Funny White Elephant Christmas Gift Ideas

White elephant parties are always funny and entertaining with large groups of people. It can be fun to get a mysterious item and to watch others tear open a gift and be amused by what’s inside.

There are so many different silly things you can bring to this kind of party. Here are some funny white elephant Christmas gift ideas to get you started.

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Books

Give the white elephant gift of laughter with Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Books. These books will provide endless entertainment to anyone who receives them.

Why We Love It

  • These books are filled with hilarious anecdotes
  • Briefs includes humorous facts and trivia
  • Funniest Ever has so many jokes and puns, along with funny quotes from comedians

Set of 3 Novelty Mint Tins

Give a refreshingly funny white elephant Christmas gift with the help of these sets of novelty mint tins that will give anyone a good chuckle.

Why We Love It

  • Each tin is named something humorous, including “Snowman Poop”, “Reindeer Treats”, and more!
  • Choose from a variety of flavors such as chocolate mint, peppermint, wintergreen, or cinnamon.
  • You can buy all 4 sets as a funny way to go over the top with your white elephant gift

Emoji Golf Balls/Ping Pong Balls

Everyone loves emojis! From heart eyes to a laughing face to cool sunglasses and more, these emoji golf balls or ping pong balls are a cute and silly white elephant gift that are sure to be a hit.

Why We Love It

  • The different emoji faces are not only cute, but they also help you recognize your golf ball on the course
  • The ping pong balls make table tennis even more entertaining and extra fun
  • They can even be set up as a fun decoration when they’re not being used!

Candy Coal Sacks

The person who opens this white elephant gift won’t be mad about being on the naughty list! These candy coals are a delicious and lighthearted gag gift that anyone will like.

Why We Love It

  • The candies are cinnamon – a wonderful holiday flavored treat that is much more enjoyable than actual coal
  • Anyone with a sense of humor will be entertained when they open this simple yet clever gift
  • The 2 candy coal sacks look like mini versions of a Santa gift sack, which is both cute and fun!

Pass The Gas Game

Give a funny and ridiculous white elephant Christmas gift with the Pass The Gas Game. This game will surely get lots of giggles when someone opens the gift.

Why We Love It

  • It’s an interactive game that a group of people can play together. It provides a lighthearted bonding experience for families
  • The game can make anyone of any age laugh with its silly noises – you are never too old to enjoy some gas humor!
  • This is an especially great gift if you have a lot of kids participating in the white elephant game

Holiday Poop Treats

Give someone a tasty white elephant gift with a weird and goofy twist. These holiday poop treats are an amusing but delicious gag gift that many people will get a kick out of!

Why We Love It

  • The winter characters (bear, moose, and snowman) are perfectly themed for the holiday season
  • Choose from 3 different flavored treats: milk chocolate-covered peanuts, yogurt-covered peanuts, and milk chocolate-covered raisins
  • You can wrap this white elephant gift up with some other humorous food gifts for the ultimate fun gift

Can Hold In A Fart Kill You?

This book is not only funny and entertaining, but it’s also intriguing and factual. The Can Holding In A Fart Kill You? book is a perfect gift to bring to any white elephant Christmas party!

Why We Love It

  • The book features over 150 fun and fascinating questions with incredibly intriguing answers
  • It has a wide mix of silly, serious, and weird/bizarre facts and information
  • The title of it will immediate grab anyone’s attention and peak their curiosity

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