Halloween In Overdrive

Are your kids ready to pound the pavement in search of some candy? Halloween can be tons of fun but remember when you hop behind the wheel tonight, it’s crazy out there. To help ensure you have the most fun holiday possible, we pulled together some great driving tips to be mindful of tonight.  These tips are courtesy of halloween-safety.com

(1) Don’t use a cell phone when driving. This is a good tip no matter the day, but especially tonight. If you need to get a location on your kids, pull over, put on your emergency blinkers, and only then make your call.

(2) Drive below the speed limit. You never know when a kid in all black will run into the middle of the road.

(3) Don’t pass vehicles that have stopped in the roadway. They could be dropping off kids (who could swing open doors or run across the street).

(4) Give your kids some glow. Don’t make your child the hard-to-see pedestrian. Give them flashlights, reflectors, glow sticks etc. Also, remind them to never shine their flashlights in driver’s eyes.

(5) Remind your kids of basic safety tips (look both ways, don’t get into cars with strangers etc).

Have a safe an wonderful Halloween!

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