Scarecrows are not just for frightening birds. In the US, few symbols embody a season as genuinely as these ambassadors of autumn. The mismatching patched clothes, crooked smile and worn-out cap atop a ragdoll body bursting with straw make scarecrows irresistibly adorable.

Take this cute pair (1), place these 36” stuffable scarecrows on a bench or amuse trick-or-treaters by positioning them on a covered porch. Also, just because you do not have birds inside does not mean there is not a place at your table for some scarecrow spirit. Scarecrow runner and placemats (2) feature a smiling scarecrow against a pumpkin patch backdrop.

Scarecrows in covered porches and accentuating table coverings are terrific, but traditionally scarecrows are found outdoors. While we can’t guarantee they will actually scare your feathered friends, these metal scarecrow stakes (3) will add some color and cheer to your garden or yard. No matter if you prefer them indoors or out, scarecrows are the perfect fall accent to any home.

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