Our Top Gardening Tips

Here are some great gardening tips, happy growing!

Rock Marks the Spot

After you plant, don’t stick those unattractive labels into your garden to mark your seeds. Instead paint labels on smooth rocks. Check out this picture below from lubirdbaby.com. Rocks blend naturally into the surroundings, and best of all they won’t blow away!


Give Your Kids a Green Thumb

Gardening is a great activity to do with your kids. It teaches patients and responsibility and is a lot of fun! However for younger gardeners it’s best to start small. Check out these cute egg carton mini garden kits. Kids can start their small garden indoors and then once the seeds start to sprout, move them outside.


Seeds in the City

A fun DIY home garden idea for our city dwellers is making your own paint can planters. This project will take some effort, but the results are awesome. First get some empty paint cans (you can buy cans at hardware stores for just a few dollars/can). Cut out the bottom of the can leaving a cut-out cross shape across the bottom (see picture below). Line with metal netting (this will allow for draining). Then paint the cans bright colors and add your plants. This beautiful apartment garden from poppytalk.blogspot.com illustrates how the effort is well worth it!

Photo by Cludio Sabatino for Bravacasa (April 2012)

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