Pinteresting Picks for October

We love getting feedback from you, and Pinterest is one of the best ways to find out what has you talking. From decorative accents to kitchen favorites, we’ve spotted some trends that could make someone’s holiday season bright or add a decorator’s touch to your own home. While October’s picks were full of spooky Halloween charm, holiday decor was only part of what you loved this past month. Discover what generated the most buzz with your most Pinteresting picks for October!

Wrought metal is very much in style for decorative accessories throughout your home and garden. This beautiful vintage dress form was a favorite, and you used it creatively in everything from sewing rooms to bedrooms. Some of you featured it as its own work of art while others made it part of a collection of wrought metal sculptural pieces. For some of you, it’s a great way to display a few favorite accessories or whimsical touches.

October is the harvest season, but for many of you, flowers were still in bloom. Carrying on the wrought metal theme were these metal flower wall sculptures that add interest to an accent table or entertainment center. For those with green thumbs and an eye for decorative elements that are as practical as they are pretty, these tiered iron plant stands were a popular pin. You’ve used them for showy flowers, a touch of green in a sun room or as a miniature herb garden – an idea we especially love for the holidays.

It’s also easy to tell that temperatures have taken a dip from watching how often you pin the cozy fleece throws and warm clothes featured in our fall and winter collections. One item that made a splash in October was our selection of fleece-lined tights to wear with anything. The lining is thin enough to look smooth under all your skirts and dresses, but that extra layer keeps you warm on even the coldest winter days. Based on your boards, you were evenly split between the footed and footless versions, but you looked great in all three elegant neutral hues. We saw more than a few black pairs as part of a Halloween costume, but these fleecy tights will work equally well at the office or your next holiday party.

Pinterest is heaven for professional and amateur manicurists, so it’s no surprise that Lakeside’s laptop manicure set made the grade as one of October’s favorites. The battery-operated sculpting tool has multiple tips for shaping and smoothing natural or acrylic nails, and the flat surface is perfect for giving yourself or someone else a professional-quality manicure at home. The attached compartment zips your cotton balls, favorite polish colors and air-flow nail dryer for convenient storage. Some of you liked it for the convenience of getting the perfect manicure anywhere while others put it on holiday gift lists for friends and family. Whether you kept it for yourself or bought it for someone special, you found plenty to love about this set.

We’re looking forward to seeing some of November’s favorite things and hope you’ve enjoyed a look back at October’s biggest Pinterest hits!

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