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We’re glad you’re here and reading this. Welcome to the lakeside blog, Down by the lake.  Where did that name come from? Customers have asked why in the world did we name it “Down by the lake”. Besides being “The Lakeside Collection” one of the most popular catalogs of all time (at least in my opinion), we are actually located on a pond or very small lake. No, I’m not kidding. Pretty neat huh? Currently it’s frozen, it is winter after all. I’ll get a shot of the “lake” a little later this month to make sure it’s really frozen. As soon as the ice is thick enough, some of us that work here want to sneak out on the ice for a quick skate at lunch. Anyone here like to ice skate? I sure do.

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  1. Shawna Tobalina says:

    I’m really upset about my 1st time services……
    The catalog was sent to my mom and I seeked interest in the merchandises offered. I placed an order on 12/18/08 and the agent was short and not to friendly. She mentioned the order was sent to the warehouse that day. She mentioned the order would be delivered within 7-10 business days. I was fine with this. I called on 12/30/08 to check the status of my order and was told it was being sent that day. I called agin on 1/5/09 and was told my order hasn’t been sent yet. Meanwhile, I was never told until my call on 12/30/08 that UPS can take 10-15 extra business days to deliver. When I sopoke to the supervisor on 1/5/09 “Keisha” mentioned she would call me as soon as UPS had picked up my order so, I would be updated on the status. I’ve had ordered from other catalogs that had services joined with UPS and never experianced services like this. I always seemed to get my orders earlier that expected. To top it off with the services from Lakeside, when one of my items weren’t available I was sent an e-mail. No phone call was honored for a replacement. It’s now 1/7/09 and I’m still waiting. Very disappinted with the services. I will not order, or recommend this company again. Once I recieve my order,if I do, that’s the end of my services with this company. I recommend Fingerhut. The agents are nice and friendly. The orders are shipped on time or before arrival timing.
    Thanks but, No Thanks!!!!!!!

  2. Marita Martin says:

    I’m sorry your first experience ordering from our catalog was not a pleasant one. This is not typical of the service we provide and please know that your comments are being shared with other areas of the company.

    In researching your account, I see that you did place your order on 12/18 and it did not ship until 1/5/09. Although I’m not trying to make excuses, we were closed for several days in between that time due to the Christmas/New Year holiday which probably accounts for some of the delay in shipping. The call you made to our Call Center was noted and a credit was issued to your credit card for the shipping charges so when you receive your merchandise you will not be paying for shipping.

    I do hope that in the future we will have the opportunity to regain your confidence and show you why so many have and continue to choose The Lakeside Collection as their shopping source.

  3. Diana Alexander says:

    I agree with poster number 1. I do a lot of online shopping due to where I live. I have NEVER had as bad an experience as this. I ordered my items online December 4, 2008. No where did it say until the confirmation email AFTER the order was placed that it might take 7-14 business days to ship. The items were for Christmas so I was still hopeful they would arrive in time. Well half my order shipped 12-12-08 and arrived a few days before Christmas. The other half of my order still had not arrived, but said READY TO SHIP for about 2 weeks. When I called to inquire on 12-29-08 as to when it was going to ship, I was told that it had shipped but was sent USPS and they had no way of tracking so if I hadn’t received it by 1-9-09 to call back. I haven’t received it yet so I checked status one more time this morning before making the call. It now shows that it shipped on 1-8-09. I don’t know when or if I will ever receive this. I’d say your track record isn’t looking to good. I will also not ever place another order with your company and have advised all my friends and family of the same. There are plenty of other companies out there that know how to get me the products I want within a week of ordering.

  4. Melissa Martinez says:

    Dear Diana,

    Common questions asked by our customers can be found by following this link http://www.lakeside.com/help.asp that will take you to the Customer Service tab on our home page. Under ‘when will my order ship?’ you will see the information posted regarding the amount of time needed for your order to ship.

    I do understand your frustration when a tracking number is not available for a shipment, but I can assure you that USPS is a reliable source to ship our packages and trust you will receive your merchandise shortly.

    I will monitor your account and contact you next week to confirm that your full order has been received and to see if there is anything further The Lakeside Collection can do to rectify your ordering experience.

