Preparing for Easter: 4 Healthy Alternatives to Traditional Recipes

Easter is a mere four days away and many of us are nailing down the final details. Easter basket? Check! Kid’s Easter clothes picked out? Check! Dinner planned? Possibly. More and more of us are trying to find healthy (and delicious) alternatives to dinner classics. Easter is no exception. If you are still planning your menu, check out these great healthy alternatives to traditional Easter recipes.

Ham it Up
Ham is a staple for many Easter dinners. When purchasing your ham, make sure it is extra lean. The nutritional information for this cut isn’t as bad as you think. For one serving size (27g) there is only 29 calories and 1 gram of fat! Ham is also a great source of riboflavin, vitamin B6, potassium, zinc, protein and other minerals. If you are on a low cholesterol, low sodium diet however cut out the ham—it’s high in both of these. Check out’s overview below.



Leg of Lamb
If ham isn’t your family’s first choice for Easter, lamb is another great healthy alternative. With only 168 calories and 7.5g of fat per serving, you won’t feel guilty indulging in this delicious choice. When choosing any meat, make sure you get the leanest cut possible, if not you’re bound to add on extra calories and fat. CalorieKing has a great leg of lamb recipe that has us drooling. Their nutrition information is below.



Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus
Everything is better with bacon, and prosciutto is bacon’s healthier counterpart. has a great low calorie recipe that will have everyone’s mouthwatering. Sneaking in a great vegetable like asparagus is much easier when it’s wrapped in prosciutto. Below is the nutritional information for this side dish.



Carrot Cake
Carrot cake seems like a great option for Easter. After all, with a bunny themed event carrots seem to take center stage. reports, “Carrots give carrot cake a health-halo effect—people think it’s health food, but it’s usually very high in fat and calories. But our version has about 40 percent less calories and 50 percent less fat than most.” If you are having a carrot cake craving then head on over to Eating Well to get their reduced guilt recipe. Their nutritional information is below.



In the end, it’s ok to splurge on a few calories here and there for special occasions, but when you can substitute great healthy alternatives – why not? The above choices are just a few of the many great recipes for you to find. A quick search on Google yields thousands of pages of great tasting low-calorie options.

Do you have a great healthy recipe for Easter? Share with us in the comments below.

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