Lakeside Sweepstakes Reminder

A few weeks back we announced our Facebook $1,000/day sweepstakes.  We are giving away $1,000 American Express gifts cards every day for 30 days in a row!  It’s hard to believe we already have 23 winners and still have 7 cards to give away!  If you haven’t already, check out Lakeside on Facebook!

Here are a few reminders as you enter the sweepstakes.

– You can enter one of two ways.  But either way you enter, you must first ‘Like’ our page (1) Click on ‘Sweepstakes’ under our profile photo on our Facebook page, then click Enter Now and fill in all the required fields.  OR (2) Click on this link, then then click Enter Now and fill in all the required fields

– Reminder this app is not mobile supported, so you must enter from a computer. If you are having problems, wait a few minutes, try to refresh your page or update your browser. If you are still having issues, please send your email address to the one and only Jodi at  Jodi cannot enter the sweepstakes on your behalf, but she can check if there is a technical problem.

– We draw a winner/day from ONLY the people who entered on THAT day.  So be sure to visit our Facebook page each and every day for your chance at the prize!

– The winners are randomly picked by an independent consulting firm.  Hometown, gender, age, favorite color or high school mascot have no impact on the draw…all that enter have a fair shot at winning.

– Each day at 10am Central we announce another winner (winners are announced ~1 week after the day they won).  Additionally, all winners names are listed on our Facebook page, just below where you enter the sweepstakes under the section “$1,000 Giveaway Winners List”

Good luck to everyone!  Keep entering daily and tell your friends and family to enter too!

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  1. Never won a thing, but always hoping.

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