  5. Tom says:

    Bamboo floor protector
    Order Number: 81327905
    Shipment Number: 273941672

    Package Progress
    Date Time Location Activity
    11/24/2008 11:13:00 AM FLOWER MOUND, TX DELIVERED

    Here it is,less than 2 months and the floor protector is worthless.

    Bamboo has a good reputation but certainly not with this product.
    The bamboo joints are the weak points that break and splinter . The thinness of the product also is a factor.
    Being an over sized/additional fee product I will not be sending back as cost would be out of line with the product.

  6. Nic says:

    I have to agree with all the other posters. I ordered a product 2 weeks ago and it still hasn’t shipped. It still says after almost 2 weeks that UPS just has the billing information?!?!? Which means they have not even picked it up yet. So you pay $9 for shipping but you have to wait up to 15 days to get it?!?!? Whatever, I have NEVER seen a company charge that much for shipping only to tell you that it will take 15 days to get to you AFTER they have processed the order. I will never buy anything from Lakeside again, you cannot call them unless you have long distance which is ridiculous.

  7. Karen says:

    I placed an order on December 8th. All items were Christmas presents for my girls. Unfortuneately, not all of my items arrived before Christmas. It is now January 13 and I am still waiting on 3 pillow/blankets. They were on backorder and have been “ready to be shipped” since the 8th. I like your products but I highly doubt that I will order anything else if it is a present for someone else. You just cant count on it to be there on time.

  8. Cathy Bauer says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am really very sorry you had a negative experience with our product. Our bamboo floor protector has been a customer favorite, and fortunately we have not had many complaints or returns on it.

    However, we want to do our best to make sure you are also happy with your purchase. Therefore, I would like to correct this situation for you as soon as possible.

    One of our Customer Service Specialists has tried calling you today, and will continue to try to reach you, with a couple of different options (none will require any additional cash outlay on your part, especially to return the product).

    I will also follow up with you to assure your satisfaction.

    I believe you will find, we are committed to standing behind the products we sell.

    Thank you,
    Cathy Bauer
    Contact Center Manager

  9. Candy Wade says:

    I have ordered from Lakeside in the past and never had the problems I had this year. I placed orders for items in stock then days later got emails telling me that the item was cancelled from my order. No phone call to see if I wanted to replace the item with something else, no substitute offered – nothing. It took a month to receive the order – which has NEVER happened in the past. I called several times and the people on the phone were rude and never able to help or give me any useful information. Then I was WAY overcharged for shipping. I still ave one item backordered and have been unable to cancel the order!!! This may well be my last time using this company!!

  10. Tom says:

    Cathy Bauer……
    Mike left a message on my recorder and I will try to make contact with him on 1/1/08 after 2pm cst.
    Thank you

  11. Tom says:


  12. Tom says:

    correction again 1/15/08


    Thank You

  13. Cathy Bauer says:

    Dear Nic,

    I am sorry you didn’t get your order yet.

    I really want to help you with this problem. If you wouldn’t mind sending me an email (so you don’t publish personal information on our blog) with your phone number, order number and return email address, I will be in a better position to help you. I will contact you after looking up your order to see what we can do to move your order along and regain your confidence in our company.

    Please direct your email to help[AT]lakeside.com If you wouldn’t mind putting “Nic’s blog” in the subject line, I would appreciate it.

    I am sorry you had a negative experience with Lakeside, and assure that we will do what we can to correct this order immediately.

    Thank you,
    Cathy Bauer

    Contact Center Manager

  14. Cathy Bauer says:

    Hi Karen –

    I really want to help you get your merchandise. You really have been more than patient waiting for it. All I need is a little more information to help you, like your phone number, customer number and a method to contact you directly. Please email me this information at help[AT]lakeside.com and I will work on resolving this as soon as possible.

    I really am sorry we disappointed you at the holidays and please be assured we will hard at rebuilding your confidence in our service.


    Cathy Bauer
    Contact Center Manager

  15. Cathy Bauer says:

    Hello Candy –

    Let me first apologize for any unpleasant experience you had with our call center. There is never an excuse for rude behavior. I would like to hear more about that call so I can work with the agent you spoke with to improve our service.

    I would also like to find out about the item that remains on backorder and see if I can help get that to you quicker.

