8 Ideas to Get a Head Start For Valentine’s Day

s'more friendsValentine’s Day is less than a month away, which means it’s time to really start thinking about gifts, reservations, and exciting evenings with the one you love. Your kids will request Valentine’s Day cards and baked goods for their classes, and you’ll have to come up with something fun and unique to do with your spouse. Here are 8 ideas to help you get started.

1. Plan a Party

It’s not very common for couples to throw parties for Valentine’s Day, but it can be a really fun way to celebrate the holiday with the whole family. You can make treats, plan games, get favors, and enjoy spending time with the people you really love. If you’re feeling really generous, you can make Valentine’s Day about the kids by planning a fun party for them! Offer to watch your friends’ kids on the big night as well, and you can let them enjoy their time together.

2. Make Reservations

Valentine’s Day is the busiest day in most restaurants, so if you want to take your loved one out for a nice meal, now is the time to pick the place. Check out review sites like Open Table and Yelp to find great restaurants in your area, or just make a reservation at your favorite restaurant in town. Another fun idea is to try and recreate your first date by heading back to the first place you ever shared a meal. You should always make your reservations early to ensure you get a seat!

3. Look for Upcoming Concerts and Shows

Most of us really enjoy going to concerts, plays, and other outings. Now is a great time to see if your significant other’s favorite groups will be in town so you can score great seats. You don’t have to see the show on Valentine’s Day, but it is a great day to present the tickets as a gift!

4. Pay Attention to Hints

Let’s face it; most of us have a way of dropping hints for our partner. We talk about how fun it is to go golfing with the guys on Saturday or receive flowers at the office. Now is the time to pay attention to these little details so you can work them into your Valentine’s Day celebration. It’s not about what you want to do for them; it’s about what they want and what makes them happy!

5. Stock Up on Hearts

A fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids is to put a little heart, Hershey’s kiss, or other treat in their lunch every day in February. Now is the time to stock up on little heart toothpicks or heart-shaped candies for the month. You can even cut their sandwiches into hearts! (Tip: look for fun cheap toothpicks online now and they’ll arrive before February!)

6. Plan a Menu

While many of us want to get out of the house for Valentine’s Day, it can be amateur hour out there! Restaurants and movie theaters are often packed with people who rarely leave their homes, so if you don’t want to fight the crowds, plan a nice night at home. Now is the time to figure out what you’d like to make and serve, and you can even test out a few of the recipes.

7. DIY Décor

You’ve got about a week until February, so if you’re into decorating for Valentine’s Day, now is the time to start! Make tissue paper pom-poms, and heart-shaped wreaths to hang around your house.

8. DIY Gifts

Ah, the gifts. This is always the easiest and hardest part of any Valentine’s Day celebration! A fun twist on the standard gifts is to add a personal touch of love by making something yourself. From mustachioed mugs and personalized beer mugs for guys to photo planners and jewelry boxes for women, there are tons of ways to present a great gift with a DIY touch. DIY gifts are also great for kids who want to make something for their parents! Check out more ideas on Pinterest.

Image Source: Today Show’s Pinterest

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