How to Find Answers to Your Lakeside Questions

When you are searching your favorite website you spend hours filling your cart with treasures but what happens when you have a common question or just want more information? You don’t need to search the world wide web for answers, you can find them right on our website.

Additional Lakeside Information

So let’s start with our company mission statement.  Most if not all companies have one and I have to say, ours is pretty exceptional.  To the right of that, we have our Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation logo, then our Norton Security, the credit cards we accept and PayPal as our forms of payment.

Next we have our Sign- up for Exclusive offers and Previews.  Now who doesn’t want that? We all love to find a way to save and this is it.


Still have questions? Our FAQ section is a wealth of knowledge for commonly asked questions about ordering and our website.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked question (FAQ) section located at the bottom of our page holds a variety of questions and their answers just for your learning.



As you click on each category, we have anticipated question/ answers that were frequently asked by other customers.  Take catalogs for instance.  Say you want a catalog sent to you in the mail, but don’t know how to request one.  Just click on “How do I request a catalog?” and your answer will pop up.


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  1. Susan Arcuri says:

    I was just wandering if you got my order yet in the mail. I ordered 3 squishy Micro Bead Pillows ( one of each color- blue, pink, red ), can you tell me approximately how long it will take for me to get them, this is a birthday present for November 13, 2015, I would like it before that. I APPRECIATE IT… PLEASE E-MAIL me back when you get this message… Thank you very much… Susan Arcuri

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