    Would you mind sending me an email to help[AT]lakeside.com please?

    I will need your order number, phone number, and a method to contact you, either phone or email address. I will then look into your entire order and see what I can do to rebuild your confidence in Lakeside.

    I again apologize for how we disappointed you on this order.

    Cathy Bauer
    Call Center Manager

  16. David Okum says:

    UPS delivered a package from your company to my address. The address consisted of a stranger’s name and my address. The person to whom the package is addressed does not live at my address. I have never heard of this person. I tried to look the name up in the phone book, but it is not listed. I would like to contact the person and deliver your package to her. Is it possible that your company can provide me with the person’s phone number or address if I tell you the name? If not, should I give the package back to UPS? UPS considers the package to be a successfully delivered package so I don’t know if they will take it back.

  17. Ray says:

    i’ve ordered a lot of xmas products from this site and have had no problems whatsoever…granted there were a couple instances where an item was out of stock, but i just simply checked my order status and once i saw it was on backorder i called and canceled and found something else. i hope more people that have had positive experiences chime in, i should tell my sister and aunt about this blog they are addicted to lakeside. i would definitely like to see an expedited shipping option, but for now i’ll just make sure i order in plenty of time for the holidays.

    take care,

  18. Tom says:

    I want to thank Mike for his prompt and proper response to my issue.He issued a credit to me for a defective bamboo covering.
    Thank You !

  19. Cathy Bauer says:

    Hi David –

    Wow, that is really nice of you to want to help us get this package to the right person!

    I think the best way to do this though is for us to find out what the correct address is ourselves and get it redelviered correctly. It sounds like we are going to need your help though. If you wouldn’t mind sending your daytime contact information to help@lakeside.com then one of our Customer Service Specialists will reach out to you and we will get this straightened out.

    As a sign of our appreciation, we’ll have a gift sent to you as well!

    Thank you very much!

    Cathy Bauer

  20. Tracey Nissen says:

    It’s my first time ordering from Lakeside and I just received a set of mirrored stars that I ordered (lg,med,sm). They arrived exactly as they appeared online and I am very pleased with the product.


  21. David Okum says:

    2:20 p.m.(Eastern) and still no call from Customer Service. If I go out to shovel snow, I’ll miss their call.

  22. I have never had this much trouble ordering anything from anywhere else. You keep changing my order dates. The date has been moved back three times.The first time we ordered something we never received it and you only sent us the cost of the item and not the shipping and handling fee. You told us you needed a copy of our check and we sent you that and still havent received the rest of the check. That was way back in October. I let that go and ordered something else. big mistake!! I will never order anything from here again. After reading most of the other comments I think it’s time to talk to someone else about this. Somethings not right. Kim Bedwell

  23. Cathy Bauer says:

    Hi Kimberly,

    It sounds like you are really having some delays in getting an item you ordered delivered to you.

    I am so sorry for your troubles.

    If you wouldn’t mind sending us your order information, or your contact information to help@lakeside.com, then we will have one of our Service Specialists contact you today.

    I am confident we will be able to resolve this immediately.

    Thank you for posting! We are truly looking for this type of feedback so we can improve our services to our customers.

    Cathy Bauer
    Contact Center Manager

  24. Lauren says:


    Unfortunately I too have not had the best experience. I received a damaged product that was actually missing screws so it could not be assembled properly. I immediately emailed customer service. That was last week. I’ve emailed a few times and have yet to hear back from anyone other than the automated response. This is very disappointing.

  25. Cathy Bauer says:


    I am sorry that your merchandise was missing parts.

    We can help you with that right away.

    Please do me a favor, and email your order or contact information to help@lakeside.com

    One of our Service Specialists will get back to you within 24 hours.

    Depending on which product you ordered, we will either get you replacement parts, replace the item, or credit you if the item is no longer available or in stock.

    I regret we disappointed you, but we will do our best to rectify this problem immediately.

    Further, I can not apologize enough for the lack or response you received to your past email requests. Once we have your contact information, we will look into this immediately. Please accept my personal apology.

    Thank you,

    Cathy Bauer
    Contact Center Manager

  26. Pam says:

    When is your “end of the year” inventory scheduled? I’d like to plan my ordering around and away from that 🙂

  27. Cathy Bauer says:

    Hi Pam!

