Summer Fun Guide

As summer goes into full swing, we are excited to share some of our best tips for the season!

Make Your Own Ice Cream

Kids of all ages will love making homemade ice cream on a hot summer day. This simple maker only requires a few ingredients and is lots of fun. The best part of this Mugz Ice Cream Maker is that kids can get a real sense of accomplishment and pride in creating their afternoon treat.

Cool Off With H2O

Nothing tops splashing and playing in water on a hot summer day. From water balloon fights to dashing through a sprinkler, there are endless ways to have fun outdoors. For the smaller kids, (1) Banzai™ Splish Splash Pool offers a cool retreat from the summer heat. Older kids can’t have enough water fights! The (2) Firepower™ Super Soaker Backpack makes for refreshing fun up to 30 feet away. Just remember to slather on and reapply sunscreen for hours of backyard fun.

Explore National Parks

There are tons of inexpensive places to visit with the family, but some of our favorite hot spots are National Parks. Check out to find great information about the 397 national parks. Visiting the great outdoors is a great way to bring the whole family together, get some exercise, and discover history and nature.

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