How to Decorate Your Home With Rustic Country Style

Rustic country decor is a concept that isn’t necessarily unfamiliar to people, but is sometimes difficult to fully define. This is because there are so many varieties of rustic country decor that use a combination of multiple design styles. In turn, those combinations can make it hard to identify exactly what is rustic and what isn’t. Whether you’re new to rustic country decorating and want to design in this style, or you are already a rustic country decor expert and want to learn more from Lakeside about decorating your home, the guide will provide the tools and information you need to get started!

What is Rustic Country Decor?

Rustic country decor is a design style that opts for both a vintage and natural appeal through faded and weathered wood or metal, earthy and warm colors, and other materials that mimic a nature-like environment. Its warming effect provides a calm and comfortable home setting, both indoors and outdoors.

The rustic country decor style can be fulfilled through accent pieces, table linens, garden decorations, bedding, and even furniture. Rustic country decor as a whole is a very general style, so there are many variations of this design style that can be chosen based on personal taste and preference.

Rustic Country Decor Characteristics

While rustic country decor as a whole showcases an antique and natural vibe, there are more specific attributes that give rustic country decor its distinct look.

Rustic country decor is characteristically defined through its materials, fabrics, colors, and textures. While these specific characteristics are capable of standing alone, the combination of these traits is what fully form the rustic country decor style.

Natural Materials and Fabrics

Since rustic country decor has a nature-like style, the fabrics and materials tend to set the stage to achieve that aesthetic.

Rustic country decor typically contains pieces that are made of wood, metal, burlap, or other natural feeling materials. The goal is to seek out a material or fabric that can be found in nature or one that mimics nature vibes.

To incorporate natural materials and fabrics that mirror the rustic look, opt for wooden wall hangings, galvanized metal table decorations, patchwork bedding and pillows, and burlap table linens.

Rustic Decor Wood And Metal Lamps
Rustic Decor Country Patchwork Star Bedding
Rustic Decor Wooden Paddle Candle Wall Sconce

Faded and Weathered Accent Pieces

The charming appeal of rustic country decor is made possible thanks to its distinct and unique tarnished appearance. It manages to look rough around the edges, yet strategically manicured at the same time.

Rustic country decor shows its distressed appearance through galvanized metal accents and a large variety of wooden decorations. The wood can be a natural brown color, it can be painted white, or it can even come in a selection of warm colors. These tattered looks traditionally give off an antique and old-fashioned appearance, but can also be modernized if styled a certain way.

There are so many decorative pieces with this tarnished effect that you can include in your home to really tie into the rustic country decor theme. From unique lampshades and candle holders, to wall hangings and tabletop accessories, the possibilities are endless.

Rustic Decor Galvanized Metal Chicken Wire Candle Holder

Rustic Decor Farm Fresh Collection With Tattered White Wood
Rustic Decor Window Shutter Wall Art

Solid, Neutral, and Warm-Toned Colors

Aside from natural materials and a tarnished appearance, rustic country decor also follows a solid, neutral, and warm-toned color palette with all of its decorative items.

Warm colors help bring the comforting feeling to a home, while minimal patterns help to keep things more simple and natural. While white is typically the only exception to this color scheme, you will mostly find red, brown, and beige tones that supplement the rustic country style.

Natural wood colors can provide the traditional and classic charm of rustic country decor, but if you want to incorporate more colors, you don’t have to sacrifice your personal taste to keep the rustic style. You can sometimes find ‘warm versions’ of cool colors, such as a dark faded blue, that still match with the rest of your wooden rustic country decor.

Rustic Decor Windowpane Mirror Wall Art With Red Wood

Rustic Decor Natural Wood Wall Clock
Rustic Decor Wooden Pallet Trays In Blue Green And Red

Variations On Rustic Country Decor Styles

Rustic country decor pieces tend to all have the same materials and color scheme; however, there are many different styles of rustic decor that can fit into various themes.

Instead of keeping a generalized rustic country decor theme throughout your home, this style can be customized and combined with other general decorating styles to get the exact look you want to achieve.

Rustic Country Cabin Decor

Country life and woodland camping vibes merge together in this unique style. Whether you live in a wood cabin or a regular home, you can create the cabin decor theme that you desire with the help of rustic country decor. These concepts go together due to the nature-like elements that both of them require.

Rustic country cabin focuses on woodland animal decor, such as bears and deer, along with a natural brown and beige color scheme. The idea surrounding this decor is to give off a warm and cozy feeling, to make it feel as if you are in the middle of the woods, even if you live in the suburbs.

For a more muted rustic country cabin theme, simply incorporate small rustic country decor pieces, such as wall hangings, rugs, pillows and storage boxes. To get the full effect, seek out relevant large furniture, such as dining tables and couches.

Rustic Decor Deer Antler Candle Wall Sconce

Rustic Decor Cabin Rug Collection With Bears
Rustic Decor Wood Cabin Storage Box With Bear

Vintage Rustic Country Decor

The terms rustic and country go hand-in-hand due their core purpose of being warm and welcoming. Rustic country decor is a popular decorating style because of how well these elements match one another.

Traditional country decor typically consists of star, heart, and checkered patterns, galvanized metal, and a red and beige color scheme. When you add the vintage element to that mix, you get a similar homey vibe with a more natural feeling.

To get the full vintage rustic country decor look, opt for galvanized metal planters, wall hangings, and accent pieces. Wooden pieces can also be used, so long as they contain some country characteristics. Add in decorations that include burlap and bows to amplify the country charm.

Rustic Decor Red Country Metal Star Wall Hanging
Rustic Decor Galvanized Metal Planters On Wooden Plank
Rustic Decor Metal Milk Bottle Planters

Modern Rustic Country Decor

While the most relevant way to showcase a rustic country decor style is through antique and faded materials, there is a way to put a modern spin on this old-fashioned decorating style.

Modern rustic country decor features simple designs along with the contrasting colors of black and white. Chic in nature, these modern pieces contain a toned down element of rustic charm to give off a small gleam of character.

Home accessories, accent pieces, and small furniture are the best ways to maintain a modern rustic country style throughout your home. If you already have a modern themed home, you can simply add in some modern rustic country side tables, kitchen accessories, or wall decorations to achieve the look.

Rustic Decor White Wood Twisted Side Table

Rustic Decor Elegant Modern Standing Candle Holder
Rustic Decor Kitchen Collection

Rustic Country Decorating Ideas From Lakeside

Now that you have a clear picture of the defining characteristics and styles of rustic country decor, it’s time to decide on a personalized rustic country decor style for your home!

Here is some rustic country decor inspiration that may spark some decorating ideas ideas for any room inside or outside your house, including your bedroom, garden, kitchen, living room, dining room, front yard, and more.

Country Home Collection

Rustic Decor Country Home Collection With White Wood Lamp And Sign

Hanging Wall Planters

Rustic Decor Galvanized Metal Hanging Wall Planters

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Rustic Decor Wood Plank Peel And Stick Wallpaper

Set of 3 Rustic Farmhouse Wall Baskets

Rustic Decor Metal Farmhouse Wall Baskets

Adjustable Height Swivel Stools

Rustic Decor Black And Teal Wooden Swivel Chairs

5-Tier Galvanized Storage Tower

Rustic Decor Galvanized Metal Storage Tower

Seeking out even more inspiration? Check out our full selection of Rustic Country Decor to find affordable and unique pieces for your home!

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