    We’d love to help you plan your order to meet your delivery needs.

    If you don’t mind sending an email with your contact information to help@lakeside.com, we will have a Customer Service Specialist give you a call to help you coordinate any orders you might be thinking about, to be certain we can meet your delivery needs.

    Cathy Bauer
    Contact Center Manager

  28. Roxann Eiler says:

    I am shocked at the negative things I am reading here. Lakeside has been excellent as far as I’m concerned. My stuff did take a bit longer to come than it should have but that was because UPS messed up on our address….and that was only b/c there was a new driver on during the Christmas season.

    I’ve gotten good quality things from Lakeside and don’t believe I’ve ever been disappointed. I did order a country house light, as a gift, that arrived with only 1 chimney instead of 2 but when I told them about it they sent out a “whole new light”. I gave my friend one of the chimneys from the second light and I’m keeping the other light for myself cause I don’t mind that there’s only 1 chimney, in fact, I kinda like it better that way. Plus the lights were so nice I ordered more at the great “after Christmas” sale price.

    You guys are tops in my book! Thanks!

  29. Louanne says:

    I recently ordered something from your catalog and never received it. I later received a refund check that was for less than the cost of the item I ordered and was informed that it had been discontinued. I was charged for shipping and handling for the item and I can’t believe that I was not reimbursed for that as well. It is a scam to be charged for shipping on something that was never sent!

  30. Cathy Bauer says:

    Hi Louanne –

    I am so sorry we disappointed you.

    I would really like to look into your shopping experience thoroughly to see what went wrong.

    Please send an email to help@lakeside.com with your contact information and if you have it, your order number.

    One of our Service Specialists will review it and see what we can do to correct this situation immediately.

    Thank you for making us aware of this problem, and giving us the opportunity to improve our service.

    Cathy Bauer
    Contact Center Manager

  31. Bobbie Jacobs says:

    Well I can much agree with poster #1. I places an order on 12/30 after getting the catalog in the mail, I ordered stuff for my kids which was part of their x-mas, and ordered a memory bench in honor of my g’ma, Well I got the bench no problem within about 2 weeks, I waited around for the organisers, and logged on a cpl of times to check the status and would never give me info. I finally got the number and called and was never able to get anyone, Finally I spoke to some one on/around 1/02/09 and she assured me that they was out of stock and would be in the warehouse and being shipped out on 1/13, the lady was very nice about it, and I told her that when items was out of stock or whatever, they needed to note that on the site! Also I wasn’t happy that I was charged S&H on the items I still (2/5/09) haven’t even recv’ed!!!!!! I just checked again and they are just now saying they are being shipped out, but that’s all it says, says no other info is avd’ right now. I think that’s very crap to change S&H on 2 mts before an item is even sent, and it’s not good that someone has to wait more than 2 mts on items that were SUPPOSE to be christmas gifts!

  32. Bobbie Jacobs says:

    Sorry typo, I placed my order on 12/01/2008 And STILL waiting as of 02/06/2009 for 2 of the 3 items, and was changed for the shipping & handling back in Dec. Thats just wrong! and so very unhappy with the way things hard handled!!!!

  33. Carla says:

    I ordered my products on 1/27/09 and the website still says “shipped” on 2/2/09 for the status but no tacking information which is really frustrating. As of 2/6/09 it has yet to arrive. For the amount of money we pay for shipping, it should be more informative and arrive faster. This is my first experience with Lakeside and will probably be my last because of the track record this company has with it’s customers as well as my own personal experience.

  34. Tiffany says:

    I too am not happy with customer service. I ordered my product on 2/02 and on 2/04 is said the item was shipped. However, today is 2/06 and there is still no information on the item that was apparently shipped. I called customer service and the lady whom I spoke with was anything but what a “customer servive” rep should be! If an item reads “shipped” with a tracking number then I should be able to see where the item is. Apparently according to you all UPS has up to 15 days to deliver the item after processing….maybe you all need to specify that on your checkout page! By reading your blog here, it looks as though your processing/shipping procedures are not the best. I have seen way more negative comments on here than positive, thats not a good thing!!

