutral colors needs something to create contrast, and texture is the answer. If you have plenty of sleek wooden furniture, pair them with fabrics that have a rich texture. Also, add depth to smooth leather or vinyl with these faux fur throws.

5. Keep furniture in scale

That oversized sofa may be wonderfully comfortable, but does it leave room for a matching ottoman and bulky side tables if you have a small living room? Try switching furniture around to give large pieces center stage and put smaller items around it as supporting players.

6. Move away from walls

When all the furniture in a room is pushed against the walls, it makes the room feel hollow and empty. Instead, group sofas and chairs into pairs and trios. Think of them as guests at a party and let them mingle instead of being wallflowers.

7. Add a touch of luxury

Your living room should feel like a place you want to live, so make it cozy with soft textures. Start from the ground up with a themed rug collection that ties the room together while encouraging barefoot walks on soft nylon instead of a cold floor.

8. Create collections

When you group similar items together, they have a greater decorative impact than an item by itself. For example, this collage frame turns individual pictures into a stunning statement.

9. Use storage wisely

No room feels restful when you’re surrounded with clutter, so find ways to store everything from kids’ toys to DVDs for a more pulled-together living room.

10. Take it to the next level

When everything in the room is at one height, the overall effect is dull even if individual pieces are beautiful. Look for ways to vary heights and create contrast. Putting a towering floor lamp near a low divan adds visual interest. This decorative cabinets illustrates how a little variety adds interest.Give your living room the attention it deserves with a quick makeover. You’ll be amazed at how little effort it takes to reinvent your living room!

Image Credit: www.interiornity.com


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