Let Halloween Go to the Dogs

Halloween has historically been a tough day for dogs. The doorbell does not stop ringing, yet no humans stay long enough to play. The dog’s young masters disappear into the night only to return with a pillowcase full of delicious smelling poison. What’s worse is the canines of yesteryear have had to deal with some notoriously terrible costumes that restrict their vision, pinch them or make them look downright ridiculous.

This year, dogs can enjoy this holiday in style. These adjustable Halloween Accessories will allow your dog to comfortably feel part of the fun. These accessories are great whether your dog is a spooky trick-or-treat companion to your little ones or a festive door greeter to the neighborhood children. Select from the Grim Reaper, Pumpkin or Ghost each for $4.95.

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  1. Molly Abbey says:

    I wanted to order the Lighted Willow Branches. Item#92130811. I was planning on ordering at least 3 of the items, but as I started to check out, I calculated my shipping and tax. Just the shipping was almost as much as one of the branches. Also if I didn’t want to keep them for any reason I would be reimbursed the price of the items but not the shipping and tax. I have looked at many online shopping pages, and many of them have free shipping even on higher ticket items. Sorry I am not placing and order. Molly Abbey

    • jodis4care says:

      Hi Molly- Many companies have higher prices although they may not charge shipping cost.

      Our customers will find that when they do comparison shopping online they potentially save more money on the similar products shopping with us.

      We always have low prices and offer many great deals and sales on our homepage at http://www.lakeside.com.

      If you ship an item back due to it being damaged, defective, or unsatisfactory we will give you a refund for the product and the shipping cost.

      I hope you will comparison shop and find that you are really saving a lot more money shopping with us.

      Djenebou Montgomery

      Customer Service Specialist

  2. Creed says:

    Totally buying these for my 7 dogs!!!

  3. Wow Creed, that is a lot of dogs! I am sure they were the hit of the Halloween parade this year in these spooky costumes. Which one did you go with; Grim Reaper, Ghost or Pumpkin?

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