  35. Bobbie Jacobs says:

    I got my order finally today… and I’M NOT HAPPY WHAT SO EVER. The toy organisers are WAY too small, it’s OK for my 2 yr old, but not my 7 yr old. The one for my 7yr old is the WRONG color, PARTS ARE MISSING, and The backboard part is ever BROKE. I’m very upset about this I waited more than 2 months, and I get broken pieces and missing parts??????????? What kind of company are y’all running? I plan on returning the one, was going to just keep it and not waste my time here anymore – but seeing as I can’t even let my son use it, I WANT A FULL REFUND, and I don’t see how I should even be responsaible for the S&H of this product!!!! I want to speak with a manager or some other higher person!!!

  36. tiffany says:

    I posted a comment on here, and somehow it got deleted! Here it is again… I ordered my product on 2/2/09 and as of 2/4/09 the status of the item says “shipped”. I called Lakeside and spoke with a VERY rude customer service rep, who did inform me that UPS has up to 15 days to deliver the item. This is something I did not know, and Lakeside should specify on their checkout page. I am very disappointed with the customer service dept and with the checking out and processing procedures. If something says shipped, were all going to assume its actually been shipped. Im seeing WAY more negative on this blog than I am positive, that’s not a good thing for prospective buyers. This will most likely be my last order with Lakeside, you all need to work on your training of customer service reps a little better, talking down and rude to customers is not my idea of a good customer service rep!!!!!

  37. Cathy Bauer says:

    Tiffany –
    We care very much about each of customer service interactions.

    I truly apologize if you were not treated with the respect you certainly deserve.

    I would like to learn more about the negative call you had, so we can coach our team appropriately.

    Would you mind sending an email to help@lakeside.com that contains your daytime contact information? We will get back to you and see what we can do to look into your order, and your phone call.


    Cathy Bauer
    Contact Center Manager

  38. Stephanie Wolfinger says:

    I just wanna say I love the stuff you have to offer on your website/catalogs. I have ordered several times with never a problem. I recently placed an order with several different things and when I checked my order status online only a few things were listed with said ready to ship and the other two were on backorder, and two of my other items I ordered weren’t even on the list, I ordered the peakaboo Minnie doll and 3 windows in a bag, I fired an e-mail to the support center and I also contacted an agent which really was no help at all to me. When I ordered the window in a bag, the gold and cinnamon colours were sold out so I ordered Sage and now when I search the website the curtains aren’t even listed an the agent told me on the phone they are no longer being sold.. So that means I ordered these dang things and now I’m not gonna get them? What about the Peakaboo doll I ordered that’s not in my order status?? I’m really frustrated with this as I never ever had a problem before ordering online. My credit card has a pending purchase for the amount I ordered but I know I’m not charged until the stuff actually ships. Can you please help me understand better if I’m gonna recieve the Peakaboo doll and the window in a bag? Because if I’m not then I am just gonna go elsewhere to get curtains. Thanks.

  39. Cathy Bauer says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you for letting us know about both your positive experiences with us, and those you need help with now.

    I was able to locate your most recent order with us. I did find that both items you are referring to, the Minnie doll as well as the curtains are sold out with no additional merchandise being sent to us from the manufacturer.

    I really apologize for this inconvenience.

    As you mentioned, you have not been charged for these items as they have not shipped.

    I regret the out of stock situation and the lack of resolution you received both when you emailed us and when you phoned.

    If you need further help, please send us an email at help@lakeside.com and we will happily assist with any other questions.

    Thank you so much for letting us know about this situation.

    Cathy Bauer
    Contact Center Manager

  40. Cathy Bauer says:

    Bobbie –

    Thank you for taking time to write us on our Lakeside Blog.

    I really am sorry for the problems you had with your order.

    We will be happy to take a return on any merchandise that you were not satisfied with, and we will credit you in full for the product as well as the shipping associated for that product.

    Please provide your contact and order information to help@lakeside.com and we will have a member of our management team reach out to you as you requested.

    Thank you for making us aware of your disappointment. I hope to have your problem corrected to your satisfaction.

    Cathy Bauer
    Contact Center Manager

  41. Cathy Bauer says:


    We are happy to look into your order and give you more up to date information.

    You mentioned that you are reluctant to place another order, based on other customers’ experience as well as your own.

    I am very sorry to hear that, and hope I can work to change your mind.

    Everyday Lakeside Collections takes thousands of orders that are handled with care and processed in a timely manner to meet our customers’ expectations.

    However regrettably, on occasion we do have some disappointments. These situations are the exception. We stand behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee and work hard to meet your expectations.

    Please send your order and contact information to help@lakeside.com and one of our Service Specialists will follow up on your order and get back to you.

    Thank you for visiting our blog, and sharing with us your experience.

    Cathy Bauer
    Contact Center Manager

  42. Pam says:

    I have been ordering products on-line for quite some time. I have always been pleased with the timley shipments and the quality of the products. In all that time, I only have had 1 bowl delivered that had a crack, no big deal, I didn’t even return it to you.
    Your company went out of their way to complete my “Rooster serving ware, cannisters, etc. set. The platter and a cassarole dish were back-ordered because they had been sold out. Every couple weeks I received a post-card from Lakeside asking if I still wanted the product or did I want to cancel those items. I wanted them still, and I did receive the back-ordered items so I could complete my set. Thank you for going the extra-mile.
    I can’t speak to the phone calls into customer service employees but it does sound that there’s a bit of a problem with their techniques judging from the many posts.If they don’t treat the customer with respect – they need to realize that without customers, they would be out of their jobs.
    I do have a question – is it possible to re-order the best-selling products from catalogs past? There are several products I would probably order if they were made available once more. Sincerely, Pam

  43. Cathy Howell says:

    Wish you all luck on getting refund from lakeside.still waiting.for how long placed order 4/15/08 had order [5]shoe storage chest # 75808268[Don’t order these very dispointed if do]was let knowed that were out stock on back order Rec them on 8/12/08.return them back on 8/15/08.Sept called for not heard any thing was told had not been return back to warehouse.called again week later told same thing would send some paper to fill out did that return them Heard nothing.called once week. YES ALL GUESS IT NEVER REC PAPER’S EITHER. Guess the ups keep the shoes racks postman keep paper work and lakeside keep my money. now 8/11/08. Cathy

  44. Cathy Howell says:

    SORRY,ending date on post left should been 2/11/09 and still waiting. [NOT 8/11/08] was looking at papers put wrong date.5 SHOES STORAGE RACKS IS WHAT THIS GOES WITH. Cathy

  45. Dolores Zimmer says:

    I recently ordered from your company for the first time. My order was placed on 1/25/2009 and has not been shipped as of today 2/13/2009. I spoke to your call center and was told that the company was doing invertory and some system changes and would be starting shipping back orders by the end of February. I asked if the company was going to express ship items that were delayed for this long period of time and was told you do not express ship. I ordered these items for a birthday gift and thought one month was certainly enough time for any company to deliver these items. I feel if the delay was caused by your dompany the very least you should do because of the inconvience would be to express ship to get items to your customers as soon as possible. I am very dissappointed in your company’s lack of service and do not plan on ordering from you again as I have no confedience in your company and am not satisfied by the lack of concern in keeping customers happy. You are one of MANY catalog comapny and most of them stress quick service as their motto.

  46. Bobbie Jacobs says:

    Well I must say… I just noticed that I was credited the $35.90 for the items I was SO unhappy about, so I am relived of that! I would like to say thank you, and like other I do love the items and that y’all have and some of the prices, but I think overall, the ‘company’ needs some improvements! Between the site, and the CS – if something is out of stock/back ordered it needs to say so on the product to let ppl know BEFORE they place their orders. And so be able to get CS better and faster. Again thank you for the refund I recv’ed, in the furture I MAY consider trying to re-order from lakeside.

  47. Cathy Bauer says:

    Deloris –
    I can certainly appreciate your frustration in not receiving your order when you expected.

    One of our Customer Service Specialists was able to find your order and will be reaching out to you today to make arrangements with you.

    I apologize for the delays you have experienced.

    Cathy Bauer
    Contact Center Manager

  48. Dolores Zimmer says:

    cathy….i think when you respond to a customer you should be sure to at least spell the person’s name correctly

  49. Cathy Bauer says:


    You are correct. Please accept my apology. I am very sorry for misspelling your name.
    It is completely my oversight.

    Very Sincerely,
    Cathy Bauer
    Contact Center Manager

  50. Bobbie Jacobs says:

    Well I have sent 2 e-mails to the addy provided and never get a respose back. So I’m at a loss for what I need to do next. I think this company needs to run things a little tighter, and get some customer service ppl that will actually HELP the customers. Either they aren’t doing their jobs, or else there isn’t enough people, one or the other.

  51. Melissa M says:

    Bobbie Jacobs-

    I am so sorry that you not only experienced delays in receiving your shipment, but received damaged merchandise as well. I can imagine how frustrated you are to wait so long for your items, and then receive them broken.

    I would like to get a refund back to you right away for the broken item and your shipping and handling charges, as well as offer you my personal apology for the delays on your order.

    I tried to contact you at the number listed on your account, but received a message saying that you were currently not receiving calls at the moment.

    Please email me at help@lakeside.com with a daytime phone number I can contact you at.

    I look forward to speaking with you and quickly fixing this situation.


    Melissa Martinez
    Contact Center Specialist

  52. Dan Donaldson says:

    Get off of Cathy’s back! Are you people a bunch of jerks or what. She’s doing the best she can and most companies would not even respond to this useless garbage. Cayhy u sholdnt evan apolagise for yuor tipo. Ok, I am a huge Lakeside fan and order a couple times a month and I thank them for providing excellant products at low prices (almost wholesale). Shipping prices on larger orders are almost free compared to several other companies that sell some of the same products which charge regular UPS or Usps rates. This is a huge savings for all of us that no one else can match. Yes, products get backordered or cancelled but all you have to do is check your account online to find out the status of each item ordered. (thats not that hard) You can’t expect a personal phone call from Lakeside everytime a item is not avaiable, thats just not practical in a near wholesale type company. If they did then lakeside would not be able to sell items at such low prices and you guys would be complaining about the higher prices. So next time you place an order be patient and don’t expect fast shipping around xmas, othewise shipments usually take between 12-20 days. Always check your order status online and track the package. Call customer service only if packages get lost in the mail or if you need to check on a pending credit. Calling them to complain about a backordered or cancelled item will not get you that product any faster. If you can’t wait for a backordered product you can always cancel the item online.(no charges until item is shipped). So, I thank you Lakeside for all the great stuff at great prices and fantastic shipping rates. YOU ROCK!!!!

  53. DAVID VEST says:

    I’ve placed 3 orders so far with Lakeside and have had nothing but backorders and broken debit payments from my account every time an item backordered is shipped. Same with the one I’m waiting on now. Wasn’t told until AFTER I placed order, system was being updated and processing would be delayed. Now I find backorders again and one item not expected until April. IF YOU DON”T HAVE IT TO SELL, UPDATE THE LISTINGS? Surprised this blog is here with all of the negative comments.
    This will be my last order I’m sure.

  54. Denise Zabala says:

    I am a first time purchaser. I agree with Don D. about using this blog to only post negative comments. It was was good read even with everyone’s frustrations and let me know what hasn’t gone wrong with my order so far. I am totally interested in the products Lakeside Collection has to offer, especially the price breaks involved as Don D. emphasized. I am certain there are far more customers who are satisfied and don’t even make this link right off, because of satisfaction. I am also a first time home buyer and am amazed at how many items are available at Lakeside Collection that I want to make it that more special. Thank you for the availability of your services.

  55. Stephanie Wolfinger says:

    Hi there, I see that the website now has the window in a bag again in blue and cinnamon, am I able to get these things now? I placed an order somewhere else for them in blue but I wouldn’t mind having them in cinnamon either? So is this safe or am I gonna get a cancellation notice again?
    I am a huge fan of lakeside and like I said I never had any problems before placing an order or reieveing them, I had ordered the country seat mats or whatever for the kitchen and the christmas gift card set thing an I didn’t even know they were shipped to me and I recieved them and I was pleased, as much as I got frustrated I do love the products and will order again from you. My mom got me hooked on the website because she orders all the time from you. She would bring her catalogs over to my house and I would look thru them and order stuff. Keep up the good work and I must say I love the new layout of the website I think it’s easy on the eyes and very easy to get around. Great job lakeside!!!

  56. Jodi S says:


    We currently show item Window in a Bag, in the choice of CIN currently available.

    I would also like to thank you for the positive feedback on our current updating we are doing with our company. We continually strive to make our customers experience a pleasant one and want to thank you and your mom for your continued support.


  57. Cindy Heminger says:


    I ordered some items on the 16th of Feb. I have not gotten anything other than this message on the order status and its getting very frustrating! 1 CHAIR CUSHION – Navy IN PROCESS Not available yet Not available yet
    1 BAMBOO FLOOR PROTECTOR – Natural IN PROCESS Not available yet Not available yet

    I am also worried that the bamboo protector is going to be defective since I read the other review on it. Are these items available or am I just going to have to wait a few months like everyone else. I love Lakeside and I love the items it sells so please let this be a good experience and not a bad one!

  58. Bobbie Jacobs says:

    Well I really liked the prices and everything about lakeside, that is why I ordered. I ordered 3 things at the same time. Well I got the memorital bench within about 2 wks, and was so happy, I couldn’t wait to recv the toy organizers for my kids it stated that shipping would take 7=14 days, well I had 22 days before xmas. Well it wasn’t until about a week or so later that the organizers had on my order status “back item” I think this should be in view on the main page BEFORE someone places the order. Well I really wanted them so i waited very patiently, Well I called the first of JAN she told me it would be shipped out on the 13th, but yet I didn’t get it until the middle of Feb!!! That was my problem, other than the tracking system and the time it takes for a CS to get back in touch I liked lakeside, and has a cpl things I’d like to order but hesitat

  59. Jodi S says:


    We would like to assist you further in regards to your recent order. Due to specific account information needs to be sent, I will forward to you an email with your order status information to the email address we have on file with your account.

    We do have those few isolated incidents as reported on this site; that a product may be defective. In which case
    we rectify that situation to our customers satisfaction. As we have had few returns or complaints on the Bamboo Floor Protector, we hope once you receive your product, that you are completely satisfied.

    Please watch for my email in regards to your order status, as I look forward to assisting you further.


    Contact Care Specialist

  60. Cindy Heminger says:

    Thank you Jodi.

    I received your email but when I went to check my confirmation number that was reassigned it isn’t showing anything that I even have an order.
    I did send an email back hopefully you received it.


  61. Ray Graves says:

    I wish I had read the other posters on this before I ordered. I ordered on Feb 15th. and when I checked on the order, I see that my order was shipped on Feb. 26th (a bit long for something that was in stock). When I go to tracking it says they have “received information” on Mar. 2nd – so it hasn’t even shipped yet! And scheduled delivery is Mar. 6th. This is just not good customer service and I think it will be a long time before I order from here again.

  62. Bobbie says:

    Ok – well I am going to give this another shot and HOPEFULLY this expierence will be better than the last!
    I just placed an order for the “Collegiate Purses Georgia” I really liked it and wanted to order it awhile back, but was hesist. So we shall see!

    I have a question tho, is the matching wallet sold out now?
    I don’t see it anywhere or am I just over looking it?


  63. Jodi S says:


    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to better service you.

    We do show the Collegiate Purse in stock along with the Wallet.
    There is a separate item number for the wallet choice though. That
    item number is 852227024. Each item/ choice will have their own
    item number. I will contact you directly at the phone number listed
    to the account to submit the additional order.


    Contact Care Specialist

  64. Jodi S says:


    I have been unable to reach you directly through the phone number listed to the account. You may contact me through help@lakeside.com or you may submit the addtional order for the wallet online.



  65. Bobbie says:

    Hm.. not sure why you aren’t able – I updated my account info when I changed numbers. Anyhow, I just tried to look for the item by the number you have listed – and when I search for it, it says item is no longer available. I would like to have it tho.

    Also, on my acct. status is says that the status is “preparing for shipping” and that’s all the info it gives me, it’s been like that for about 3 days now.

    Anyway, thanks again. I can be reached by email or phone if the wallet is or becomes available again. I hope this expierence is better than the last.

    Thanks again!

  66. Bobbie says:

    Well another 2 days has went by – and my status still says “Preparing to Ship” and “no more info available”.

    I hate that you can get the “real” status of your order!!! I will give it a few more days..

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